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2016 thank you’s already

We work for many months with so many of our brides and for some not so long, but either way when a thank you comes in after, it just reinforces why I love what I do and the couples I get to work with.  Here’s some from just the past few weeks……..

Thank you Lisa for all your help with our wedding on Friday! It was just perfect! With love, Mrs Lunzer

Hi Lisa, Thank you SO much for making last Friday run so smoothly.  You are amazing and I don’t think it would have turned out nearly so well without you and your wonderful vendors.  We have heard so many compliments and truly cherished every beautiful moment.  I will definitely pass on the word about your mad skills.  Love Annemarie

Thanks for everything. I think things turned out pretty good.  Thanks again for all of your help, we really appreciate it. David.

Note from Lisa: David and Jessica booked me for Month of service, when that service officially began David told me he wished they had of booked the next size up service as they spent so much time being frustrated, stressed and overwhelmed during the planning months, and he doesn’t know how I deal with vendors, they were driving him crazy!! lol

Then texts ….

Morning after  the wedding………….

Good morning Lisa! Thank you so much for all your hard work.  The day went by seamlessly and u did an amazing job!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Miriam

Another couple …  at 11:56pm, night of wedding…..

Thank you very much.  It turned out very well, better than we all expected. Brian

Then at 10:15am the morning after………

Morning, we are sooooo happy how everything turned out!!  Thank you so much! Brian

Then at 6:15pm the day after, from the bride

Lisa, thank you for everything that you did for us, you’re truly an amazing woman and we’re so happy to have had the opportunity to have you as our wedding planner and plan out our most important day ever!  Blessings to you and thank you once again, it was gorgeous.

Awwwwwwww, thank you my lovely couples, it was really my joy and pleasure.

But to top things off, vendor kudos from some I have never worked with before, really are the icing on the cake……….

One dj during the event commented on how nice is was to work with a co-ordinator that actually co-ordinates.  He said he feels that most of the newer/younger co-ordinators are in it for the picture of the ballroom rather than the co-ordinating part.  After the wedding he sent me this

Lisa, Thank you so much, how nice it was to work with a coordinator that has their S#!T together.  You were right on top of everything and made my job very easy.  Would be an honor to wok with you and your team again 🙂  Best,

Then another dj who I worked with for the first time, sent me some lovely flowers.

Not sure who has it right or wrong when it comes to what I do/what people think we should be doing, but I seem to be more on the right side it seems.



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Lovely Thank You

Its always so great to get a Thank you from a bride months after their wedding.  By that time I have thought they have moved on, I move on and then voila, I realize I have been on their mind, makes me feel so good

So I went to the PO Box looking for something specific and found this and it made my day.  It’s a handwritten card from a wedding we did in September, Teri actually ran the event on the day………………

Dear Lisa,

I have wanted to write you since the wedding, but the honeymoon, holidays, birthday, and even a car accident, got in the way.  You are among my big ‘thank yous’.  All of your hard work, effort, time, and sincere caring about the event made for a wonderful experience for Joe and I.  The day went exactly how we envisioned and it was so beautiful.  Everything co-ordinated so seamlessly and appeared effortless in the end.  Teri was wonderful at the function and I hardly knew she was there.  The suggestions for vendors were great, and we can honestly say we wouldn’t have done anything differently.

Lisa, thank you for making our day fantastic for us.  It truly was a gift.  You are very talented and we wish you the best.

Nancy and Joe


Till next time


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Vendor insight

A while ago a potential groom had asked me what made me different to other planners, well that really is not a question for me, I wouldn’t have any idea as I don’t get to interact with other planners in the capacity of doing our jobs, but more on a social or committee type situation.  So I posed the question to vendors who had known me a long time and others not so long.  What I got back was more than I expected, I wasn’t looking for love and adoration but I got that and my heart was touched and it kind of reinforced I am doing what I should be doing and what they see from their perspective in their roles on the day.  So I had kept that for me in case that question was asked again.

Then last month I got an email from a videographer I worked with on one wedding in 2015 and his last sentence really touched me, we sometimes have no clue the positive effect we are having on someone’s life/career.  When I worked at Disney I had taken the time after weddings to send a real letter to vendors we had not worked with before that did a great job to thank them for being a great team player and a dj who got one of those letters reached out to me a year or so ago to tell me he still had that letter and what it had meant to him.  So no matter who we are/what we do, positive reinforcement makes us all feel good about who we are and what we do, so I want to share the videographers email as well as comments from the vendors that I asked for so you get some insight on me and how I work so you can see if I am the right vendor for you.  I won’t give the names of the other vendors here in order to not alienate them with regards to other planners, but you can certainly reach out to me and I will tell you who they are.

