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Intimate Ritz-Carlton Laguna wedding

We love an intimate wedding in this perfect space along the S CA coastline!

Design Visage prettied everyone up, Peter/Vive Entertainment played all the music, Karen’s Flowers did a lovely job as always

Till next time

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Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach wedding

Joanna wanted a coastal feel and Karla at EBD Floral caught her vision perfectly!


Vista Ballroom can fit up to 180 people but its always fun when we have a smaller group, this wedding was 60 people, and we can play with rectangle and round tables and spread out.  No one ever complains about too much space!!

Our photographer was Frank Salas, but think these were my iphone pics!! Rentals by TMMPRO and napkins by Luxe Linen. Peter/Vive Ent kept the party going until the very end. Design Visage prettied everyone up as always.  Thanks to everyone at Hyatt HB who from the day the hotel opened have partnered with us to ensure everything goes smoothly.


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Laguna Cliffs Marriott Wedding

A really pretty all outdoor wedding for a lovely couple.  Photos by Joel Austell. Design Visage prettied everyone up. The hotels florist Nora did a wonderful job.  Harp by OC Harpist/Wendy, and our dj was Bill Child, it was one of his last weddings, we miss him!


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Ritz-Carlton Laguna wedding

Normally the Bluff Lawn and Pavilion are for larger weddings, but this couple booked short term and both spaces were available and they got to use them.


Can you see the Doves?  A lot of my couples do the dove release at the end of the ceremony and the guests love it.  White Flite are the best and the birds live up the road from the Ritz and fly right home!!

A fun late night snack!!  Photos/Frank Salas, Video/Joel Austell, Hair/makeup-Design Visage, Floral-EBD floral, dj/Justo and as always, thanks to the ladies and gentlemen of the Ritz-Carlton Laguna for helping us make Monica’s wedding dream lovely and smooth



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Intimate Ritz-Carlton Laguna wedding

A little boho but oh so elegant.  Monarch Bay Sunset Terrace for the ceremony and the Plaza Room and Balcony for the dinner/dance.  Sarah Mack was our photographer, my 1st wedding with her and you will be seeing more coming up with her, but think this pics were from my phone, can’t be sure.  TMMPRO for the rentals along with Luxe Linens, and Design Visage prettied everyone up as always.  Always thanks to the ladies and gentlemen at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna for being perfect teammates.



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Oh dear!!!

I promise i have been doing weddings, they are all on my instagram


But i am now going to try to get caught up on 3 years worth of blogging here, oh no!




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Oh no!!!!


As always, once the season gets well underway my blogging seems to go to the bottom of the pile!!  Just realized I am way behind from last year, working to have 2017 all caught up by end of April and some of 2018s already too, so keep watching.

But in the meantime, if you want to see my weddings in real time and what I am up to in my wedding world on a nearly daily basis, go to my instagram lisasimpsonweddings







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Move inside, it’s rainy/cold, oh no!!

This is just a wee blog to say, if you are worried about rain and sometimes it should just be about it may be really cold/uncomfortable for your guests, then plan on an indoor wedding where you can control the environment and then you won’t be stressed if on the day you have to move in and the look is not what you had envisioned.  If you start to feel a few days ahead its not going to be as planned then you can get a tent ordered to keep the same spot/view but of course that may be cost that you were not prepared or willing to pay for.   But if you are planning on an outdoor ceremony and mother nature is not co-operating then be okay with the fact that there will be a location to move inside to at your venue, and things happen for a reason (sometimes it takes a long time to work out what, lol).

The picture above, this was an intimate wedding for 25, they had come from Russia and all over the USA, the pacific ocean and the venue was the reason they came.  We moved the arch inside, we circled the chairs around, through the windows you could see the sky and we dimmed the chandelier which gave a lovely romantic feel.  My crappy pic doesn’t do it justice but the guests were comfortable, the bride was not wet or shivering through her ceremony, and then got to go and have pics around the property.

I have moved weddings to overhangs with courtyards as backdrops, rooms with ocean views and we opened the doors as the backdrop, and four walled rooms that weren’t great but by bringing the lights down/adding candles were able to give a more romantic feel ceremony than would have happened outside.  For a couple where we knew they were longer ceremonies and we were going to be outside for long length of time which even if it was not going to be raining would be very uncomfortable for the guests and they would probably get up and move inside anyway, we made the decision a few days ahead to move ceremony inside and paid to have draping done in the ballroom section we were able to use, the florist tweaked the vision to match being inside now/adjusted things, and they have turned out beautiful and not a whole lot of extra cost.

