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Ritz-Carlton Laguna/Pavilion Ballroom


A very busy bride and a lovely mom and I had a great journey which ended up with a really fabulous celebration.  Tiffany had an inspiration picture with the floral runner/candles inset which she loved, so of course we always knew we would have rectangle tables to be able to use that design on.  Along the way we created the perfect vendor team for them and the vision went from one picture to many other elements that created her custom wedding.

img_0715 img_0718

Of course the seamless dancefloor and decal were from my new fave vendor of 2015 TMMPRO, along with the boxed florals infront of the stage which became a big had to have in 2015, doesn’t it all look fabulous!!  The luge for the signature drink was by fabulous Mark of Icebulb.

img_0720 img_0740

The use of benches on the balcony gives a lot more seating if wanting to add a furniture area along with the regular tall and low cocktail tables, and Tiffany wanted a firepit from tthe beginning so of course there it was on the night

munyon_0913 munyon_0920

Pre cocktail pic of the view from the balcony and why so many local and destination wedding couples choose this hotel and space to celebrate at.  Don’t you love the placecard table display, so fluffy, thanks to the hydrangea table top cover.

munyon_1112 munyon_1114 munyon_1118  munyon_1129

Carrying on the hydrangea runner look/feel to the headtable and these pics showcase the beautiful Luxe Linen that was usd on the headtable and the rectangle tables in the room

munyon_1136 munyon_1138 munyon_1140 munyon_1145   munyon_1154

3 different Luxe Linens were used throughout the room, lots of texture/looks, love it.


Great vendor team on board for this wedding.  Frank Salas/photographer-thanks as always for being such a great team player, Elegant by Design for bringing our beginning design thoughts through to reality as always, Lake Forest limousines for the Packard and limos used to get everyone from the hotel to the church to the hotel, and of course, to our fabulous team/family at the Ritz-Carlton-we love you soooooo much!!!!  And to the best band ever – well that is what all my couples say during and after their weddings, Full Spectrum Music/Adam Jackson, mom and bride took forever to book them even though I kept saying I would not steer you wrong, on the night mom comes over to me and says, Lisa this band is sooo good, guests keep coming up and telling me the best wedding band they have ever heard, why don’t everyone just book them immediately!!  I said to her, tell me about it, lol

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Ritz -Carlton Laguna wedding


They booked me for Month of service before they even booked the hotel and when the service officially kicked in, David said two things to me which I loved….. We should have booked you for the bigger service, I have no idea how you do what you do, dealing with vendors was so frustrating.  What can we do that would be really unique?

Well thank you David, when you love what you do it’s not work and it’s easy and how about a champagne lady??!!  We had the champagne lady greet the guests at cocktail hour and then again she was in the ballroom when they came in and they took a glass for the toasts. They had my preferred vendor list and made some good decisions along the way and actually did ok considering they were a destination wedding.

i-fJmqtsq-L i-hR6tc8M-L

Sweet/simple look for the ceremony, with that backdrop you don’t need more

i-JN6ktXR-L i-NDqMfLn-L

We had a bling photo backdrop at one end of the room


An old fashioned floral combination for the sweetheart table but it really looked lovely

FullSizeRender 2

Our groom wanted a cool dj booth and Revelry Event Design had a few to choose from

Thanks to Lin & Jirsa for the pics and being so great to work with, they wore many hats for this one, photo/video/photobooth/drone, TMMPRO for my fave dancefloors and decals, Jason Jass/Visions Entertainment/dj for being a pleasure to work with, the lovely ladies at Design Visage for beautifying our bride/moms/bridesmaids, and the team at Ritz-Carlton as always, love love love you all for helping me create wonderful memories for couples and their family and friends, for over 15 years now.

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Plaza Room, Ritz-Carlton Laguna wedding

IMG_0974 IMG_0977 photo 2

Well not sure what happened here, but neither the floral designer or I got pics of the cere site, and there was a great candy table setup by Candee by Sandee that I had pics of, but I can’t find them, so annoying.  But the photos above and below give you an idea of the pop of color our lovely bride Shannon went with which was a good way to start the year as the rest of the year seemed full of more lighter palettes.  Don’t you love the color of the peonies below, they were gorgeous.

