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Past bride special birthday party

So 99.9% of my events are weddings because that is what i choose to do.  When I was at Disney doing a variety of events before I created the CA Disney Fairy Tale Wedding program, i did major fund raisers with celebs, really crazy expensive Quincineras and Mitzvahs, and corporate event.  I always enjoyed working on them, but it turned out I loved weddings and thus that is what i ended up doing after I left Disney to work with my husband doing honeymoons/travel to the South Pacific, but those pesky weddings followed me and 19 years later I have the best life and job due to weddings!!  So..

every now and again I get asked, would it do another kind of event and depending on who is asking and what it is, sometimes I say yes.  This was one of those times, a past groom reached out about 6 years after their wedding at Pelican Hill Resort asking if I could pull together a surprise dinner for his wife’s 40th which was the beginning of a weekend with these friends/people as the next day they were all getting on a private jet and heading off somewhere special to celebrate her!!  How lucky is she!!  So it needed to be in Los Angeles and not too far from their home as they had a new baby, and not be stuck in a private room at the back of a restaurant or enclosed banquet room at a hotel, so i looked high and low, they love Wolfgangs Cut Steak House at Beverly Wilshire but the private room was just too small and we ended up sticking with the Wolfgang theme and doing the private room with windows at WP24 on the 24th floor of the Ritz Carlton Downtown Los Angeles (love it when I can keep things within my Ritz-Carlton family)

His Uncle is a florist, did their wedding too, so he did the flowers, and the view from daytime to the lights at night from that room was awesome, you forget here in Los Angeles we do have dining experiences with views that can rival other major cities in the world.

The best part was, and remember this was 6 years after their wedding and she was not expecting any of this, she thought the two of them were having a quiet dinner on their own, the restaurant let me stand behind the podium so when they got out the elevator and were greeted they were handed off to me to lead them to their table, (it was all timed as the groom had me on an app where i could watch where his phone was, lol) so I welcomed them and asked them to follow me, I never said my name, the bride said to the groom,  she looks like Lisa that did our wedding.  Well of course as we got to the private bar area by the private dining room all their guests were waiting and yelled suprise and thus the night began.  During the event she came over to me and said, Lisa it’s so great to see you, how long have you been working here.  Well I just about died laughing, and when i explained to her well yes i was working there that night but because her husband was paying me to plan the dinner/night for her, she just about died laughing.  So good.

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