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Rancho Las Lomas wedding

Ferial + Moe's Wedding at Rancho Las Lomas in Silverado.

Everyone is getting creative with the spaces at RLL, so nice having ceremonies in other areas now so we don’t have to turn from ceremony to dinner/dancing

Ferial + Moe's Wedding at Rancho Las Lomas in Silverado.

Ferial wanted all low centerpieces so as not to take away from the surroundings – nailed it!! Café lighting was not even noticeable until it got dark.

Serial + Moe's Wedding

Cocktails around the Reflecting Pool area is always a good idea

Ferial + Moe's Wedding at Rancho Las Lomas in Silverado.

Serial + Moe's Wedding

I love this view from above during dinner

img_1158 img_1160

From day one of planning mom told me she wanted to put the sofreh together herself, the beauty of a location where only one wedding a day is done, you have lots of time to do something like that, then of course my Nicole carefully put everything away after, so mom could enjoy herself.

img_1176  img_1190

Most of my brides are busy with their jobs, but Ferial had a job where if she didn’t respond for a while, I just knew she was really busy or something was going on, as she was personal assistant to President Obama and her desk was right outside the door to the Oval office (I know that because my family and I went to visit her and got a 2 hour tour of the east wing of the white house including her office, so so lucky).  He really wanted to come to the wedding but in the end determined to let her have her day without any distractions that his attendance would bring, so instead he sent her a video greeting as a surprise, she hates suprises, but liked that one!!

img_1191 img_1195

The band kept the dancefloor full below and then the dj kept the dancefloor full at the after party.  A really great party/celebration for a really great couple and families that were just lovely.  Weddings like these keep me smiling from beginning to long after I get home that night.

A great vendor team on board for this one, Paul Gero/photographer-it had been a while for us since we last worked together and it was great to see him again, so easy to work with, the florist was The White House florist-what a lovely lady and wonderful job she did (when vendors love you you see that love come through in their work/product), my favourite beautiful lady Persian wedding officiant Shahrzad did her normal fabulous job officiating, 4snapz provided the photobooth that was very busy at the after party, awesome food by 24 Carrots Catering and the team at RLL are always great to work with.

Till next time


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Rancho Las Lomas wedding


Well this was a wedding long awaited for and such a joy to be a part of, one of our industries own, dj Peter Papadopolous/Vive Ent got married.  Some of his vendor friends got to work/play at the celebration, Frank Salas/photog, me, Elysium Productions/video, Design Visage/hair and makeup, Karla/Elegant by Design, The Drs Trott/officiants, and we had vendors who wanted to come and do anything they could to help, Kim Shane/Shane Productions, Melody Walker/planner.  Elevated Pulse was the dj for this djs wedding, so that says something.  Plus we had vendors there we work with who were guests for a change, Jeff/Moondance Mobile Music and his lovely wife.  What a great time we all had!!


Peter’s groomsmen were his brothers and good friends that we have worked with over the years and even now at the 5 star hotels in the OC.  So good to see people you work with having a good time on the other side for a change!!

Papadopoulos-_1161  Papadopoulos-_1166 Papadopoulos-_1170 Papadopoulos-_1171  Papadopoulos-_1179

From the beginning our lovely bride knew she wanted a black/red color scheme and it turned out beautifully wouldn’t you say??.

Till next time


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Rancho Las Lomas wedding

IMG_0460 2   IMG_0461

Its now Feb 2016 and I just did a really great wedding at Rancho Las Lomas last night, and todays blog is on a 2015 Rancho Las Lomas wedding.  Last nights was black/red and pewter, this one is champagne/gold/greenery, so different, this is why my job is never boring and I love it.  Each brides vision is different, their style is different, and a reflection of who you are is what your wedding should be, not someone else.

IMG_0463  IMG_0467

The altar area became the cake table area.  The upstairs room became the after party and the furniture you see is what my last couple of weddings have used, reasonably priced and you get more seating by not have backs on sofas and chairs, we also have low and tall cocktail tables in there also.

IMG_0468 2  IMG_0469 2

The café lighting is really popular and adds a magical feel to the dining/dancing when done downstairs.

IMG_0470 IMG_0471

You can see the gardeny/natural feel they were going for, and it was totally achieved.

IMG_0472 IMG_0473

The two different style centerpieces.


Another awesome team on board for this one Amber/Jim Kennedy photography, Jenny B florist, dj Peter/Vive Ent (it was his wedding we did there last night), Shane Productions/Video and 4 Snapz photobooth, the team at RLL and 24 Carots as always.

Till next time


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Rancho Las Lomas wedding


I had a blast with this family, loved them.  Mom booked me for month of service but used my preferred vendor list and definitely checked in with me along the way.  Once I officially began we had a couple of really fun meetings, one of which included us cocktail tasting to ensure we picked the ‘right’ cocktails to have as the ‘signature’ cocktails.

One of my fave vendor teams were on this one: Frank Salas (thanks for the photos as always), Karla/Elegant by Design for the florals, so creative and in keeping with our brides style/vision/feel.  Marc from The Emotion Picture Studio/video, Design Visage for ensuring my bride looked gorgeous still at the end of the night, wish I could have said the same for my makeup that I had done much earlier in the day, oh well!!! Undercover Band for the great music on the lower level for dinner and first part of the dancing, DJ Nigel for the great Caribbean music for the after party upstairs (the family is from Barbados).  Essence Entertainment for sending over one of my fave guitarists to cover cocktails for 2 hours.  And to the groom for having the great taste to have The Habit Truck come at the end, not only did the guests enjoy them burgers, but the vendors were lucky enough to have some too and at the end of the night that was very much appreciated.



















Till tomorrow


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Rancho Las Lomas celebration

Oh dear, I got going finishing up posting last years weddings, and then all my lovely couples for this year started happening and 2015 brides started booking, and I got distracted!! I have already done some lovely weddings this year that I am going to need to get blogged sooner rather than later, and the season has only just begun, so time to get back on it…………..

This was my lovely Regina and her wonderful Jason’s celebration. Regina booked me for a smaller service, having full confidence in her ability to create a vision and pull the vendor team together. She did a great job. My job was to double check things/create a timeline/script for the day, and then understanding her priorities and hopes, run everything for her so she could enjoy and be a bride/guest at her own wedding.

As you can see we had the normal ceremony (which the grooms father officiated at) and then during the longer cocktail time the guests got to watch the couple doing their Thai ceremony. The dining area looked fabulous and the after party upstairs kept most of the guests there until the very end. And a new bonus for RLL couples, you can stay there now, so Regina and Jason walked about 50 steps and they were at their villa for the night.

Thanks to Alex Rapada for the pictures below and being so easy to work with, I look forward to our next wedding together. To Flowers By Cina/Melissa for the beautiful floral/design and to the Design Visage team for having Regina look fabulous from beginning to end as well as her lovely bridesmaids (the latter two vendors Regina got from my preferred vendor list that I had provided her with), and of course the team at RLL and 24 Carrots who provided the great food and service.







Till next time
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