January 18

Want to wish you a very Happy New Year and tell you what a pleasure it was for me to work with you and your clients last year.  I am hopeful that we will continue our working relationship into 2016 and beyond.  Most importantly, I want to thank you for creating such a positive environment that made it so easy for me to create the most amazing event film of my career.  Thank you again and let’s stay connected.

Best Regards, David    David Medill Productions.

Ceremony musician-Comparing you to other planners I have these notes – You are to the point/no chatter which allows us to focus on why we are there.  Your timelines are fabulous, they are clear/precise and a godsend as we sometimes don’t even see one.  On the day your instructions/ques are very clear.  You build cohesive teams and a nice atmosphere on the day.

Videographer – Your decorating skills are exquisite and ALWAYS styled to the clients taste.  Your timelines are always extremely detailed (down to making sure they eat), you follow up with every vendor several times making sure they know where they need to be.  Your professionalism goes a long way with the venues and guests.  You are well travelled and are familiar with destination events as well as S CA.  Everyone knows when they hire you, you get the job done.  Most of all, your kindness and passion for your ‘job’ is what makes you the best!

Band – Some of your main strengths above your peers is the fact that you have developed and nourished long term working relationships, not only with outside vendors but even the serving staff at the resorts you service (the love and respect illuminates).  This works as a major enhancement for all your events because everyone is on the same page and connected to the success of the event.  I know this to be true, your unselfish kindness is infectious.  I enjoy working with you more than most and look forward to each of your events.  If your clients are seeking someone who has the gifts of creating, facilitating their thoughts of an unforgettable evening I strongly recommend they sign you right away.  PS: Of all the jobs we’ve done over the years I have never seen a repeat concept which shows you have a gift of seeking the best out of your clients to personalize a special day just for them

Photographer – You make the most detailed timelines I’ve ever seen.  People know where to be and when things are happening – organization is critical to a successful event! I don’t know why more event planners don’t follow your lead on this.  You have a natural ability to calm nervous brides and smooth their fears and anxiety.  I have watched you do this on many occasions and have admired that quality.  Someone hiring you would probably have no clue about this, but it is so important.  You’re also quite talented at getting the best out of your vendors/team which early benefits the client.  Assembling and managing a creative team is more important that most clients understand.  Finally you’re very creative.  You don’t ever seem to do cookie-cutter decor.  I can tell you give special attention to each client and have really listened to them whenever I walk into one of your reception rooms.

Photographer – Here is what I think brides love about you – From the minute the bride speaks with you they can really sense your extreme knowledge, confidence and passion towards all aspects of a wedding.  Because of that you make the prospective bride feel secure she made the right choice by hiring you for their big day.  Experience is key! Since you also have lots of samples and experience at the location you work at that also makes the bride confident with you!  Your wedding day timelines are extremely detailed! The brides love that and so do the vendors! Staying current and on top of the trends!  Since you are always networking you get to see the latest and greatest which your brides benefit from.  And certainly not last, they all love your “New Zealand ‘ accent!  No one can compete with that!

Photographer – What sets you apart….. Best people skills in the business.  You are steady, confident, incredibly knowledgeable not only about how to do something but who would be the best vendor to do it, have impeccable taste, never any drama.. and are funny, … and did I say, no drama? The thing that stands out to me when I work with you are the relationships you have with everyone on the set.  From the venue to the busboy, you have always built incredible teams on every job.  I feel as though we are all there for the right reason and we would all help each other out however we could that day.  With newer planners, the vendors never know each other and it always seems to be just a job for the day where everyone can’t wait to get out there.  Definitely not so with you.  I love the feeling of camaraderie on your weddings.  Some teachers have the gift of making you want to learn more, some coaches make you more passionate about the game and build better teams each year, and Lisa makes me look forward to her weddings knowing they are going to be the most organized and beautiful events with great vendors and very happy clients at the end.  Plus, you know more, research more and spend more time on your business than anyone I know,  and it shows.  Thanks for the opportunity to say these things.

