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April 22, 2020 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations
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Ok, not my pics but just a taste of my favourite trip to Paris and this area (I have been about 6 or more times I think, but my ‘phone’ memories that show up are telling me I was there last 7 years ago about now, that’s too long time to go back.  But anyway, if you are thinking a romantic wedding in Paris would be great and you have a small or large group wanting to go, i can help.  From having your wedding night at the Ritz (yep did that too, well not my wedding night but it was my 40th birthday) to maybe the wedding in Reims the champagne district where there are lovely countryside look/feel hotels and wonderful tastings, to a day trip to Monet’s gardens (so wonderful), Seine river cruises for brunch or dinner or lunch with everyone, or how about dinner in the Eiffel Tower (yep done that too), or visits or even events at the Palace of Versailles or other Palaces-how does that sound??? I would love to help you create your romantic wedding, and after everyone can go their own way to wherever they want to travel and vacation now and you can do the same for your honeymoon.  I help with the wedding and my travel partner helps with everyone’s air/hotel/transport and the group excursions we will plan, how exciting, let’s do this!!  So nice and easy and no frustration from your end on dealing with vendors who don’t speak English.  Oui I speak a little French, merci!!

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