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Pelican Hill Resort, Intimate Indian Wedding

Yi yi yi. March last year as we started to pull at the final touches to this couples wedding, they said to me, are we going to be ok on our date? I said to them, oh this stay at home we are going into in 4 days will be done in 2-3 weeks and you will be fine. Little did we know eh, a year later nearly in March and I am getting those questions now for 2021 brides that already moved 1-2 times!!

So as we know it wasn’t ok, this couple moved their date two times in 2020, and then their hotel closed on them (still not open) and all monies were refunded. We are just going to the courthouse the groom said to me. I said, take a couple of days and think it over, it is your wedding day and whatever is done will be that memory, you have vendors that are paid we can look at other options. It won’t be your large Indian traditional celebration, but we can make it special/memorable. Well kudos to us/them for taking that time and for the Universe looking after them, we got to do their very intimate ceremony with the traditional mandap/Priest at one of the most beautiful prestigious wedding venues in the OC. Beautiful. And as the groom said to me at the end as they were leaving, this may just have turned out better and more meaningful/special than the original plan. Yes Nikhil yes, i believe it totally did.

Thanks to Kismit Designs for the floral/decor.

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Hyatt HB Social distanced weddings

Well as we started to have couples wanting to have their weddings and adjusting them according to the mandates that may or may not have been happening or been clear, each hotel created perimeters/changed them as we went along and still are. What you see above if how Hyatt HB did things. No more than 6 (it’s now 4) at a table unless from the same household, stickers on dancefloor to encourage socially distanced dancing (no dancing except protocol dances right now) and after this wedding the cakes had to be no more than 2 tier to fit under an acrylic box that was made to keep the cake safe, because it was real cake. For the ceremony the chairs are spaced out in couples or singles and for most of the smaller weddings, 20 or less, each seat actually had a name on it so everyone knew where they were to be.

This wedding was for Rick and Evelyn, a fun couple who rolled with the punches for their July wedding, the last punch being me breaking my leg a week prior and being unable to get around in time for their wedding. I missed being there with them as they had mariachis for cocktail time (which i love hearing), but again, Nicole and Brittany made it happen and all went as planned and everyone was happy, and a great celebration was had.

Thanks to the vendor team on board for this one: Kevin Reeder/florist, Jeffrey Holmes/officiant, Duane Peck/photographer, Katella Bakery (I missed seeing my lovely cake delivety man) and of course to our team at the Hyatt Hb, can’t do anything without you and thanks for keeping everyone safe!!!!

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From Hawaii to OC due to Covid

This wedding makes me happy and sad at the same time. Happy because they are the cutest couple ever, and the second wedding I have done for the groom’s family who, small world, was marrying a sweet bride that happens to work at a hotel i work at all the time, and she had heard of me, but it was the groom’s mom who reached out and said, time for the next wedding, but fate brought us all together anyway. love it, Sad reason #1, there is only 2 children in the family and i did both their weddings, so now have to wait for friends and relatives, but i love that family!!
These 2 pics are from an iphone not the photographer because i could not see these exact looks i wanted in her pics so i got them from one of our assistants.

Sad reason #2: We were supposed to be doing the wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Maui, we had all gone over and scoped the space/all outdoors with ocean backdrop, they had done a tasting, and we were all really looking forward to it, plus i could add another Ritz-Carlton in the world to my resume!!