Dj – This is easy. I’ve worked with a bunch of different co-ordinators.  Some of them are easy to work with, relaxed and fun.  Others are great at “getting the job done” but usually are so high strung they make the wedding seem like more of a ‘job’ than a ‘celebration’.  You are able to somehow excel at everything.  You’re laid back and fun, but I never need to worry about that any detail will go overlooked.  When I talk to the couples who work with you I can tell they are relaxed.  You inspire the same confidence in your clients as you do in your vendors and that truly is a gift.  If you EVER need anyone to sing your praises directly please feel free to give them my number.  I can’t say enough about how great you are and how great your weddings are.

Florist – Easy question, hardest part is putting the answer into words.  I LOVE your honesty and no nonsense approach and how it is always done classy, eloquently, and effortlessly.  I find that events with you run very smoothly and that’s fought to say considering what we do … You are extremely conscious of your clients budgets and that is a HUGE advantage that any couple that hires you should greatly appreciate!  And of course I love your KIWI accent!  We love working with you!!!

Videographer – There are several things that set you apart from other wedding planners, but I will share two BiG benefits you bring:

  1. Your planning and co-ordinating process is impeccable! No other coordinator delivers a timeline weeks in advance of the event.  Most co-ordinators send me a timeline a day or two before the wedding and expect that I will have time to learn all about the day and adjust as necessary in 24-48 hours before the event.  We do just that of course because we have to, but the client is short changed by such a short sighted effort.  You communicate with each professional throughout the process of the planning to confirm everyone is on the same page all the way through so there are no questions and no surprises on the event day.  No other co-ordinator contacts me as often as you do during the planning process, you are second to none when it comes to planning and coordination.
  2. 2. You are not only experienced in event planning but you are talented with great ‘people skills’.  Many planners I work with are very likable and good with people.  Some are efficient and thorough.  Few have both qualities and even fewer have both qualities at the level you do.  A wedding planner is the Executive Producer of a once in a lifetime event, managing a team of professionals, service providers and vendors (all with their own needs, goals and agendas) AND at the same time personally assisting and fulfilling the needs of the couple, family and their guests.  That Executive Producer had better have a wealth of experience and great admin and people skills if everyone’s expectations are going to be met.  You have what it takes to be the top of your field.  Your success and reputation attest that you are among the best of the best at what you do.  Your modesty may case you to hesitate to share my opinion and observations with future clients, but I hope you do share my thoughts with every couple considering you and your services.

Officiant: I have known Lisa for over 24 years and we have performed hundreds of weddings together.  Lisa is very professional and highly regarded in her profession.  For me she is the number 1 wedding co-ordinator in Sa CA.  Lisa always gives over 100% to her brides and grooms in helping them plan their wedding.

Photographer/female who used to be a planner: I think you are absolutely wonderful! You are kind, quick at solving problems and finding solution.  You are always delightful and caring.  You are very meticulous and put so much into consideration for a couples wedding along with taking excellent care of the vendors.  You are strong, smart and fun!  You are always happy and genuinely care about your clients and treat them like royalty.  You can’t fake that!! that’s why we love working with you.

From me, Lisa, think my new mantra will be

Experience is EVERYTHING when it comes to planning your wedding/celebration.

Till tomorrow



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2015 thank yous – cards

So so lucky to work with such awesome fab couples, and when I go to the mailbox and see that some have taken the time to handwrite a card and mail it to me, feel even more lucky.

Here is why I am so lucky to do what I love ……….

Lisa, I have tried to write this card several times and keep getting stuck.  I cannot put into words how grateful I am to you for everything you have done over the past several months.  My co-workers kept saying ‘wow you look so calm-how are you planning a wedding from across the country!’ and I would just smile because I had you!!  You are so organized and on top of everything.  Even random questions and constant changes – you didn’t even blink an eye, just said ‘no problem’.  I can say without a doubt that you have changed my life.  Thank you so very much – from the bottom of my heart – for everything.  Cathy (and Keith)

Lisa, We can’t begin to thank you for all your help in making our wedding day amazing! Your attention to detail, support, and help has been great!  We couldn’t imagine the day without you! Thank you for everything! We will miss you! Love, Garrett and Kerry

The above was a card I got from the couple on the wedding day, then it was followed in the mail with the card below …….

