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Barbados wedding or honeymoon

I have actually been a certified Sandals specialist for the past 12 years and have sent many couples to the resorts in the Caribbean on their honeymoon.  On my recent trips I noticed a huge change, many more couples on vacation-young to older, groups of couples travelling together, and adult family groups staying.  So its time to open it up to everyone, let me take you there for whatever your reason is, vacation, wedding, honeymoon.

Here’s a couple of great options for a Barbados wedding.  These pics are the current Sandals Resort ( 2nd one is coming).  Above a lovely space for an intimate wedding dinner celebration if you have a group of people that come with you, and the other pics are maybe my fave accommodations at the resorts, the walk out into the pool rooms.

View from the swim out room and looking at the patio area, love love love

Its not a wedding setup, but the chandeliers in this intimate room for an indoor wedding reception where you can have dancing until late, and air conditioning, are quite lovely.  The cake pop picture is actually the cake tasting plate all couples get to enjoy/make their wedding cake decisions from

A ceremony setup on the beach and a view a bit further down the beach as the sun was setting.

I loved the coloring of these cabanas and could imagine a good photographer getting some great pics of a B&G in these.

Here is another resort I have stayed at in Barbados, the Crane.  I love love it, on the east side of the island past the airport.  So grand and very English looking/feeling to me.  Its on a bluff so very high up giving great views.  The pool above is actually a Jacuzzi with awesome views

Some of the accommodations and another pool area

One of the top beaches in the world.  The sand is just beautiful and the building above is a really lovely restaurant with views that amaze

A banquet room with views and a stage that rumor has it a very famous rocker has one of his homes down the hill and his band came over and had a session on it one night!!!

That elevator is how you get down to the beach if you are lazy like me!!

View of the beach by the elevator from above.  Suite style accommodation for very reasonable pricing

The high quality balcony furniture, I may have had a nap out there they were so comfy.  Apparantly Mick Jagger had been there not long before us and had accommodation like ours but on the lower level where they had their own good size pool!! I would have never left my room waiting to get a glimpse, lol

Living area and bedroom, bed was soooo comfy

Yes that bath got used by me and it was great.  The walkway for the upper floor in the area we stayed, very tropical and lovely, no boring hotel hallway here.

The restaurants and food at both resorts are fabulous, amenities high quality/service excellent.  Sandals is all inclusive so that becomes hard to beat, but maybe you can be like me and experience both!!

Let me take you to Barbados for your weddingmoon for just the two of you, or an intimate group or a large group.  Or if thinking honeymoon or just a vacation because you deserve it, you will love the Sandals Resort, and a new one is opening in December.

Till next time


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How about a wedding in Spain???


Just got back from my third trip to Spain and I can say I know it pretty well now.  Above is the main harbor of Palma on the island of Mallorca.  A very inexpensive flight to the island and what a great place to be/have a wedding and give your guests a very lovely experience, or do your wedding on the mainland and come to Mallorca for your honeymoon. I spent 8 days here and loved it.

IMG_6960 IMG_6962

Then I found this lovely restaurant in Granada that can be a buyout of the restaurant looking across to the castle, or use the lower patio for a larger group and the ceremony also.  Pretty romantic

IMG_7077 IMG_7080

But here is my fave place, Rhonda, way up in the hills, a few great locations here to do the ceremony/dinner/dance.  I have blogged on this town before, I think you could have everyone staying down in Costa del sol for the pre and post days as that area is so great for getting out and seeing so many other places/doing things, then everyone comes up here for 2 nights to celebrate the wedding, then everyone goes their own way or back to Costa del sol after.  Can’t you imagine those rolling green fields as your ceremony backdrop and then dining with this awesome bridge backdrop!!


IMG_7091 IMG_7101 IMG_7108

The 3 pics above are one of the resorts along the Costa del Sol right on the Mediterranean where your guests get the American standard of accommodation/food/service they like and are in a great location to go to Gibraltar, across to Tangier, day trips to Seville and Granada, or just enjoying the local towns/tourist areas.  There are also a couple of castles in the vicinity if that appeals for your wedding celebration!!


