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Montage Laguna Wedding

Mom of the groom got things going with this wedding even though she lived in another state and the couple lived in Los Angeles, they were busy busy.  We pulled together a wonderful vendor team and everything turned out fabulously.  In the picture above there was a mini sofreh next to the sweetheart table to pay homage to the bride’s heritage.


You may have noticed now that most couples at Montage Laguna are opting to use the side lawn for the ceremony, it gives a nice coastal with ocean backdrop and it puts the lawn a bit higher so you don’t get people walking the path behind in your pics.  We have then been using the center lawn for cocktails which i think is better views for them

Thanks to Joe Latter for the pics, Luxury Lifestyle Studio/Video, TMMPRO for the chiavaris/band stage cover/dancefloor+decal/lighting, EBD Floral for doing a fabulous job as always, Gracie Sprout for cere/cocktail string duo, and to Full Spectrum Band/Adam who brought energy as only he does to a celebration, and to Viral Booth OC for the surprise Photobooth after dinner.  And to Kelly/no longer there for being such a trooper/team mate as always, over the years we have done many many weddings together between the 3 hotels she was working at, I wonder if she will miss it and come back?? hmmmmmmm lol

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Intimate Montage Laguna wedding

Kimberly and Stuart had a lovely intimate wedding celebration for around 30 guests at Montage Laguna.  We did the wedding on a Thursday and just had to have the ceremony done prior to Studio (their top restaurant) opening which gave us the best ocean view backdrop on the lawn next to Studio, then we did cocktails at the back of the lawn, then a lovely dinner and guests got to relax/socialize and then as a bonus, an event was happening on the center lawn with a band so some guests sat at the guest table we had outside on the patio and just enjoyed the music until the end.

We brought in the chargers/napkins and had the hotel rent chiavaris for us.  Paul Uhlar officiated the ceremony and Karen’s Flowers provided the floral (no insta or website).  It was really a lovely celebration.  Thanks to the team at Montage for being awesome as always and treating a wee wedding as if it was the most important event in the hotel.

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Montage Laguna celebration

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This happens so rarely here in S CA but for this intimate ceremony/celebration, the weather backup due to the rain for the ceremony turned out quite lovely.  This couple and their guests came from Arizona for the ocean location, so it was a shame the ceremony did not have the ocean backdrop, but the B&G did get to have pics by the ocean when the rain broke and dinner was in a private dining room that looked out to the ocean.

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A gorgeous table for all the guests to sit around above, and below the favor table where the guests had boxes to fill up with candy and sweet treats.


An awesome vendor team on board for this one: Joe Latter/photo-thanks for the pics above, Square Root for the beautiful florals&the dining chairs, Naples for the ceremony music/strings, Found for the wonderful ceremony seating, Kim White/Twos a party-for the sweet table, to Kelly and the team at Studio at Montage xoxoxox, and to Teri who orchestrated this wedding dealing with the in/out/in out decisions for the ceremony while I was sunning in the Caribbean.

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Montage Laguna wedding

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I had done one of Carly’s moms friends daughters wedding (did you get that??) and when Carly came to me she had a specifc look/feel to her wedding.  So I immediately knew the team to get on board and it all turned out fabulous, as Carly and her mom said, ‘exactly what Carly had said she wanted’.

Thanks to Square Root for always being the A1 team to have on board, Design Visage for beautifying all the ladies, Tony Florez for always being easy to work with and for the pics you are seeing here.  We had a lovely 20 piece choir for the ceremony and the band Injoy who have done a few of my Jewish weddings and the guests love them.  To Pat’s for always doing a stellar job catering and working alongside the team at the Montage, and Monico Décor for all the rentals.  And of course the team at Montage.

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I will say, Carly wanted the ghost chairs from the beginning but they got nixed out of the budget, however with the look we had in these photos they would have disappeared, so thing always happen for a reason, the silver ended up being perfect.

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