Thanks to another great vendor team that Shannon let me guide her to to ensure a great celebration.  Keith Laverty/floral designer, Design Visage for ensuring our bride looked fab from beginning t end.  Monico Décor for all the rentals.  And of course the awesome team at the Ritz-Carlton that I have had the honor of working with for 15 years now.  Love love love

photo 3 photo 4 photo

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Ritz-Carlton Laguna wedding



I am so fortunate that for 15 years I have had the honor of looking at this backdrop for so many weddings.  For many brides like Kelsey they live out of state or out of the country and they choose this spot out of the whole world for many reasons, so a lot of trust is put into me and our relationship.

Our bride wanted her ceremony on the grass, so we moved from the normal Terrace area to the grass next door, cocktails were held on the balcony, and the dining/dancing/socializing was done in the Plaza Room and on the balcony, giving the guests from all over the world the view that reinforced to them why the B&G chose this location out of all the world, and that they spent their money/time wisely to come and experience how special this is.

Her vendor team is one of my favourites, we all know each other and everyone comes and does their job 120% to ensure all goes as planned.  So a big thanks to: The ladies and gentlemen of the Ritz-Carlton of course, upstairs and downstairs. Larry Crandall/photographer, bit thanks for the pics showing here.  Design Visage for beautifying everyone as always.  Newport Bay Productions/video, Paul Uhlar/officiant, Naples Strings, Bill/dj. Monico décor for the rentals, and to White Flite for our dove release, I always love the moment that the guests realize what is happening and hearing the oohs and aaahs.






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Ritz Carlton Laguna wedding

wohl_0357       wohl_0888

Another great team on board, thanks to my couple letting me lead them in the right direction, at a fabulous location, so can you say ‘perfect wedding’?? I can!!  Loved my bride and groom, destination wedding, and nearly all the guests came in from out of town, so great memories for all.  Thanks to Frank Salas for the pics, Peter/Vive Ent for keeping their partying going on and on (not that they needed much encouragement!!) this was a group and couple about fun.  Father Brian for a great cere as always, Monico Décor for rentals, Design Visage for only enhancing my already beautiful bride and her besties, and Karla from Elegant by Design for again nailing the ‘less is more’ feel the bride wanted which is more a reflection of them than over the top florals etc, and of course as always to our good friends, the ladies and gentlemen of the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel, love them all

wohl_0903 wohl_0913 wohl_0916

We had the party in the Terrace Salon room.  There is a textured wall covering in this room that gives a great ambience and whether you go crazy with florals/décor or simple, adds décor that you don’t have to bring in yourself!!  This room has an awesome balcony area that overlooks the main pool and there are always guests out there getting some fresh air, chatting, etc.


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Grand Ballroom Ritz Carlton Laguna wedding

167H5267 copy 2

Well finally I blog my fabulous Holly and her fabulous wedding.

Holly and Michael got married at their church.  I have done a few weddings for couples from this church, some I attend the church on the day and get them up the aisle and some I don’t.  With Holly she customized her service option so I came to the hotel earlier in the day to ensure she was having a nice morning and on track with getting ready, got them off to the church and I headed to the church, got everyone up the aisle, then back to the hotel I went to ensure setup was still coming along fabulously.  Lovely Teri was at the church and kept everything on track from there until they got back to the Ritz.

I really enjoyed the process with these two.  Holly had great taste and was very resourceful in sourcing the detail items she wanted for pricing I was amazed by, you go girl.  She was up for mixing up the layout/look of the room which I always love to do.  There was only one decorator/florist who was going to be able to pull their vision off and that was my friends at Square Root who gave way more than was paid for, because that is what vendors do you have great relationships with and who want to be part of a great celebration. We had some great corner seating areas with decaled mirrors/candles/cushions.  Design Visage beautified Holly and everyone else (she had such great bridesmaids, fun and supportive, loved them) and Holly loved DV so much she is now a regular customer for her normal hair/makeup needs!!  Michael wanted only two things, a ‘tree style’ centerpiece and a martini luge, he got both.  Thanks to Ice Bulb for the luge, fabulous as always.  They wanted a more interactive dj style, so Invisible Touch was the obvious choice and they also did the lighting.  Monico Décor for the rentals, Tony Florez and thanks for the photos as always, and to our fabulous team mates at the Ritz-Carlton.  We are so lucky we get to work with great vendor teams and hotel staff, and wonderful wonderful couples.