This is just a pic of my fave area in Madrid.  Tried a different location to stay in, but after one night went back to this area and was so happy.  Not too far from the Ritz, hmm, how about a ceremony in their lovely garden and then dinner/dancing in one of their lovely European/stately banquet rooms.

Can’t wait to help you pull your destination wedding to Spain together, call me!!!


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New Zealand wedding?? Let’s do it

IMG_4557 IMG_4731

Well I am kind of an expert on New Zealand, have travelled it from tip to tip, side to side, literally, thanks mum and dad, I’m sure we complained at times that we wanted to stay home and not go on holiday like other kids, oh and I am a kiwi, I just happen to live in the USA.

I am fortunate to where I go home often, in fact just got back a couple of weeks ago.  The top pics are from my flight on the way, stopped via Fiji.  The beauty of NZ is you can stop at Fiji, Tahiti or Australia on the way to or from the USA, so get a bunch of great destinations checked off that bucket list.


Imagine this for your ceremony backdrop, a mountain/great for skiing on in the winter, and an active volcano right next door!!  This is in the middle of the north island, there are a lot more snowy/glacier areas in the south island if you are looking for that.

IMG_5033 IMG_5175

The pic above is Lake Taupo on a lovely day with the smoke from the thermal center across on the other side, a big part of the foreshore of this lake is warm, due to the thermal water running into the lake.  The second picture is on the waterfront in Wellington the capital city, lots of great places along the waterfront to eat and party, the pic below is one of them, and while I was there a wedding was happening up above us!


Would love to help you plan a wedding in New Zealand!!

Till next time


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Destination wedding – Cabo

IMG_1808 IMG_1876

Well as someone who probably has 100% of my weddings being destination to S CA, either the B&G, and  one or all guests, I understand for sure the appeal and romance of doing a wedding in a location that creates great memories for you and the guests, and possibly has some personal connection as well.

A big part of being able to plan a destination wedding and do it calmly/enjoy the process is to have someone on the ground at the location you can trust and work well with, however when going to destinations where your language is not their first language or if you are an A type personality their culture is more relaxed/laid back in communication, theprocess for you may not be enjoyable, I met a couple once who were on their 3rd trip to their hotel in Cabo because their contact who was handling everything for them and being their co-ordinator had changed twice and they from the beginning never felt a comfort level that everyone was on the same page.  Could have saved a lot of money by having a planner in their area or somewhere else who handles the communication for them, a lot less stressful and overwhelming.

From an American couple’s perspective most want their destination wedding to be accessible to most guests they want to invite, have English spoken, be reasonably priced in air and costs once there.  So Hawaii, islands in the Caribbean, Mexico, ie Cancun and Cabo are top choices.  This blog is on Cabo as it really encompasses all those wants.

The great thing with Cabo is, from a floral/décor aspect they are on top of it and sometimes I think have ideas/do things we have not even seen anyone do here in S CA.

The two pics above are the view from a suite (at one of my fave Cabo resorts) of the Pacific Ocean, I loved watching cruise ships going by, whales, and the local fishing boats and tourist boats.  Some of the suites have really large balconies so great place to have a small get together pre wedding, they have lounge areas and kitchens so you can have food/beverages you bring in to keep peeps happy pre and post wedding to keep costs down if you want. The other pic is one of the areas at this resort you could have a ceremony or cocktails at sunset, pretty awesome view/backdrop.

IMG_1889 IMG_1944

Of course a lot of couples want the ‘rock’ as their backdrop, so sunset ceremonies on the main beach on the Sea of Cortez is no problem.


You could have a pre or even wedding reception outdoors looking out the sea, this group looked right out to the ‘rock’ all event.   You can all be staying in this area or guests can come in from wherever they are staying to where you are having the event if for budgets that works out better.

IMG_1990 photo

The chapel is at the resort I was referencing at the beginning and the patio with the loungers on it are on a really secluded spa/zen resort where the area gets cleared and after a sand ceremony you have cocktails/dinner/dancing right there.

I love Cabo and have been many times and would love to help you with your destination wedding here.

