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Four Seasons Westlake Village-Indian wdg

Well this was our last Indian wedding of 2019 and a goodie.  Working with Samar and her mom (who funnily enough just emailed me to check in and thank me again for doing such a great job/working so hard on Samar’s wedding for them and apologizing that it has taken 4 months, but that is aok, I know that there are many Drs in the two families that are all working front lines for coronavirus, and that is very worrying for them all.  Samar and i had been communicating since the wedding so I knew they were happy with everything, lol) was just great, they were both lovely and calm and got things done as needed as we went along.  Above and below are a bunch of pics from the 2 day event.  This was our 2nd multi day Indian wedding at Four Seasons and each time it has been a fabulous property to be working at and a great experience for the guests, in house or not, we worked closely with Nicole on this wedding and she was excellent, we made a great team.

Creative Cakes from Orange provided the cake which we had floating which looked beautiful.  Luxe Linen provided the linens/napkins for the big dinner/dance celebration.

Bloombox Designs did the floral both days and an amazing job it was, the mandap was created by the team on the day there also, fabulouso.  It was great to see our fave Indian wedding hair/makeup artist and dresser, Oscar, we don’t see him often enough these days.  We had Special Occasions both days/Ajay leading the crew.  Kumba for the rentals and floor covering for the Sikh wedding on day 1.  Natraj did the catering for both days, and TMMPRO did the draping for the ceremony and lunch/dinner/dancing ballrooms.

Day 2 the cocktail hour was spent on the lawn by the waterfall and we had my new fave vendor Amy Serrano play her electric violin, amazing energy.

For the Baraat we had our Daisy bring the groom in and for the vidai the old fashioned car, and i loved it when the guys got behind to push it out, it didn’t need it, they just wanted to do it, lol

Thanks to Jim Kennedy and team for being great as always to work with for both days, and the same to Impressive Creations, both companies are part of the top in S CA

I just loved the clean look of the B&G stage for the celebration dinner/dance.

Another great wedding and an awesome way to end 2019 xoxo

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Four Seasons Westlake Village-two day celebration

photo 2 photo 3

We did Arjun’s cousin’s wedding and were thrilled to help him and Jennifer with their celebration, and to see the Aunties and cousins at both weddings.

We did a Sikh ceremony at the hotel, so created a ‘temple’ in one portion of the ballroom on day one

photo 4 photo 5 

That was followed by a luncheon/party in the remainder of the ballroom, then everyone got to rest and do whatever they wanted that night.  As a side note, that ballroom has the most and the most beautiful chandeliers I have seen in a ballroom for a long time, just stunning.

Jenny-Arjun-Wedding-0908 Jenny-Arjun-Wedding-0911

Then on day 2 we had a late afternoon Christian style ceremony, the hills/trees beyond were just a beautiful backdrop if ocean is not your thing

Jenny-Arjun-Wedding-0950 Jenny-Arjun-Wedding-0952 Jenny-Arjun-Wedding-1119 Jenny-Arjun-Wedding-1120 Jenny-Arjun-Wedding-1121

Then into the smaller ballroom space, the round room with cocktails on the patio around looking at the waterfall/other ceremony space the hotel has/is famous for.  The draping behind the sweetheart table here is blown out, it actually was organza with little lights through it, it was quite pretty.  Lavender and pink were the dominant colors with gold accents and of course a white dancefloor.  Compared to the brightness the day before, this was the opposite and was a wonderful reflection of our bride, soft and beautiful.

Jenny-Arjun-Wedding-1122 Jenny-Arjun-Wedding-1123

Thanks to Harper Point Photography/Kara who were flown in for the wedding, and got me the pictures above, thanks for being lovely to work with.  We had our friends Robles Video with us for both days, and Design Visage did the makeup for the ladies on both days, and they looked fabulous from beginning to end.  The team at the hotel were just a joy to work  with and I look forward to seeing them again soon.

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