Ritz Laguna Destination wedding-Plaza

April 22, 2020 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations
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Aaaaaaah my sweet sweet Molly and Yuan.  So loved helping them with their wedding, and this is another story about how we all end up with who we should be working with and when it doesn’t work out there is a reason (i always find the reason out after and thank the Universe above for sure, lol).  It was a sat or sunday and I was in the office waiting for a couple to come in and detail their wedding/day which would normally take about 3 hours.  About 20 mins after their time they were not there so I called and the groom said he had been working and got caught up and they would not be able to get down from LA that day so we setup a phone detail for during the week.  Now folks, it was a weekend in the 2019 wedding season (which was crazy busy) and I didn’t have many of those off, so i had got out of bed early, showered etc, and was now thinking, whaaaat!! lol  Then my phone rang and this lovely lady started asking me about my services and then asked could she come and see me, I was just about to leave the office to go home, so I asked how long do you think before you could be here (not sure where they were coming from) she said, 15 mins, i said, let’s do this.  They came in, we chatted, they signed me on the spot and we did our budget/task meeting right then and there, so i was in the office for about the time i would have been with the detail meeting, and all worked out perfectly.  yayyyyy  Molly loved what she saw from past weddings I had done in the Plaza Room at the Ritz Laguna (where we do the most weddings each year and have been that way for the past 19 years, our #1 venue and we have stayed on the vendor list that whole time which I think says a lot about us and it’s an honor that I don’t relax about, but it was not in their budget which made her sad, so that is when relationships help a lot and your being flexible.  We ended up making it work by their wedding being on a sunday in November and daytime, we started at noon, done by 5pm, perfecto and Molly’s dream wedding happened and I know it was because she told me many times on the day and in a beautiful email I got from her afterwards.


So we pulled a fab vendor team together, EBD Floral-awesome job as always, Luxe Linens for linens/napkins, TMMPRO for the draping/benches/dancefloor+decal/chiavaris, Peter/Vive Entertainment for all the music, and Will/Resonance Vision (some of these pics are his and some mine, normally the darker ones, lol) who they found and wanted because he spoke the same language as the parents who spoke no English and they wanted them to be comfortable, he was lovely to work with.

Thanks to my partners at the Ritz Laguna, as always we are the team that make the dream a reality, thank you, thank you, thank you xoxxo

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