Till tomorrow


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St kitts/Nevis weddings

photo 2

Dreaming of a feet in the sand ceremony but want to go somewhere you don’t hear of that much……..The Caribbean Islands of St Kitts and Nevis could be for you.  You could have your wedding/fun with everyone on St Kitts and then head to Nevis for your honeymoon, or pick Nevis as the island to do it all.  Lovely resorts/boutique properties on both.  The above is a ceremony on St Kitts.

photo 3 photo 4

The evening view is from the restaurant on Nevis at the Four Seasons (which I love) looking back to the lights on St Kitts.  You can buy out the restaurant and have your reception/dinner/dance here which is open air and a lovely space.  The view on the right is the mountain on Nevis, so look to the right and you see the mountain, look to the left and you are looking at the ocean and St Kitts.  The view above was taken at the spa at the Four Seasons after a lovely massage treatment.  My second time here and the spa was as good as I remember from last time!!

photo 5 photo

The Marriott St Kitts has a combination of accommodations, villas that can sleep up to 8 and have full kitchen facilities and normal hotel rooms, so should fit everyone’s budget if everyone wants to stay at the hotel you are at. More than one pool, so doing cocktails/pre event or even your dinner/dancing around a pool is a great option.  Excellent pizza when hungry late at night, hint hint, from the pizza hut.

When you are ready to book your Nevis or St Kitts wedding and want my help, let me know


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Tuscany wedding

photo 2

So many opportunities in Tuscany for a fabulous destination wedding/celebration.  A villa where everyone is staying, a famous city where people have their choice of hotels, a farmhouse, a winery with accommodation, all fabulous options.  But I found what I think is the best option out there.  Above is the party room for the after dinner/dancing party.

photo 3

It’s close to Lucca, where you can do a group trip and bike around on the city wall, golf, visit other villages close by.

photo 4 photo 5

Cocktails/dinner/dancing around the hotel pool with a Tuscan view, oh and in that village beyond is the chapel where you got married earlier.

photo 6 photo 7 photo 8

The drive leading away from the hotel, looking back at the hotel nestled into the hills.

photo 9

The hotel, American so it has a spa that I had a wonderful massage in, service that your American guests like/are comfortable with.  Great bar areas, dining areas with views across the valley including a rooftop restaurant where the food and service were awesome, and lots of lovely places to just sit/relax take in the view and wonder how you got so lucky to be here in this beautiful part of the world called Tuscany.


One of the entrance gates into Lucca.

So if Tuscany is your dream, I’ve been a few times and would love to help you find the perfect place if the above option is not it for you.

Till next time


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Cabo San Lucas weddings

photo 3

So so many options for your destination wedding in Cabo.  On the sand, by a pool, on a cliff overlooking the ocean/towards the rock, at a hotel, restaurant or open area, closer to town or at the other more resort end of Cabo, so many hotels/areas, whatever you are looking for, you will find it.  I have been to Cabo 4 times and about to head down for my 5th trip and will do another post with more pictures.  If you are coming from S CA, its such a short flight, reasonably priced and a variety of hotels for your guests to stay at if they choose to not stay where you are or you choose to not have them stay where you are staying!! lol

photo 5 photo 6 photo

Let me help you plan and then orchestrate your wedding in Cabo so you can relax and enjoy the process and the day/celebration.


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Aruba wedding

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

What you see above is the epitomy of Aruba. Beautiful days and blue ocean, gorgeous evenings and sunsets.  Many many hotels and locations around the hotel to have a beautiful wedding ceremony and celebration after.  So many hotel options that if your guests don’t want to stay where you are for some reason, they don’t have to and it won’t cost and arm and a leg to travel back and forth to their hotel.  fun things to do in the days leading up to the wedding for those interested if you want to do some group activities.  If you are interested in a wedding in Aruba, let me help you.  I’ve been a couple of times and know the area/hotels well.

photo 6 photo 7

Now not for everyone, but if the tropical island is not your thing for the wedding, but the honeymoon yes.  How about Panama?  The space above is banquet space that looks right over the Panama Canal so while guests are eating/dancing/socializing they can be watching huge ships going through the lochs, its pretty amazing.  Lots of things to do in and around Panama City, there’s an old town which is great, plus beautiful beaches and rainforest day trips, then you can head to Aruba for your honeymoon and guests can head home or to whatever Caribbean island they want to end their trip on/at.