But as things work out, even though we really held off as long as we could, wedding was July 20, and as long as Hawaii was not going to make everyone quarantine as of June 1, we were still all going, well last week of May the Governor of Hawaii extended the quarantine until end of July/August, and as I am typing this in 2021 I can report he kept it in place until Oct 15 where if travelling after that and providing a negative covid test from their providers you did not have to quarantine, so we did the right thing by 1st week of June realising we needed to find a venue here in S CA. First plan was something with a Hawaiian vibe, so we found one in San Diego, liked it, but they had a lot of what seemed to be excessive rules due to covid, again, now we are in 2021 and look back, their rules were smart!! So not working for us, mom found a hotel venue in the OC that i was never really feeling was right for this wedding and after she had signed the contract the hotel came back with new rules that were definately not working for the couple, so we ended up at the hotel i had suggested from the getgo because i knew we could make it exciting/different and could kind of make not doing it in Hawaii aok. The Waterfront Beach Resort in Huntington Beach. Yes. We did the ceremony with the ocean/palm tree backdrop, did cocktails with that same view, and dinner/same view with a lovely water feature backdrop to our royal table. Then to suprise everyone, after dinner, the B&G lead the guests up the elevators to the rooftop bar/lounge area where we had dancing/socialising with 180 degree awesome views of the Pacific from Long Beach to Laguna. What were guests saying?? Are you kidding me?? amazzzzzing. Wow. Awesome.

Sad reason #3, the day before i broke my leg and was still in hospital when this wedding was happening!!! I was so mad at covid, because we would have been in Maui already and i would not have been doing what i was doing in my backyard!! In the ambulance from my house to the hospital, i called Nicole and said, i think you need to be prepared to get a call from me to come help tomorrow as i may not be very mobile, so got her set. Unfortunately the surgeon laughed when he gave me option of surgery that night or tomorrow and i said, well tonight please as i have a wedding to do tomorrow. Oh no he said, you won’t be doing a wedding tomorrow. So again, call to Nicole, you are full on tomorrow/no me. I was never worried as she totally knows what she is doing/to do/works from my timelines all the time and was working with Brittany, so i knew all would be fine between the two of them. And thank goodness, when i had to call the mom and tell her, she also knew that i would not send anyone who would screw things up, so they were all good to go/relaxed and enjoyed the wedding celebration as if i was there, i don’t think they even missed me, lol

As you can see from the pics above, all turned out lovely. We obviously had to get a new florist and karla/EBD floral stepped in and got the vision immediately, we brought the tropical/Hawaii feel to Huntington Beach, a new dj/DJ Griff a multi friend referral, but were lucky as the photographer was coming to Hawaii so she just didn’t have to fly so far, Andrea David, and the pics above/not iphone ones, are hers. Design Visage beautified the ladies and kept them on time as always. A friend officiated/she was going to do it in Hawaii also. A tropical duo for pe cere/cocktails and during dinner to again feel the hawaiian vibe, Naples String trio for ceremony, and a big thanks to the team at Waterfront Beach Resort, Vanessa jumped right in as she always does when i reach out and made it happen/work for me, love you lady xoxoxox

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First micro wedding 2020 Hyatt HB

Well, the above wedding seems so long ago now, but it was our first step into what became known as ‘micro weddings’ thanks to covid, where couples had their weddings booked/paid for and if they wanted to keep their date/location had to adjust to what the new rules were at their hotel or county or state, and that my friends was a daily changing thing we have learnt to work with and probably even worse now, when we thought that 2021 would mean we would be free and clear, but not the case.

So with this wedding at the Hyatt Huntington Beach, guest count went down to immediate family only because of guests fear of coming/attending and the couple only wanting attendees they knew who/where they had been which would hopefully mean everyone would be safe. Ceremony chairs were spread way out and based on knowing how many singles versus others were spaced that way and their names were on their chairs. In the dining room it was max 4 per table/as you can see split so there was a good 6′ between couples/singles etc. The dancefloor was used only for first dance/parent dances, no guest dancing or socialising. After cake cutting and eating after dinner, chatting at tables, no mixing or socialising, it was over.

I can remember when the guests had left, Frank Salas/photographer (his pics above) and Peter/Vive Ent-dj and I all looked at each other and didn’t know how we felt but i think each hoped this was a short term thing and we could get back to ‘normal’ wedding celebrations very soon (we are all part of the All you need is love micro wedding package at the hotel, and Elegant by Design is the florist included, as well as Jeffrey Holmes/officiant). I will tell you i heard from the bride after and she was thrilled with everything, loved how it all worked out and felt it was better with the smaller group, so that was wonderful. Covid has definately made us prioritise/change ways of doing things and as the ‘season’ goes on you will see how i think most of the celebrations turned out way better than the original plan.

