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Mallorca/Spain wedding

have you ever heard of the island of Mallorca?  it’s off the coast of Spain, easy and inexpensive flights from Barcelona, and the island next door to it is called Ibiza (known as the party island, have i got your attention now??)

Well i spent a week here not too long ago and loved every minute and will go back.  We stayed in villas at Marriott Vacation Club, great for couples/families travelling together to destination weddings, the units were 2 storey and we had our own wee backyard to sit in the listen to the birds/nature, people playing golf in the background, pretty awesome.

It’s an easy island to drive around, the city of Palma has the cathedral and lots of things to see and do and restaurants of course, the coastline has great beach clubs and restaurants to have great food for very inexpensive.  We travelled up to the town that the tennis Rafael Nadal is from, a lovely town, and there are other coastal towns with cliffside restaurants and places to just chill, hang out and appreciate being alive.

I would love to help you have your destination wedding here, large or small, and my travel partner can handle everyone’s air/hotel/transport/group excursions we may do, and after the wedding people can pop off to any part of Europe they want to explore/vacation/enjoy, and you too for the honeymoon.  Nice and easy with us.

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Wedding in Spain??

Have you thought about it?  Well I can help.  I have been to Spain many times, from the island of Mallorca which would be awesome for a wedding group, to the Costa del Sol several times where you have access to a beach wedding or a high in the hills village wedding, there is so much to do in Sprain and so many options for a wedding location.

Pre and post wedding day lots of activites to setup for all to enjoy

Their version of the French Riviera with the designer stores and mega yachts (yes some have their rolls Royce match the boat!!) is a greal locale to be

Lovely American resorts and other resorts are all over, oceanfront or golf course, they have it all, and of course my fave place, up in the hills Rhonda, where we could do your wedding up there also and have everyone stay the night there, a very cool place.

Let me help you have the wedding of your dreams in Spain.  I have a travel partner that can arrange all the air/hotels/excursions for all, so you can focus on the wedding with me!

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