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Montage Laguna celebration

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This happens so rarely here in S CA but for this intimate ceremony/celebration, the weather backup due to the rain for the ceremony turned out quite lovely.  This couple and their guests came from Arizona for the ocean location, so it was a shame the ceremony did not have the ocean backdrop, but the B&G did get to have pics by the ocean when the rain broke and dinner was in a private dining room that looked out to the ocean.

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A gorgeous table for all the guests to sit around above, and below the favor table where the guests had boxes to fill up with candy and sweet treats.


An awesome vendor team on board for this one: Joe Latter/photo-thanks for the pics above, Square Root for the beautiful florals&the dining chairs, Naples for the ceremony music/strings, Found for the wonderful ceremony seating, Kim White/Twos a party-for the sweet table, to Kelly and the team at Studio at Montage xoxoxox, and to Teri who orchestrated this wedding dealing with the in/out/in out decisions for the ceremony while I was sunning in the Caribbean.

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Ritz-Carlton Laguna, Jewish orthodox celebration

Deborah_0716 Deborah_0722

Sean came to me a couple of months before the wedding, he already had ideas on who he was booking for vendors, so my job was to double check everything and then we would oversee/orchestrate the event so they could enjoy as guests.  No problem.

We loved that they went bright and I loved their naked cake.  Deborah had specific thoughts as to the room layout so the hotel and I ensured it worked out.  The Ritz dealt with one of the more famous LA kosher caterers and as you can see below this was a true orthodox event, for dancing the ladies and men were separated.  Once the hedges were moved later in the event, we did lose a lot of the older guests, most of the younger ones stayed and partied though.  Because it was between xmas and new year and on a sunday,  there were no other events happening at the hotel that day, so they were able to combine spaces normally not offered. It did mean a bit of walking for the guests, but who could complain about strolling from ocean views through a beautiful five star hotel to more ocean views, right??!!  Thanks to Sean/the groom, for getting me these pictures to post.  thanks as always to our teammates at the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna.

Deborah_1201 Deborah_1236 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4  photo

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Monarch Beach, Bay Club, Private Beach wedding

J&M-238photo 2

I loved Megan.  A friend of my husbands daughter referred her to me.  The couple lived in Arizona as did a lot of the guests on the brides side, but the grooms family lived here including his grandparents who live in Monarch Beach, and thus the ability to have their wedding here.  I was already booked on her date so the lovely Teri took over on the day and ensured all went smoothly and fabulously.  A perfect celebration, perfect weather, at a perfect/special location.

photo 3 photo

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Montage Laguna wedding

L07A0951 copy

I had done one of Carly’s moms friends daughters wedding (did you get that??) and when Carly came to me she had a specifc look/feel to her wedding.  So I immediately knew the team to get on board and it all turned out fabulous, as Carly and her mom said, ‘exactly what Carly had said she wanted’.

Thanks to Square Root for always being the A1 team to have on board, Design Visage for beautifying all the ladies, Tony Florez for always being easy to work with and for the pics you are seeing here.  We had a lovely 20 piece choir for the ceremony and the band Injoy who have done a few of my Jewish weddings and the guests love them.  To Pat’s for always doing a stellar job catering and working alongside the team at the Montage, and Monico Décor for all the rentals.  And of course the team at Montage.

L07A0959 copy

L07A0966 copy

L07A0968 copy

L07A0980 copy

L07A1343 copy

L07A1344 copy

L07A1347 copy

L07A1352 copy

L07A1355 copy

L07A1357 copy

L07A1363 copy

L07A1366 copy

L07A1368 copy

L07A1370 copy

L07A1375 copy

L07A1376 copy

L07A1378 copy

L07A1379 copy

I will say, Carly wanted the ghost chairs from the beginning but they got nixed out of the budget, however with the look we had in these photos they would have disappeared, so thing always happen for a reason, the silver ended up being perfect.

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Ritz-Carlton Laguna

Such a lovely couple, so enjoyed working with them.  A quiet Sunday just before 2014 came in sight and the weather

was gorgeous for them.  Good things always come to good people.  As there was nothing else happening on the property that day, we did the ceremony on one side of property and then the guests got a nice tour as they were escorted to the other side of property for cocktails and dinner/dancing.  Not very often you can do that. So their guests got the best of both worlds, ceremony backdrop of the Pacific Ocean to Catalina Island and to the south and north, cocktails overlooking Ritz Cove and Salt Creek Beach/Monarch Beach, then into the ballroom for dinner and dancing.  Thanks to Albert Tabibian for the photos.




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Ritz-Carlton Laguna wedding celebration

Had a great time with this bride and groom.  They live/work in Manhattan New York and were very excited to have a December celebration here in S CA where the weather was going to be a lot warmer than there.

