First micro wedding 2020 Hyatt HB

January 20, 2021 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations
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Well, the above wedding seems so long ago now, but it was our first step into what became known as ‘micro weddings’ thanks to covid, where couples had their weddings booked/paid for and if they wanted to keep their date/location had to adjust to what the new rules were at their hotel or county or state, and that my friends was a daily changing thing we have learnt to work with and probably even worse now, when we thought that 2021 would mean we would be free and clear, but not the case.

So with this wedding at the Hyatt Huntington Beach, guest count went down to immediate family only because of guests fear of coming/attending and the couple only wanting attendees they knew who/where they had been which would hopefully mean everyone would be safe. Ceremony chairs were spread way out and based on knowing how many singles versus others were spaced that way and their names were on their chairs. In the dining room it was max 4 per table/as you can see split so there was a good 6′ between couples/singles etc. The dancefloor was used only for first dance/parent dances, no guest dancing or socialising. After cake cutting and eating after dinner, chatting at tables, no mixing or socialising, it was over.

I can remember when the guests had left, Frank Salas/photographer (his pics above) and Peter/Vive Ent-dj and I all looked at each other and didn’t know how we felt but i think each hoped this was a short term thing and we could get back to ‘normal’ wedding celebrations very soon (we are all part of the All you need is love micro wedding package at the hotel, and Elegant by Design is the florist included, as well as Jeffrey Holmes/officiant). I will tell you i heard from the bride after and she was thrilled with everything, loved how it all worked out and felt it was better with the smaller group, so that was wonderful. Covid has definately made us prioritise/change ways of doing things and as the ‘season’ goes on you will see how i think most of the celebrations turned out way better than the original plan.

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