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First Ritz-Carlton Laguna micro/covid wedding

Well mid June it was time to get back in the saddle. Couples wanted to get married and were willing to drop guests/do everything outside, whatever it took. So this wedding was for all of us the first hotel wedding we would did not thinking there would be many. It was all about the masks and social distancing, something we found hard to do in the beginning but now so easy, sad to say!

Thanks to Joe Latter for the photos, Elegant by Design for the beautiful tropical florals, Wendy/harpist for the ceremony/cocktail music and Peter/Vive Ent for the dinner music, Design Visage for beautifying the ladies, and to White Flite for the dove release that we managed to keep a secret from the bride, yayyyy, and Alan Katz for officiating and providing/issuing the marriage license-that became a thing a lot of my couples had him do this crazy season as getting appointments when the registrar/recorder office was open was impossible, and of course to the ladies and gentlemen at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna, it was soooo good to be back after three months of being away especially when we should have been hot and heavy with weddings by this time. Little did we know the things we would be doing from here on out in 2020 to ensure guests, vendors, staff were all safe. Note the food behind screens that were handed to the guests by a gloved server!! And little did we realise that where dining under the stars that used to be maybe once a year would become the norm!!

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Have a Caribbean wedding

Well i am happy to report that you don’t have to give up your dream wedding vision for either just the two of you or an intimate group, or a large group, due to your original plan being dashed by covid rules/concerns that don’t seem to be getting under control.  Come to either the Sandals or Beaches Resorts in the Caribbean

It’s never been safer to fly i feel with everyone wiping everything down/masks etc, and the Caribbean Islands have done an excellent job of keeping covid down and the resorts also.  Sandals & Beaches have a huge protocol of cleanliness program which everyone i have sent down since June have said, how safe they felt and free of fear.

These pics are a range of weddings i have seen set up when i have been on property or been a part of, so you can see the sky is the limit as to what is right for you!


Let’s do it, still time for the end of 2020 if you want to elope or have a small group, or let’s get you booked for 2021 and get the rest of your lives started sooner than later xoxoxox

Till next time


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First wedding after Stay at home/Memorial weekend

Well to think of the journey i have been on since this wedding at the end of May when we really had no idea how long Coronavirus would be around, that wearing masks and social distancing would become a way of life not just something we were doing for a short while. Wow!! The weddings that followed that we were on their 2nd and 3rd dates and the redoing of timelines and reconfirming vendors over and over, keeping the couple’s positive, and for most of 2020 seemed to be doing a lot of work for free as we were paid earlier in the year when the weddings would have been happening. Sooooo crazy!!

For this couple their wedding was always to be on this date, but the original plan was around 200 people/mostly friends for a ceremony with an ocean view and a rip roaring party to follow at Laguna Cliffs Marriott. By the middle of April we had to make a decision, move the wedding later in the year or to the same sunday in 2021, so the latter happened, but they still wanted to actually get married on this date in 2020. So the first backyard wedding i have done in probably 18 years happened.

They are both Doctors so were very much on alert about people being safe, even their elderly parents were not allowed to come but could watch on the live streaming that we had going, as well as a friend who setup a zoom call which was screened on the side of the house, pretty awesome. Their closest friends/about 10 were at the house (I had done the wedding of one of the couples so it was soooo great to see them again). Everything was done outside in their intimate yard, never ever planned to have a wedding in, but it totally worked out great.

They are very casual, their lives revolve around really good food, so we started things out by them driving together to a park close by for some nice pics by Miki & Sonja, with Elysium Video along covering things. Then back to the house for the ceremony, some snacks after, and the dinner, delivered by moi, In N Out Burgers for all!!!!