L07A3814 copy 2

L07A3816 copy 2

L07A3822 copy 2

L07A3824 copy 2

L07A3826 copy 2

L07A3828 copy 2

L07A3830 copy 2

L07A3832 copy 2

L07A3837 copy 2

L07A3840 copy 2

L07A3856 copy 2

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Ritz Carlton Laguna fabulous

0318 R copy

Well, this picture really doesn’t say it all, it was pretty windy that day, gave Keith Laverty a run for his money in setting up the chuppa and the florals, but as always, it all worked out.

This was a destination wedding with pretty much all guests coming in from Texas or other areas, so it was a multi day event.  We did a fun buy out of a fun restaurant in Laguna for the prior night and bussed everyone there, then had this great celebration to follow the next day.  Here you get to see the grooms cake, any guess what he does?? Thanks to the team Kim and I created, Joe Latter photographer, Keith Laverty floral, Monico Design/rentals, Shane Productions/video, Hailey and the team at the Ritz Laguna. My beautiful bride (a Sandra Bullock look alike) has her hair and makeup done often for events in Texas and around the world she goes to, and she loved what Design Visage did, said it was the best she has ever looked for the pre-wedding event, in fact so happy, she had her celebrity artist she had hired, do others not her, and had DV do her again.   With the Dom flowing pre ceremony until the end, the band the bride had to have, great food and these views, oh and throw in a late night delivery of In N out /taste of CA, a wonderful celebration/time was had by all.

0534 copy


0547 copy

0551 copy

0876 copy

0884 RA copy

0533 R copy 2

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Ritz-Carlton Laguna Wedding


Finally posting this lovely wedding.  Really unusual story, the bride’s Chinese father has a home close to the Ritz he lives at part of the time and decided the Ritz would be the perfect place for her to get married at.  The father’s assistant and I pulled everything together.  The bride and groom and most of the guests flew in from China and did not speak English but were able to let me know at the end they were very happy with everything.


Everyone sat at a U-shape table with the Pacific Ocean as the focus/main view during this daytime celebration.

Another beautiful event with Square Root Floral Designs.

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Ritz-Carlton Laguna, Sunset Terrace/Plaza wedding


Fabia wanted an intimate celebration with an ocean view and wanted the feel of the ocean to be a part of the floral design/feel.  So the Ritz Carlton’s Plaza was the perfect location and Karla/EBD floral Design pulled the feel together perfectly, the ceremony site was just lovely.  Fabia was thrilled.  Thanks to my vendor friends who made up the team to ensure a great celebration for this fun couple.  Andrena of Andrena photography (and thanks for the photos below/above), Marc of The Emotion Picture Studio/video, Larson Lighting, Naples Chamber music for great cere and cocktail music as always.  Brent Edwards for a lovely wedding ceremony, and my A1 guy Peter/Vive Ent for the great music/environment/good time he created inside.  The B&G were loving the music so much they and one other couple danced alone, everyone else was gone, for the last hour of the event.  They were having a great time








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Plaza Room, Ritz-Carlton, Laguna

photo 9

Crystal and I had a great time pulling her wedding together.  Happy yellow was one of her colors from the beginning and I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but as time went on and the design/visage came together, using the white along with the platinum silver, oh and a bit of bling, it all worked well together.  We also wanted to do something different with the tables in Plaza, so we kept her guest list down so we could do 4 rectangle tables rather than the normal rounds to maximize guest count.  I loved how it all turned out.

photo 8

photo 7

photo copy

photo 6

photo 5

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2


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