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Aaaah lovely Tuscany, I was supposed to be there with you right now, my 6th time, but Coronavirus has kept me here in S CA at home (which is still a lovely place to be), don’t worry if not later this year that is supposed to also happen, for sure this time next year, I am on the Wisteria spring tour and to celebrate mine and my US besties birthday, she lives there now.  So between my friend (in the wedding biz) her husband that runs a farmhouse/villa property where you can have your wedding/all guests stay, and he does excellent tours of the area, or your honeymoon or vacation, you are in great hands with us as we know the area inside out.  Above is a lovely hotel that has thermal hot pools there which are awesome to enjoy and it’s part of a village that has other accommodations/restaurants and is just lovely and you feel so relaxed, but the hotel has great space/views for a wedding ceremony and reception for sure, as well as the farmhouse property which i have posted on before, so let’s do this!!

And with my travel partner who can handle the guests air/hotel/transport and any group excursions we may want to do, planning your Tuscany wedding is easy with us all on board.

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Tuscany wedding

Be still my heart.  I am very fortunate to have been to Tuscany 5 times, last time 11 months ago and in fact was supposed to be heading there this week but due to coronavirus not going, so aiming for a different trip that was planned for later in the year, fingers and toes crossed.  So my US bestie moved here with her Italian husband nearly 3 years ago, they had spent 20 years in the USA and now it was time to have time living there.  This was the place they first moved to, he had gone ahead to get things in order and they have 2 cats, you can only take 1 per person on a plane, so i got to come for a weekend as that was all the time i had at that time, to bring the 2nd cat, lol!!  Pienza was the first town they lived in, they have since moved 2 times and they love where they are now, but i love this town, its my favourite i think, it is everything you imagine a small Italian village to be.

Now i have pics of a great venue, its a farmhouse with rooms so for an intimate group you can stay here and do the pre and post wedding time here and do the wedding here or elsewhere, up to you.  Options are so huge in Tuscany or anywhere in Italy.

Views from the farmhouse where you could have your wedding

Above are all farmhouse pics, it was December when i was there so that is why its not sunny and blue, plus my iPhone takes sucky pics for whatever reason

We went travelling to other villages to eat and see sights

These are thermal pools at a spa hotel, i have since gone back and we went there and it was lovely, it rained while we were sitting in the lovely hot water too, bella

So let’s do your European Destination wedding here in Tuscany, i have people on the ground there, and am fortunate to have been several times, you are in great hands.

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Tuscany wedding

photo 2

So many opportunities in Tuscany for a fabulous destination wedding/celebration.  A villa where everyone is staying, a famous city where people have their choice of hotels, a farmhouse, a winery with accommodation, all fabulous options.  But I found what I think is the best option out there.  Above is the party room for the after dinner/dancing party.

photo 3

It’s close to Lucca, where you can do a group trip and bike around on the city wall, golf, visit other villages close by.

photo 4 photo 5

Cocktails/dinner/dancing around the hotel pool with a Tuscan view, oh and in that village beyond is the chapel where you got married earlier.

photo 6 photo 7 photo 8

The drive leading away from the hotel, looking back at the hotel nestled into the hills.

photo 9

The hotel, American so it has a spa that I had a wonderful massage in, service that your American guests like/are comfortable with.  Great bar areas, dining areas with views across the valley including a rooftop restaurant where the food and service were awesome, and lots of lovely places to just sit/relax take in the view and wonder how you got so lucky to be here in this beautiful part of the world called Tuscany.


One of the entrance gates into Lucca.

So if Tuscany is your dream, I’ve been a few times and would love to help you find the perfect place if the above option is not it for you.

Till next time


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