Lisa, Garrett and I reflected about how beautiful and amazing our wedding was on our honeymoon, and we owe it all to you!  Your hard work, attention to details, and passion made us have our wedding of our dreams! You are SO amazing at what you do and everyone keeps talking about how awesome you are!! Thank you for everything! Love Garrett and Kerry

Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for all your hard work and efforts to make our wedding day as wonderful and special as possible!  We couldn’t have done it without you! Love, Sherene and Tyler

thank you for being our lifesaver!  Rosalynn and Frank

The above was a card I got from the couple on the wedding night, then it was followed in the mail with the card below……

Dear Lisa, ‘Thank you” can barely express the tremendous gratitude I feel for everything you’ve done to make my vision come to life.  Even with a broken ankle, you still do the work of 100 people.  Your professionalism is absolutely amazing and inspiring.  We are so thankful we snatched you up before any other couple!!f with love, Rosalynn and Frank

Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for being part of our special day.  It was truly the best day of our lives and we loved every minute of it!  Thank you for continually working with us and helping us create personalized touches, an amazing day and truly unforgettable memories.  Our love and gratitude, Angie and George

Dear Lisa, Thank you for all your help throughout the process.  Please say “thank you” to Nicole and Brittany.  We hope you will get well soon and make other couples to have the BEST wedding. Love Toshika & Joe

Note on the thank you above, I worked with Toshika for months on planning her wedding, then 30 mins before the ceremony I fell over and dislocated and broke my ankle and was taken away by paramedics, 5 hours in the ER, and now 3 casts, 1 boot, surgery with a plate and 9 screws in my leg later, she still emails me to check in on me.  Due to detailed planning and good assistants and a great vendor team, the wedding went off on time and without a hitch.

Dear Lisa, Words truly can’t thank you enough for everything you did to make our special day so perfect in every way  It was everything  dreamed it would be…. and more!  Everything went so smoothly on the day and I know it was all down to you.  It was such a pleasure working with you for over a year and you made the planning process so seamless.  I am so grateful for all your time and hard work that went in to making our day so special,  We will never forget you and so happy you were a part of those wonderful memories! We are missing your emails and would love to stay in touch – maybe a Pie-Not for a sausage roll and a catch up! You are the BEST!! Love Chris and Sam xoxox

Lisa, thank  being a part of our wedding on October 16, 2015.  We are very happy you could help us plan our special day! We couldn’t have done it without you.  Phillip and Mina

I was given the card above on the wedding day, and a week later got a call from the groom wanting to personally thank me.

Sweet you – Grateful me         Lisa, How can I begin?! You have been everything to me throughout this process …. a friend, a guide, a defender, a supporter and the reason everything was able to come to reality.  THANK YOU so much for helping me build my dream wedding.  I will miss emailing you all the time.  Let’s find excuses to get cocktails when I am back in Southern California!! Love Brooke

Love love love them, my job, my life, so so lucky am I!!

Till next time


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2015 thank yous – emails

I get lovely phone calls and text messages after weddings thanking me, but there’s nothing like hitting send and receive and seeing an email come in from a past wedding like these beIow that I can read over and over again ……………….

Just wanted to thank you so much for making our wedding an incredible event  It ouldn’t have been better and EVERYONE had a perfect time.  It was extremely memorable.  Thank you so much again.  Debbie

Hi Lisa, Thank you for making our wedding so memorable.  All the special moments could not have been possible without you.  We have received so many comments on how smoothly you ran things.  We are just about to fly back to HK… PLease let us know if you ever visit this side.  We would love to keep in touch.  Thanks again.  Kelsey

Good morning Lisa.  We wanted to thank you for attending our tasting and making time for us on such short notice.  You definitely impressed our entire family and we can’t wait to work more with you!  Thanks again for meeting us and we are going to have such a blast.  Kerry

Lisa, Thank you so much for all of yur help and expertise.  You have been tremendous!  Thanks again for everything.  Stacy

Lisa, I just wanted to say thank you again for helping Miles and I pull off an amazing wedding day!  The ballroom was even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined and the evening was flawless.  I recently recommended you to a girlfriend of mine that is actually getting married at the Hyatt in the large ballroom.  Her name is Jacqueline, just in case you get an email or phone call from her.  Thank you again.  Kaitlyn

Note re the above email, Jacqueline did make contact and book me, her wedding is in a few weeks, can’t wait.

Hey guys,  A huge thank you for everything.  You have both had a massive part to play in getting our wedding over the line without so much as a blip and it was a fantastic occasion and everyone had a blast!! Hope to see or talk to you both before we leave, if we get the chance.  Thanks again, Brian

Note on the above email, this was to both me and the hotel contact, our couple lived in New Zealand and we planned everything through email.