Elegant by Design did the florals, i got on my hands and knees and made the heart on the ground, pushed the ceremony music and put food out, poured drinks, bussed and then left when it was time for them to just relax and enjoy some good alcohol. Certainly things that i normally don’t do at weddings, but welcome to 2020!!

As the groom and i said as I left, it may have just ended up being better than Plan A, and in fact i think it did, as as 2020 has gone along, we cancelled 2021 at the hotel. It didn’t seem necessary anymore!!

Congrats Jonathan and Tammy, it was a joy working with you both from beginning to the yard!!!

Till next time


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Grand La Velas Cabo San Lucas

Well, I had been wanting/waiting to get to this resort to check it out, and i have to say, it DID NOT disappoint.

If you are looking for a high end/top of the line all inclusive property, less than 2 hours flying from San Diego, this is it.  From the hotel rooms that oooz quality, to the restaurant choices, yes a Michelin star restaurant is one of your options and included, the awesome cocktails and snacks by the pool, you are never going to want to leave here, and the guests they attended and stayed with you for your destination wedding are going to be talking about this one for a long time.

Champagne and neck massages on arrival, your butler showing you to your room, views to die for, whales swimming by, you won’t want to leave, but we can sure set up some awesome experiences outside of the property.

I was supposed to be at their Puerta Vallarta property last weekend but due to coronavirus did not get to go, can’t wait to head there and compare the experiences.  if its as good as they tell me, then its going to be fabulousssssssss too

Here is a secret, the property next door has the same owner, soooooo, you can have some events there if you want to mix it up a bit, for guests that can not afford or prefer to not stay here they can stay there and you can cover any guests coming in for the event for a fee which is awesome.

Let me help you plan/have your destination wedding here and my travel partner can assist with all the air, hotel accommodations, transfers and any excursions we may want to do, so we make it nice and easy for you.

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Tuscany Village wedding

Have you ever dreamt about your wedding in a Tuscan village surrounded by family and friends, then your dream can come true.  A ‘hotel’ that is a Tuscan village.  I had the joy of being at/experiencing Il Barro this time last year and it was amazing.  There is a chapel or you can do an outdoor ceremony and lots of lovely spaces for cocktails, dinner/dancing both indoor and outdoor.  In April the Wisteria tunnels around the property are in full bloom and just add to the romance. This property was a village and Ferruccio Ferragamo/family brought it and turned it into a Relais & Chateaux 5* resort, pretty awesome!!

So you don’t want that many to come with you, lol, an intimate group is still going to feel like they own the resort because it is so spread out.  And, if its just the two of you, then we will ensure you feel like you eloped to your dream and we take care of everything.

There are two pool areas, the one above is the modern/food&beverage close location, very nice, the other is down a flight of steps and just seems to be sitting in the Tuscan countryside, very peaceful and quiet.


The picture above is the awesome driveway lined by cypress trees, you feel very special when those gates open and in you go

Lots of unique areas, here is the formal garden area of the villa/estate!!

Let me help you make your Tuscan dreams come true and my travel partner will handle all the air/accommodation (guests can stay elsewhere and come in for the wedding) and any transport needed and some wonderful Tuscan excursions, so you and the guests get the full under the Tuscan sun experience.  Yeeeeeessssssssssssss

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Maui Montage Destination Wedding

From the point of entry, to eating breakfast, you always can see that beautiful ocean at Montage Maui.

Lots of great spaces all over the property that can be used for prepost and of course the wedding day event.

Located on one of the top beaches in Maui with views to die for

The lawn above is a given for the ceremony and it’s large enough to do cocktails, dinner/dancing on too!!

But my fave spot is this overwater spot for an intimate dinner/guys hang out on the day, a pre event champagne party, or maybe day after brunch with water that is crystal clear all around.

A beautiful resort with amazing accommodations, but if your guests are not staying here they are still welcome to attend the event for sure.

Let me plan your Destination Wedding to one of the top properties in Maui with you!  My travel partner can handle everyone’s air/hotel/airport transfers/rental cars etc, so together we make it nice and easy for you and your guests.

Let’s do this

till next week



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