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Catalina Island wedding

What a great time we had planning and then executing Erin and Jim’s wedding on Catalina, mind you it was a lot of work too once we got on the island, we used the taxis to get from one area to another quickly, no time to walk it, and I still did just under 12k steps.  Slept well that night for sure.  Nicole was there to assist me and she ran her butt off too, but she needed to get back so caught the 7pm boat back same day, easy!!

Karen’s Flowers  handled the flowers for ceremony and reception and i know had a heart attack when she found out the original size of the frame for the ceremony was too big/even in pieces to go over on the boat, so had to do some last minute adjustments the week prior.  But doesn’t it look great on that lawn.  The wedding was on a Monday late October so the island was empty/no cruise ships (big difference when the ship was in the next day, crazy) and it felt like the island was their exclusive resort for the wedding.  Above you see Joe Latter and i having a big meeting at the beach club, very stressed we were, can you tell, lol JK.. Josh Vietti provided the music for all 3 areas and did a great job

An amazing thing happened after the ceremony, a mother deer and her kids and some others came to the cere site and they were not scared of us at all, they just wanted to eat grass, oh and the brides bouquet, which she offered to the deer, so don’t worry, it was not an accident and she was beside herself, quite the contrary.  They did demolish one bridesmaid bouquet though, that was hilarious

Cocktails were held in the building next to the cere lawn and had a great view to the ocean and to the CA coast, it was weird being on that side of it, I have to say.

They did a buy out of a restaurant in the township which worked out perfectly for their size/guests and they had a blast, food was really good too

This was a really relaxed cool wedding, the couple are in the hotel business and their core group of friends are too, we all know each other, so i was really honored to be asked to do the wedding with/for them, and I got to see my hotel peeps as well as other Chef’s i have married who were there too.  And there are no comparisons as to how hotel/wedding industry people party, we party, so they had a great time for sure.

We transferred everyone from the cocktail area to the township in one of the open air buses and the guests were having a great time for sure.  Thanks to everyone from Catalina Island company and the folks on the island, especially the taxi drivers that were loving us, for helping us ensure everything went well that day.  Just remember, it may be close to mainland CA but they are still an island and island time is a thing, lol, it became really apparent to me when I ask for something I need to chill the heck out and wait for it to be done in the time it takes, lol.  Unfortunately i didn’t get to spend more than the wedding night there as i had to get back the next day for an event that night, boo hoo, but i will be back, the spa is awesome over there and you really do get a vacation feel when there.

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