Hi Lisa, I wanted to send you a note thanking you for all that you did to make our wedding so spectacular.  Our wedding was everything I had dreamed of and much much more.  Club 19 turned out absolutely perfect.  You had everything setup just the way I had envisioned it.  I can’t wait to see Jim’s pics.  Thank you for keeping us on track throughout the day and for all your help and assistance with the vendors and the guidance leading up to the big event.  Couldn’t have done it without you.  I’ve had so many people ask me did anything go wrong that day and I’ve said “not a thing, it was perfect”. Thank you for that.  Thanks again for making our day so special and perfect.  Best, Stephanie

Thank you Lisa, you have been absolutely wonderful and very efficient-love it.  I know I made the right decision for a planner – I am already convinced!  Sally

Hi Lisa, We can’t begin to thank you for all of your help!! What would I have done especially when we had to cancel our planning trip?  And every vendor was delightful, reliable and provided great value with their service.  You and Nicole were so gracious and kept everything right on track.  Sorry you had to worry about the cake – it was the only hiccup but thanks to you the lost cake was found! It truly turned out to be the wedding I had dreamed of having!!! Many many thanks!! We will definitely refer you to anyone planning a wedding or party and would love to see you again.  Also, we would be happy to provide a reference and/or recommendation for you if ever needed.  Warmest regards, Barbara, and Jim, too!

Hi Lisa, Kirk and I want to thank you again for all that you had done for us.  We truly enjoyed our wedding.  Thank you again, Take care Lisa, Tracy and Kirk

Lisa, Thank you so much for last night.  You put together an amazing event  I heard from at least 20 guests that it was the best wedding they had ever attended.  It was so much fun.  You were so good to us and really made it more special than we could have hoped for  Thank you for everything.  Ty

I appreciate all you are doing for me, and I am glad that I have you for my wedding.  thank you.  Toshika

Lisa, We just want to thank you again for what an amazing job you did planning our wedding.  We are so thankful that we had your organization and expertise behind the scenes of our wedding.  We would have been totally lost without you.  The wedding and reception were both absolutely perfect.  We really can not thank you enough.  All the best, Heather and Mark

Hi Lisa and Brittany, Thank you  for helping us organize and execute the wedding of our dreams!! We really could not have done it without you both! You made the day so much more easy and enjoyable for us and we are very appreciative of all of your hard work.  WE will be happily recommending you to all of our friends and family getting married in the future.  Best, Jenny & Arjun

Lisa, I just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work, it was amazing.  People raved about it.  Thanks again for being so great.  I am so happy with everything and can’t wait to relax on the honeymoon.  Thanks again, Stacy and Tom

Hi Lisa, We were really pleased with your service, our day was so special  Thank you so much for all your help!  It was a true pleasure getting to work with you.  As my California friends get engaged, I will definitely send them your way.  Best regards, Wendy

Hi Lisa, We had a wonderful wedding day, it was truly amazing, I loved every minute.  Just can’t believe its all over with now.  Many thanks for all your recommendations, planning most of all your help on the day.  Best wishes for the future, Gillian and David

Thank you Lisa.  The wedding was amazing.  Everything was beautiful!  Our friends said it was the ‘best wedding’ever.  We loved hearing all the compiments about you from guests about how organized everything was and how you were such a tough cookie!  WE loved every bit of the wedding and are so happy that we had your help – we can’t believe how perfect everything turned out.  Thanks again and best wishes.   Sherene

Hi Lisa, I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for all your effort and work.  You not only understood the type of event that we wanted, but you made it better  You were on top of things and so accessible the entire time.  I am extremely grateful we had you.  Your expertise and competence made such a difference to us in the planning process.  You are wonderful.  Thank you so much.  Querube

Hi Lisa, We  wanted you to know that Teri and Nicole were so amazing the day of our wedding and we were super impressed and thrilled that we had them.  Please pass along my sincere thanks to both of them.  If there is anything I can do that would help you with a review or anything, pease let me know.  Thank you again. Lindsay

Love you,  I am so blessed you were my planner and your work made my vision not only come true, but exceeded my expectations.  Thank you for being there for us and thank your scooter for me.  You’re amazing.  Can’t wait to see you again when my younger cousins are ready to get married.  Rosalynn

, We just wanted to say thank you for your help!  We had a wonderful time! It was very beautiful and ran smoothly!  Thanks again.  Adrienne and Renato

Hi Lisa.  We feel fortunate to have found you.  Tracy

Lisa, I can’t get over last night.  Our wedding was something you see in the magazine.  The day felt like a dream thanks to you handling all of the “nitty gritty”.  thank you for all of your hard work and attention to detail.  it was the best day of my life!  Ashley

Till next time


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End of year thank yous

Oops, got to hit post on this one as I have a bunch more to post from 2015, these below are from weddings at the end of 2014

It’s so lovely as the year ends to have the thank you notes coming in, at a time when you are maybe a bit weary and looking for a bit of a break, these notes remind you why you do what you do, and get you motivated to start all over again with another year of lovely couples.

