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Talega Golf Club wedding


The sweetest couple ever.  Before they would even book me the groom had me sit down and go through a budget with them as he was paying for the wedding and there was no way we could go over what he had to spend.  Based on their flexibility with locations, day of the week etc, I was able to show him they could have a lovely wedding and he would not go over.  Now in saying that, as we went along our bride would be inspired by things that we needed to add in, and as we went along and everything started to come together I knew the Rose Gold chiavaris were a must, so we did end up a tad over but it was all good, bride was happy which made groom happy, as all he ever wanted to do was give her a beautiful wedding.  Aaaaahh!! x0xoxo

We looked at many locations and I had found some great ones that came in under what we had budgeted, but something about Talega spoke to them, so I had my first wedding there and they got a great package/dealio there.

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Rose gold became our inspiration and we used it everywhere, chargers, florals stands, chairs, I loved the end result. We did a mix of rectangle and round guest tables and it looked great, as you can see

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I had the placecard table put in a place they normally don’t put it, right infront of the entrance doors (and I had the guests walk back around the building, normally they enter through a side door, but I am all about the impact of the first time anyone sees the room, I mean that is what we just spent months planning/thinking of, the whole look, right??) but I had my reasons, helped stop the flow of everyone entering the dining room at the same time and I could keep the table there and reuse as candy table/exit favor table.

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Now, I can honestly say I don’t have things go wrong at weddings from a planning/component standpoint that I have been involved in, but at some weddings its a guest that throws everything out the window/stops us in our tracks, at this wedding we did have a guest about 15 mins into the dancing have a seizure, he was not responding so paramedics did have to be called and he was taken out on a stretcher, he was close to the dancefloor so hard to keep hidden, lights had to go up/dancing stopped, by the time he was taken we still had 1 1/2 hours left of their reception.  Got to think fast, I don’t want Ashley’s wedding to be over, so I had the groom get on the mic, announce to everyone who it was, that he had seizures before, for everyone to keep him in their thoughts/prayers, and the lights are going to go back down and the music is going to play and they would love the guests to continue celebrating with them for the next hour.  He did it perfectly, the guests ‘got’ it, and the party continued.  Whew.

We pulled a great vendor team together for this one, good vendor friends all there to give 110% percent, thanks to Brett Hickman/photographer and for the pics above, Peter/Vive Ent dj xoxoxo, Dan/Plug Video, Elegant by Design/Karla florist who always pulls it out of the park and exceeds my brides expectations, Chiavari Chair Rentals for the Rose Gold chiavaris-I love using them, lighting to compliment the rose gold look was by Matthew at OC Lighting, and to the team at Talega, very hands on and aim to please.

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