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Baltimore wedding

So this has happened two times to us now, we get hired to handle the events for the Indian Groom (as they have many events leading up to the wedding day only for them) and we are not doing anything for the actual wedding day itself/events that day or bride.

So this wedding was in Baltimore and the grooms parents hired us to handle a wedding reception/party they wanted to throw here in S CA for the friends that were not going to be able to make it over to Baltimore, with friends and family it was still a 200 person event, it would be the following week so a lot of the family were coming to S CA for it.  As things got going they realized they needed help pulling their event together in Baltimore.

So i did research and we got the hotels narrowed down for the events as well as where most of the guests on their side would be staying, and then mom and I went to Baltimore and got things handled.  Nicole and I both went to do our part in Baltimore, we were there nearly a week and even though we had a plan, once in house and dealing with lots of guests with different needs we got settled into roles pretty quickly that were different than originally imagined, and where we thought we would have some off time, we ended up with about 3 hours one night when everyone headed off to an event at the bride’s home and we found a great burger place to do take out for everyone one day for lunch and we headed to a really cute old part of town and had a lovely dinner, but the rest of the time we would head to bed very late and sleep like babies, lol.  Nicole became the hostess with the mostess in the hospitality suite, first thing in the am she would sort it out from what may have on in there the night prior, get everything restocked and then take care of it all day/bring lunch&snacks in as needed, and because the parents room was next door anything they needed she handled also.  I described my job as what i would imagine a traffic controller feels like, people coming at your from all directions, emails/texts/phone calls needing airport transfers (thank goodness i found a guy not long after arrival that pretty much became on call for me with his crew/vans 24 hours a day for the week, he was awesome), food, as well as working with the host hotel on anything to do with rooms, we used banquet space for hair/makeup and meals in the restaurant, welcome dinner first night then time blocks on other nights with vouchers, and was working with the hotel down the road that had beautiful old fashioned ballrooms and chandeliers like we don’t get to see here in SA CA anymore where we did a few events, it was walkable so that made it easy when i needed to get there make a quick decision and then get back.  Yes for those in the industry, i was pretty much doing my normal job and being a DMC, lesson learned, lol.

It was also July and July in Baltimore is hot so you actually didn’t want to be outside too much.  But anyway the point to this story is, you need help anywhere in the world, we can do it.

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