Handwritten cards:
From a vendor whose daughter’s wedding I did, she gave me this card the night of the wedding:
Dear Lisa, Thank you soo much for all your help organizing Amanda’s wedding! You are the best! I will always tell people you were my daughters wedding coordinator! Hugs, Wendy

Lisa, Thank you so much for all of your hard work in making our wedding day so special! We truly don’t know what we would have done without you. You are excellent at what you do. Everything ran so smoothly and we really appreciated having you there. Best Anne & Marshall

From a wedding I did for one of our lovely hotel peeps who I have worked with and known for a few years:
Lisa! Thank you for being a part of this day! I appreciate everything that you have done for us to make this day special. I love you so much and couldn’t think about anyone but you to make this day special and memorable. Love you! Holly and James

From a 2015 bride that I met for the first time when she came into town for her hotel tasting/floral sample day, until that time everything we planned/were doing was by phone/email/web:
Dear Lisa. Thank you so very much for all of your help over the past months. I know that the wedding hasn’t even occurred yet, but if it is anything like the tasting, walkthrough, floral sample and linen sample, I know it will be amazing. You truly are gifted at your job! Counting the days until we see you in January! Cathy & Keith

Email thank yous:
From the same vendor above, she sent this email 2 days after the wedding:
Dear Lisa, Thank you so very much for making Amanda’s wedding come off so wonderfully. I always have admired how excellent your weddings are!!! You are AMAZING!! Organizational skills off the charts!! Looking forward to working with you soon. God bless. Wendy

This email came from a groom a few months after their wedding, he had a wicked sense of humor that kept me very amused during the planning months and on the wedding day:
Hello Lisa, We finally received our pictures from the photographer, and I looked great! However, that is not the reason for this email. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much fun everyone had at the wedding, and I personally thought that the room and the rep was really beautiful. Now typically, I don’t get too crazy about these things, but it really was over the top beautiful And a lot of the guests commented on how it was one of the nicest weddings they’ve been to – I don’t know if this was BS but I don’t think it was. Anyway you really did a stand-up job Lisa. If I know anyone else getting married in LA I will refer your services. Great work and thanks again. Damon & Tai

And from his bride, came this email:
Thank you so much Lisa! You did a wonderful job

Hi Lisa, I wanted to send you a note thanking you for all that you did to make our wedding so spectacular. Our wedding was everything I had dreamed of and much much more. Club 19 turned out absolutely perfect. You had everything set up just the way I had envisioned it. I can’t wait to see Jim’s pics. Thank you for keeping us on track throughout the day and for all your help and assistance with the vendors and the guidance leading up to the big event. Couldn’t have done it without you. I’ve had so many people ask me did anything go wrong that day and I’ve said ‘not a thing, it was perfect’. Thank you for that. Thanks again for making our day so special and perfect. Best, Stephanie Craig

And from her groom came an email also:
Just wanted to thank you for the help with the wedding Lisa!

From my Indian wedding two weeks ago:
Hello Lisa, My dad and I want to thank you for throwing such an AMAZING and memorable event this past weekend. You helped keep us all in line when we needed it the most. Thank you for everything, everyone is STILL talking bout the weekend, especially the wedding ceremony, which could not have been more perfect. Thank you for everything. Love, Ragini and Vishwa

Ahhh, you all warm my heart, thank you
Till next time
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who not only sent a handwritte note, but also an email

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Thank yous received this week

so this last week was actually a while ago, I just forgot to go back and post.  So it was sitting here all ready to go, so here we go …………….

So lucky that my brides take time to let me know how happy they were,  That makes my day/month/year too!!!

