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Mission Inn wedding

Happy New Year – 2012.  Welcome to the year of your wedding, planned or starting to think about planning.  The wedding I am talking about today is a great one to start the year off, it’s an all happy and dreams come true one.

I look at the picture above and know that when Erin the bride looks at it, we both feel the same sense of happiness.  Erin & Pete were referred to me by a lovely couple I had married in 2010, they had come to me with a budget of around $10k, 100 guests and just wanted a nice celebration and had no idea if it could be done with what they had.  This is where relationships that those of us who have been in the industry for a while have, and a flexible bride.  I was able to get them a lovely outdoor cere, ballroom reception/dinner/dance,  good photographer/beautiful flowers, they got a friend to provide all the  music, but we did it, and because we had and they were so happy they sent Miss Erin to see me.

Erin had a little bit more for her budget, but she had a picture from the Mission Inn and said that was her dream.  I knew in ‘normal’ circumstances unless they dropped their guest count to 50pp (she had 120) we could not make the Mission Inn work, so during our budget meeting I was talking reality with them and finding out how flexible they could be so I knew where/what locations I really needed to be calling/checking out for them.  Well, first call I made was to my friend Sharon (Director of catering at Mission Inn), and I asked her could we do a mid afternoon ceremony (so between their normal cere times in the chapel) and maybe the meal in an outside area and then a room that is not a popular one/needed that we could go to for dancing/partying after, so I could present Erin with an option that made her dream came true/gave her her end result pictures, may not be as she thought it would pan out, but it could work.  Sharon did some tap tapping on the computer and came back with, ‘Lisa, how about Sat night, August, I will give you x time for the cere and the Monterey Room for the reception/dinner and instead of the package, we go a la carte’, more tapping now on a calculator, ‘and we do it for $x.  What do you think’.  Well, hold it I told her, I called Erin, she called me right back, I said voila your dream has come true, are you interested,  of course she said yes let’s do it and off we ran.   We used a dj and florist I use a lot who offer great product/service for a reasonable price.  I know her guests thought she spent a lot more than she did, and she would have, if it wasn’t for contacts/relationships that I have!!

Enjoy the photos below by that I know will only keep those happy memories forever for Erin & Pete.

The photo just above is the daytime version of the top photo.  Either way both fab, but the night one especially with a bit of photoshop (which Frank loves to do, and I have seen him do it at with this specific area in various forms) for dramatic effect, is fabulous.

I would love to help you with your wedding at the Mission Inn, give me a call.

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