Hyatt HB Social distanced weddings

February 13, 2021 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations
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Well as we started to have couples wanting to have their weddings and adjusting them according to the mandates that may or may not have been happening or been clear, each hotel created perimeters/changed them as we went along and still are. What you see above if how Hyatt HB did things. No more than 6 (it’s now 4) at a table unless from the same household, stickers on dancefloor to encourage socially distanced dancing (no dancing except protocol dances right now) and after this wedding the cakes had to be no more than 2 tier to fit under an acrylic box that was made to keep the cake safe, because it was real cake. For the ceremony the chairs are spaced out in couples or singles and for most of the smaller weddings, 20 or less, each seat actually had a name on it so everyone knew where they were to be.

This wedding was for Rick and Evelyn, a fun couple who rolled with the punches for their July wedding, the last punch being me breaking my leg a week prior and being unable to get around in time for their wedding. I missed being there with them as they had mariachis for cocktail time (which i love hearing), but again, Nicole and Brittany made it happen and all went as planned and everyone was happy, and a great celebration was had.

Thanks to the vendor team on board for this one: Kevin Reeder/florist, Jeffrey Holmes/officiant, Duane Peck/photographer, Katella Bakery (I missed seeing my lovely cake delivety man) and of course to our team at the Hyatt Hb, can’t do anything without you and thanks for keeping everyone safe!!!!

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