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Our first wedding at Pasea

I was going to be on an anniversary trip to Europe, in fact in Ravello/Amalfi Coast when Nisha’s 2 day wedding event we were handling was going to happen, so Nicole took over and oversaw both days events, but as we know Nicole gets busy and doesn’t take pics for me, lol, and when i looked back through the photographers photos, the detail pics i would have loved were not taken it seems, so i don’t have any of the ceremony area without people or any ballroom pics without people, not sure what happened!!  But anyway I digress, Nicole and i had a great final detail meeting with Nisha at the hotel where there may or may not have been champagne enjoyed, hmmmm??!! lol

The sangeet was held the night prior at the Newland Barn in Huntington Beach, a really neat venue that worked out well, and the wedding day was the first wedding we had done at Pasea which had opened just recently.  The driveway of the hotel was perfect for the baraat and our groom came in on a red mustang.  They liked color as you can see from the ceremony guest canopies and the B&G stage in the ballroom.  Wish i had more pics to share.

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A Pasea Huntington Beach Hotel Wedding

Well this was a fun wedding.  Allan and Timothy had it all planned and just needed someone to cross the ts and dot the i and run/oversee it on the day, so about a month prior i started working with them.  They had friends handling all the normal vendor areas, they were either really vendors or someone who could do what they needed and the couple got the liability insurance on their behalf.  It all worked out aok

Another wedding with a mixture of round and rectangle tables.

Writing this takes me back to my very first gay wedding ever, when i was at Disney, two really nice guys but this is back in the 90s and we had to do the ceremony inside so hotel guests did not see it and it wasn’t legal at that time either.  We made it happen for them, but how sad is that whole scenario, thank goodness times have changed and love is love

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A lovely Pasea Wedding

I was lucky enough to get to know the property quite well before we did our first wedding there (which happened to be an Indian wedding using the big ballroom) thanks to Pam Olsen that opened the hotel, having me over a few times, and then our good friend Christine that we have known from Hyatt came over, so by the time Genelle and Chris booked us, we were hanging out to do one in the Blue Room which is where their celebration was going to be, yay

The whole ground level of the hotel is elevated compared to the hotels down the road, so you get a good view of the Pacific Ocean and fabulous Huntington Beach from the ceremony site and then they had their cocktails on the front balcony/patio area of the Blue Room which day or night is a wonderful place for guests to enjoy.  Their dinner/dance room has a wooden floor so no need to rent a dancefloor unless you are looking to go all white, and the room has a very cool built in bar along one whole end of the room.  The team at Pasea were wonderful, in fact quite a few faces from other hotels in the area we work with which made it even sweeter.  Thanks to Trynh Photo for getting me the good pics above, the bad ones are mine, lol.


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