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Lisa SimpsonI always wanted to work for a hotel and be Christine the planner (for those of you that remember the tv show Hotel) and attend all the parties!! My dream came true, except when working I don’t drink all the champagne she used to. I arrived in the USA to live in 1988 and when my father and mother visited in 1989 I walked them through the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel, and told them I would work there one day, well that dream has also come true too, not quite what I thought again, but maybe better. I feel so blessed to do what I do and where I get to do it, and with who I get to do it with. Thank you to my past, present and future brides and grooms, I truly appreciate what you have allowed me to do. Thank you to the vendors who have become my friends, and those that will in the future. Thank you to the fabulous hotel sales and service ladies and gentlemen that I get to work with so much, and to the banquet captains and banquet staff that I know so well and who know me, and we are always so happy to see each other and create another wonderful memory for a couple, family, and their friends. I appreciate you all today and always.

To you who doesn’t know me – I am someone who you will immediately know will take the worry off your shoulders and take the control so you can relax and enjoy. I am someone you can feel at home with and as if we have known each other for years. I have been told that I am someone that will make you laugh on your day and lighten things up when needed. I am someone who understands the responsibility of what you are entrusting me with and I will be there until the end for you. I am someone who appreciates life, a great view, the ocean, the fragrance of a great perfume and/or aftershave and a rose or some other great smelling flower, a beautiful home, a gorgeous day, the chance to sit by a beautiful beach or in a lovely garden and read a good book, and champagne (doesn’t have to be that great!!!). I have a husband and two children who understand what I do and what that means from a time and what hours I work standpoint. I am from New Zealand, the country that was first to give women the vote. I have kept my maiden name, never changed it in 22 years of marriage, and my husband is ok with that, except when I make hotel reservations under my name and he can’t get a key to get into the room!! Whoops!! I love to travel and have seen most of the world. I love the vibrance of a great city, Wellington (where I am from), Sydney, Melbourne, New York, Paris, London. I love the hills of Tuscany and the fields of Provence. As a family we enjoy the Caribbean and the South Pacific. I always take a break mid season so I am tanned and happy and have had my summer vacation, a happy Lisa means a happy bride (especially after my vacation)!! I expect the vendors I helped you choose, or vendors you found on your own, to arrive prepared on your day, understand what your expectation is of them and do their job, and I hold them to it. Your day is not about them, it is about you and what the best decision is to ensure the best experience for you. Thank goodness most of them do and get it!! I am fortunate to work at some of the best wedding locations found in the world, right here in S. CA, five star resorts where we don’t have to worry so much about the weather all year, and you know the service and experience you and your guests will enjoy will be top notch. I had two mentors in my life, a German man and a wonderful Japanese man, and what they taught me has stuck with me and been tried and true. You are putting your trust in me. It’s the details that matter. Be thorough. Stand strong. Don’t do anything half way.
I was brought up to have a good work ethic, come from a great family, had extended family mostly close by, have life long friends at home, and see that all those things have made me who I am, and when I look at my 17 and 11 year olds, can tell that I have done an aok job using that foundation to make them contributors to the world and society, as well as caring and family oriented people. Whew!!!
I look very forward to working with you, and for those I have worked with, thanks for being a part of my life even if just for a short time – I learned something from our time together.

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