A lovely handwritten note  dated – September 19, 2014

Dear Lisa, It’s impossible to contain all the things we need to thank you for in this small letter of appreciation!! We thank you so much for all your help & expertise with our beautiful Ritz-Carlton wedding.  You were there for us every step of the way, and we consider you to be one of our most valuable vendors & advisors! Thank you for everything! We hope to see you soon. Love Michael & Holly

Before the madness starts this weekend, I just wanted to say how thankful I am and have been for your help during this process.  Things have run so smoothly, and I know we have assembled a great team of vendors and that everything will go well. Almost at the finish line!  Anne

Lisa, we wanted to send you an email earlier this week but we decided to extend our stay in Santa Barbara for a little more relaxation.  We just walked in the door and I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for EVERYTHING. Over the last few months you have helped us plan our dream wedding – and Sunday was exactly that.  I couldn’t have asked for more – I wouldn’t have changed a thing and for that I have to hank you.  I laugh thinking about my persistence in the beginning of the planning process thinking I could do this all on my own.  Boy did you prove me wrong! Your emails, helpful reminders and phone calls helped me stay on track and definitely alleviated the anxiety all brides feel while planning a wedding.  Every one of your vendor recommendations was amazing too – my flowers, dj, priest, hair/makeup, were perfect.  In fact, every person that attended the wedding told us the same thing – the wedding was the most beautiful they have attended and the effort we put into every detail showed.  It was perfect and honestly the best day of my life.  Thank you soo soo much for helping us pull it off. You have been a pleasure to work with.  Thanks again for everything and hope our paths cross again sometime soon.  Keep in touch, Nicole

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2013 Thank yous

See it is never too late to send a thank you.  These notes came in 2014 and brought back good memories to me of these celebrations, as well as touched my heart.

Hi Lisa

I thought about you earlier today and wanted to drop a note and say Hi!  I can’t believe I has been 7 months sine our wedding.  It truly was the most amazing wedding and I have you to thank.  Hope all is well and Keep in touch!! XOXO Alexis

Hi Lisa

Thank you again for all you did for us, you were amazing.  Hope you’re doing well. Cheryl

Hi Lisa

We’ve been thinking about you.  I wanted to thank you so much for all your help, time and energy you put into our wedding.  It was exactly what I wanted, I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome.  Take care, Angela

Till next time
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Thank yous – by other formats

So they come in from many formats now, handwritten cards in the mail, emails, and here are some texts:

Thanks for making happen  literally a perfect wedding.  I don’t know if you hid any problems that cropped up, but we didn’t notice anything at all.  You’re the best.  Michael & Alessa

I want to say Thank you for everything, I would have been lost wihout you.  Chennine

We are thinking about you Lisa! You are the best, we love you.  We are so grateful of what you have done for us.  Special lady, special memory of you darling. Big kiss,  Martin & Maude

From vendors too:

Great job today on the wedding today.  Everything was top notch. Cloud 9 Photo

Thank you so much!! Always such a pro event with you involved. Brent/officiant

Instagram thanks:

24 hours happily married. Thank you so much for everything, you made it perfect xx James

Secrets finally out!!Thank you so much for everything.  You were amazing!! Dallen

till next time
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2014 thank yous

Here’s some snippets from emails and cards I got after …………………


Thank you so much for all your help making our wedding the day we’ve always dreamed of.  Everything from start to finish surpassed our expectations making our wedding day one that we will ever forget.  Every detail was absolute perfection! The ceremony site, the venue, the food and all of the vendors and support staff were absolutely amazing. Over and over last night through today we have continued to hear repeatedly from guests how beautiful the venue was, how amazing the food was, and most importantly, how our wedding was.

Although Kim and I both shared the vision for our wedding day, we could not have made that day possible without you.  And for that we are eternally grateful to you for making our dream a reality.  Thank you again.  Trent and Kimberly

Note from Lisa: Trent contacted me and before signing at St Regis, shared his budget and their vision to me, they did not gel. But that is the beauty of flexibility.  By being flexible they got the venue they wanted.  I was able to match them to vendors who were happy to work with their vision/budget, and voila,  a happy end result for all.

Lisa, How are you and beautiful CA?  We wanted to thank you again for creating the perfect wedding for us. We could not be happier with the memory of that day which we will treasure forever and appreciate all of your hard work in creating it for us! All of your vendors were absolutely perfect.  Warmest thanks, Jeannine and Mario

Hi Lisa, First I would like to say, I am truly grateful to have found you/well be referred to you by the hotel.  Thank you very much for taking us on, organizing and arranging all the vendors and all of the stuff I didn’t know about.