The beauty of planning a wedding at a time of year when there are not a lot of events/weddings, you can do location combinations that in the summer months you just can not do.  So the guests did get to see the whole property from one side to another, but I didn’t hear anyone complaining, and who could, when you go from one awesome view at the Gazebo Lawn for the ceremony, to cocktails on Dana Lawn, then the dinner/dance in the Pacific Promenade that feels like you are at an exclusive location/all alone/private.

Thanks to Albert Talibibian for the photos below, what a lovely man to work with on this day, and of course to the fabulous Ritz-Carlton team for always making it a pleasure to come to work with you at your home.








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Ritz-Carlton Laguna, Gazebo & Pavilion celebration

Another fabulous celebration with the Pacific ocean as close to a wedding here in the OC that it can be. Our bride was very busy and left pretty much most of the planning to her mom, and dad was involved too. Mom had time, so she booked a smaller service from me, but totally used my preferred vendor list and kept in touch with me when she needed advise/referrals etc, so she had put a good team together when I officially began and helped pull everything together.

Thanks to Katie Clark for the photos below, always great working with Katie. We had a dove release from White Flite which the guests always love, lovely string music by Naples Chamber Ensemble for the ceremony and cocktails, and decor/rentals were all done by Fusion Decor, and of course the team at the Ritz-Carlton were fabulous as always (the parents had specific requests due to a previous wedding they had hosted and things the location had not handled well, the RC made sure none of those complaints could be made after this wedding, yay). It was also great working with Jan from Flower Fusion, who had a very tight turn for the ceremony and made it happen.






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Plaza Room, Ritz-Carlton, Dana Point

Another location/room that I am fortunate to be known as the co-ordinator that does the most weddings in/at.
For the past 12 years I have done groups of as few as 15 and maxing the Plaza room with 74, all different looks/styles/visions
/feel, but the constant that ties everyone together is the backdrop for the ceremony and cocktails, that beautiful Pacific ocean – whether it is a grey day, sunny day, ocean is smooth or rough, it is always a stunning backdrop. Then into the Plaza Room everyone goes and it feels like someones beautiful dining room, fireplace/chandelier, not stuffy/formal, just warm and intimate, and …….. access to the balcony to keep popping out and looking at that view.

With Robin’s wedding, we had a merging of families and an intimate group invited and she wanted to have everyone feel important to them, so I reverted to a table style I have done a few times in the Plaza, the U-shape with people on each side all the way around, so everyone is at the same table. I think you will agree it looks romantic, elegant, and special. We had a pianist provide the dinner/socialising music in Plaza Room using the hotels grand piano and that completed the atmosphere of romance/elegance/special. A really lovely celebration.



Robin, used all my vendor suggestions but had her own florist and he did a really lovely job and was very nice to work with. Thanks to Karen French for as always being a pleasure to refer to my brides and to work with on the day, and for the pics above. Of course, the wonderful team at the Ritz-Carlton upstairs and downstairs, who are a joy to work with and give each wedding the service/attention on the day that you would expect/deserve at a five star/five diamond property.

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Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel wedding before end of 2013

If you are just now thinking, let’s get married before the end of the year, well the Ritz-Carlton has come up with some incentives to entice you to consider/book them. Here they are:

50% off the normal ceremony site fee
Food & beverage minimums less than normal
Fruitwood chivari chairs included (up to 250) for the reception
Sparkling wine toast included
Triple Ritz-Carlton Rewards points (based on what you spend, 150k max)
2 nights in an oceanfront guest room, night prior & night of wedding
1 year anniversary- 1 night stay/ocean view room, replica of your wedding cake top to enjoy (nice and fresh), special gift

Now don’t think a wedding can’t be pulled together to happen in the next four to eight weeks, it sure can. Sooner may mean personally calling guests to invite them, but if looking at the end of December, plenty of time to find invites/get them mailed and get rsvps.

I happen to have quite a few couples through the course of each year that call me having just decided to get married, or just booked a venue, and have done nothing else, and we pull everything together no problem with this kind of planning window. In fact, sometimes this is the perfect way to plan a wedding, it keeps the guest list down due to people having plans already possibly, a bride doesn’t have months to second guess any vision/colour/design aspects, and it moves along fast and the wedding day comes without months of waiting.

So if you are ready/game, so am I, call or email and lets get your wedding planned at the Ritz-Carlton, Dana Point before Dec 30, 2013.

Till next time
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Fun fun at the St Regis

What a great time we had putting this celebration together.  Our bride was busy with her residency, so the groom and I got to run with things, but always got the brides blessing, and she was game for pretty much anything the groom wanted.

Because he is a kind of stylish guy, the florist we chose had to be someone who could think out of the box and be creative, and she was/did.


IMG_7519a IMG_7947a IMG_7953a IMG_7958a IMG_7979a IMG_7224a IMG_7303a IMG_7452aIMG_7755a


One of my favorite couples from last year, we had a lot of fun in the months leading up to the wedding planning it, and seeing it all come together and how much fun they and their guests had, was wonderful.

Thanks to the fun/fab Irmina for the photos and for being so easy and professional to work with.

Till next time
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