Till next time


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Ritz-Carlton Laguna intimate celebration

d20c0303 d20c0886

So I get a lot of calls saying, we are just doing a small wedding!. Not sure if they think that means the same decisions are not needed to be made or thought put into it, as larger weddings.  WRONG. The same decisions are needed and from a planner standpoint its the same work, just ‘moving’ less people around.

We do intimate weddings all the time and its becoming more the norm that couples wanting a Pacific ocean backdrop here in beautiful sunny S CA are cutting their guest lists down to be able to do their celebration at one of the top 4 hotels we have here in the OC, they may spend the same as a wedding elsewhere for 100 people, but for those lucky guests that are invited to one of these weddings, they get a more foodie or special celebration they are attending, plus with the smaller guest list you tend to invite guests that are coming no matter what day of the week you are getting married, they make a family vacation out of it, and that means for you with that flexibility great things, it could be a lower food/beverage minimum that you could now work with, it could be a bigger room that you would not have been able to get/use/afford for a Fri/Sat/Sun night event.

This wedding started with Angela’s mom calling and chatting with me because Angela was busy (as is also the norm, busy brides with work/life/families) and off we went, and bonus (because it was close to xmas and a weeknight the vendors that could, were more flexible with rates/offerings), it was a Thursday wedding.

I am seeing couples wanting to do unique seating with the smaller weddings, one row of chairs with a gap, one row no gap, spiral around the couple, circle around the couple, above you see another version.  And to make this even more intimate, our bride’s dad was the officiant, and he did a great job.

You also see that when its intimate  you can spend money on items you may not have had the budget for with a larger group, and you can get creative with the table setup in the dining/dancing room also.

d20c0896 d20c0903  sh5c0336 sh5c0344

After we did the budget and I understood priorities and vision/style, I was able to guide them to a great group of vendors to consider/select from, and these were the ones I was lucky enough to work with that night: Frank Salas/photo (thanks for the pics above), CA Bride for the over the top round florals, huge I mean huge!! Peter/Vive Ent my dj for many many years, Design Visage for always making the ladies look fabulous, TMMPRO for our seamless glossy dancefloor with decal/lighting and chivaris, and to our friends at the Ritz-Carlton who we have had the pleasure of working with for the past 15 years and really consider the banquet/setup team our family we are lucky enough to see often!! xoxoxox

till next time


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Ritz-Carlton Laguna Wedding

gleeson_0532 gleeson_0554

From the day the bride and her parents came to meet with me I knew we were going to have a fun time pulling this wedding together and then seeing it all evolve on the day.

The brides parents got married here at the Ritz-Carlton Dana Point 30 years ago and one of the Uncles had also been married there, so a real family tradition/location they consider personal is what this beautiful hotel means to them all.  So very special

gleeson_0941 gleeson_0949

Navy blue was a very popular accent or dominant color for weddings in 2016 and totally worked with the new carpet that appeared in the Terrace Room during the year, lol.

gleeson_0953  gleeson_0968

As you can see, my brides style was more natural and she wanted all low centerpieces and was not a colored/seamless/glossy dancefloor kind of girl, so we used the one provided by the hotel.  As always the balcony of the Terrace Salon with the furniture and firepits was very popular once dinner was over, and when I left there was actually a small group of guests still sitting out there not ready to call it a night (the B&G, parents and other guests were in the hotel bar).


We pulled together the perfect team, everyone was so happy to be there working on this wedding because they were just lovely lovely people.  Thanks to Frank Salas for the photos and being fab as always, Karla/Elegant by Design for ‘getting’ the vision perfectly, Peter/Vive Ent for the dinner/dancing music, to Naples for the strings for the ceremony and being so great to always work with, to Luxe Linens for the napkins and linens that brought the key color to reality, to Design Visage for beautifying everyone and being on time and always working with my schedule and to Paul Uhlar for doing a really great ceremony as always/we have done around 2000 together over the years, and last but not least our team/friends/family at the Ritz-Carlton Dana Point, its been 15 years of a beautiful relationship, happy brides and grooms/happy guests/happy hotel/happy Lisa!!

Till next time


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