Thanks again for everything, Chin

Hi Lisa, We had a lovely wedding celebration, thank you.  We got lots of compliments.  We were happy with the wedding, Thanks. JCY

Just wanted to say hello.  We’re stiil reeling from our beautiful wedding.  Sending hugs.  Best, Jamie

Lisa!  I want to thank you so much for everything! Our wedding was amazing! Please thank Terri for all her help, she was incredible! Thanks again for everything.  Megan

Hi Lisa, I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work in making Carly and Dani’s wedding the magical evening that it was.  I’m sure you’ll agree with me that what we saw on Sunday evening was exactly what Carly envisioned at our first meeting some months back.  I have been inundated with messages from so many people that it was such a spectacular evening.  Once again, thank you for your hard work in making their dream wedding come true.  Regards, Michelle

Lisa, Steve and I have loved working with you.  Our entire process of planning the wedding was seamless due to your expertise and follow through.With Love and blessings, Margo and Steve

Lisa, Thank you so much for everything! JoAnn and Ross (parents of the bride)

Hi Lisa, We can’ thank you enough for everthing you did.  We were so happy with how our wedding day went.  Everything was so beautiful and completely exceeded our expectations. The whole process was such a great experience and we owe that to you. We really appreciate everything you did so much, so thank you thank you thank you!! Hopefully we’ll meet again, until then we will continue to be jealous of all your instagram pictures. Take care. Dallen and Dean

Dear Lisa,This thank you note is long overdue, however,my wonderful wedding is still fresh In my mind.  Thank you so much for making my dream wedding a reality. You really helped me develop a vision, and all of your vendors (esp Keith/florist) were outstanding.  I am so lucky to have found you as a wedding co-ordinator. Your organizational skills and friendly reminders kept us on track and were a great reminder about the upcoming wedding.  I thought that planning a wedding from the opposite coast during medical school would be near impossible,instead with your help, it was fun a relatively stress-free. Thank you again so much! Sincerely Jackie

Hi Lisa, Just wanted to send a big thank you to you and Teri for all your organization and co-ordination that made our day perfect.  Everyone kept telling me to just ignore the things that go wrong at your wedding because I would be the only one to notice, but honestly nothing went wrong.  It was perfect and I’m sure a lot of that had to do with you.  You guys are amazing.  All the best, Amy

Dear Lisa, Mr Li and his family thank you for all your organization and help for Xiaoping and Xiang’s wedding.  Everything went so smoothly because of you!  Many Thanks, Eileen

Lisa, Thank you so much for all you have done to make Nicole & Ryan’s wedding such a memorable day! It was an absolute pleasure working with you and many of our guests were very complimentary about you!  Hope we can work with you in the future. Best regards, and thanks again, Theresa & Louie

Lisa, Thanks for being a great wedding planner.  It made our experience less stressful and on budget.  Also, thanks for being patient with us! Victoria and John

Hi Lisa, Thank you SO much for all your work and for helping us to create the wedding of our dreams.  We had the best time and celebration.. Thank you Lisa, god bless you, Taisiya

Dear Lisa, Wanted to thank you for all you did to make our wedding so beautiful and memorable.  You were such a pleasure to work with.  Thank you again!!! With love, Crystal & Andy

Note from Lisa: Crystal also sent these two emails, so I think we could say she was very happy!! lol

So what would it take for me to have another weekend like this all over again?? lol  And I can’t express the gratitude I have for you and all you’ve done for us to make this once in a lifetime a memorable event.

I got the sunset picture I wanted/dreamed about!!!And of course the ones with Dolce too. You helped make my dreams become reality!!

Hello Lisa, It was beautiful.  We can’t wait to receive the photos from Frank to relive all the memories.  Thank you for your leadership, experience, and charm in making this day a true success!!  All of our best, Natalie

Hi Lisa.  Was an awesome wedding!! Thanks so much for all your hard work! Dani

Hi Lisa, Just got back to Canada from our honeymoon.  Thanks so much for all of your help in co-ordinating and planning everything.  There’s definitely no way we could have done it without you!! Everything went very well on the day of, and all of our guests had a really great time.  Also, I think you were bang on with your recommendations for the different vendors – everyone was amazing.  We’ve had lots of very positive comments on Keith’s (florist) Brent’s (officiant) and Peter’s (dj) work, and I am sure the same will be true for Frank when we get his photos (he was definitely perfect to work with on the day of, so I anticipate great things!) It really was a dream team!  Thanks so much for being so patient with us and helping us along the way with decisions.  We were both pretty new to all of this, and you made everything very easy for us.  In the end the wedding came out better than we had imagined! Thanks again and take care, Ryan & Isabelle

Makes my heart smile, all you lovely bride and grooms are why I do what I do, and love it.

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