Aruba, pre dinner on the sand, or how about your wedding and celebration both being held on the sand??!!  Its all possible.

Till next time


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Europe wedding

So I was fortunate to head back to Europe in April, and as it was not my first time in Paris (about 5 now I think) and Spain (2nd time) I really looked at everything with weddings in mind, and as happens found and made some suprise decisions.

Of course people think Paris and romance, maybe even their wedding itself. You have gardens and lovely churches and some unique wedding reception venues, ie floating restaurant down the Seine, the banquet room up in the Eiffel Tower (yes there is!!!), restaurants and of course hotels that have banquet space. All great, but if guests are coming in and gathering Paris is not the city to be able to keep people together/bond etc, everyone is going to want to see/do/go in different directions based on their first trip, multi times, and time may be limited for some if they are in Europe for their first time and make your wedding/Paris just one part of their maybe once in a lifetime trip. So this is my thinking……
Use Paris as your pre wedding or after wedding stop, and spend a 1/2 day or full day with your photographer going around Paris in your gown/suit-tux and do a fabulous photo shoot to incorporate into your album. This way no pressure to be somewhere, run out of time and opportunity to get all the locations you want, traffic and protests etc can plug the streets up all the time. Then the wedding itself, start at the Costa del Sol in Spain, there are lots of timeshare/hotels in the area, including 2 great Marriott Vacation Clubs where the units can sleep up to 6, here you can take care of your own breakfasts and even barbeque dinner with the group if you want. Have people arriving into the area say 4 days prior to the wedding date, arrival and next day, nothing, people just relaxing/veging. Next day, mini buses to take everyone to Gibraltar for the day (2 hour drive), have lunch/beer in an English pub and some shopping. Next day, people on own. Next day everyone is bussed to a town called Ronda up in the mountains. Here everyone has 2 nights in the walled town area, maybe a bullfight experience in the afternoon, then dinner at one of the restaurants built on the cliff overlooking the most beautiful gorge you could do this at. Drinking sangria and soaking in the views. After dinner a flamenco dancing show and then party on for those that want. Next day, the wedding. You get married on a lawn/platform area that has views to die for, very Tuscanyesque, cocktails follow, then dinner in area close by with those same views, dancing follows, people walk back to their hotel when they are ready. Next morning, brunch, then driving everyone back to Costa del Sol where it all started, and people now leave from there to home/another location, some may stay in the area longer, who knows. You get to head to Paris for the after shoot (and that night have dinner in the Eiffel Tower Restaurant (must have reservations) and after a couple of nights there head home or onto another location for honeymoon (if needed).




I was shocked when I realised that Spain, its uniqueness/proximity to so much (like S CA, beach-mountains in a couple of hours) and stumbling upon Ronda, would be a fabulous destination wedding experience. I visited Barcelona (2nd time) and Madrid (1st time) and even though they are lovely cities and have their charm and unique qualities, just think the itinerary I created above, gives a much better memorable experience for all involved, yet flexibility for those not looking for bonding time pre or post.

If this sounds appealing, let me know, would love to help you, or pull it together for you.

Till next time
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Hawaii Destination wedding

A beautiful new location is about to open in Maui – the Andaz Maui at Wailea. This property is under the Hyatt umbrella but as you can tell from the photos on line (google it) and more to come when they actually open, it’s a very special resort with a really calm/relaxing feel to it.
If you are considering a wedding in Hawaii, let me know and I will chat with my pal (who got in touch with me and is keeping me updated on progress pre opening) who oversees the weddings and we will see what we can do to make it work. The best time to have a wedding at a resort is when it is in it’s opening months, it tends to be quieter as it is not as known, and the properties tend to be willing to make it work to get you in.
Let me know, love to help you on both sides, from here and there.

Till next time
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