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Be oh so careful

What a difference with my vendor experience from yesterday to a week ago.

A week ago I was dealing with a dj and a florist that were getting paid (not sure how much) but both used the word ‘favor’ so many times in my and the hotels interaction with them, that they seemed to think by using  this word we would accept them doing a sub-standard job for the client.  If I choose to reduce my fee for whatever the reason may be, I still come and do the same job as I would for someone paying full price, it doesn’t change what my role is.  Neither of these vendors were business’ nor did they have insurance, and they should not have been allowed to even participate in the event, but I was booked short term and at the point this came to light the hotel chose to look the other way in order to not rock the cart/cause the bride stress.

So what we all had to deal with was, a florist who did not bring equipment to do her job, had to borrow a ladder from the hotel to hang the cere florals (most hotels would not assist at all with this from a liability standpoint, but they had her sign a waiver), she had a bellman running her florals around (I doubt she tipped him), complained when she had to move the items from the cere site that were being reused in the blrm(I had had the bride confirm that this was expected prior to the day), then got upset when the hotel told her she had to pick up all the silk petals she had lined the aisle with.  She was not returning at the end of the night, so at rehearsal I had had to tell the bridal party that they needed to be there at the end of the night to move the 14 tables centerpieces (which were all going back to the bride) &  the overlays (which belonged to a sister), nothing like killing a buzz/good time/great memory by working at the end.  Then the next day the bride had to load everything into the truck she had had to rent, to bring the items to the hotel for the florist (because she did not have anything large enough to transport them in) in the first place.  The florist had done the sister in laws wedding I believe, not sure how long ago.

The dj, seemed nice enough, had so much equipment and so much that went into a storage area during the reception, I really don’t know what it was all for.  I am used to seeing nice compact dj booth/areas and streamlined speakers  and this guy had so much, which in turn meant more time he needed for setting up/clearing up etc and he got quite stressed and of course I then got the end of it.  Doing this most weekends with djs I know, djs I don’t, I know when something is a bit unusual and also what is never a problem for others, so when I see this kind of  equipment and reaction, I know someone is out of their league.  His mceeing (which is so vital to an event) was pretty much non-existent, and the bride complained he wasn’t playing the song list she had given him, I asked if she wanted me to mention it to him and she said no.  About 1/2 hr before the end of the event he obviously decided the 10 people on the dancefloor didn’t need to dance anymore, had his associate (yes there were 2 of them which cost the bride extra for meals) go over and say something to the bride and the music ended.  No last dance played/mentioned or anything.  The dj was a friend or knew the groom thru they jobs they both normally do, and he djs on the side. 

Hadn’t worked with the photographer before, she was very nice, seemed slow and did a more ‘old style’ order way of shooting from what I could see.  Didn’t take into accout ops for bride & groom to see each other pre cere which I had made sure would not happen on my timeline (as it was important to the bride) and pretty much changed the pre cere photo timing/what was happening and where, which the bride went along with, the photographer had done one of the bridesmaids weddings and they all loved her, so put me in a position to have to just do my things around it and spend more time double checking on where people were/when etc, and of course, having to chase down florals that were supposed to be at the cere site for me to put on everyone at their specific times I had timelined which florist had someone take and they ended up in different places and when brides dad and ringbearer showed up to the cere site without flowers, I had to send a groomsman to try to hunt down the missing 2 bouts, no one else had noticed or cared that in the pre photos she was doing they were not wearing them or that there were 2 extra florals, who would they be for.  She ahd also done the sister in laws wedding.

Last night, this bride had started with me with budget, so I gave her options for vendors that matched her budget and style (doesn’t mean to say she spent a lot), she chose well.  They brought their own photographer with them from  Denver, he was a doll, quick, creative with his shots, really worked the property with them.  The florist, dj, video, all people off my preferred vendor list, came did their thing, never asked for assistance from me or any hotel personnel, setup/tore down at the end.  All are business’, all are licenced, and all do this as their full time job, that immediately changes the game, they are serious, they care, because each event is guarantee of their next event if all goes well, and of course it does or I would not recommend them, and they would not be allowed on hotel grounds.  Believe me, even someone I may have used or known for years can be taken off my list and it happens when it seems their product/service or ‘game’ seems to have changed.

This couple and their guests, had a great time, did not spend the moon, and I was allowed to focus on ensuring we were timely, bride and her parents were enjoying themselves and good, and anticipating any needs they may have and working with the hotel on food/beverage service, basically do MY job. I just felt so refreshed after the previous week.   I will be blogging on this wedding another time, because the ceremony site looked lovely, and the florals were of course, reused for centerpieces, and I don’t recall any noise of complaint or problem moving them!!!

When the vendors are working as a team to ensure a great end result it is so much nicer and  that was what last night was, the previous week was indiviual components of a wedding doing what they wanted/when they wanted and someone else could pick up what may have been missed/not handled by them.  When you have a good co-ordinator and are at a good location, we do this but it is not how it should be.  Unfortunately the same goes for co-ordinators, I am hearing from the hotels that brides have hired inexperienced co-ordinators they have never seen before, they may have nice pictures and sound like they know what they are doing, but at the hotel/location those people can tell right away and are stepping in and picking up pieces/ensuring all ends well.  So B&G have no idea their co-ordinator is actually not great at the actual co-ordination, and the co-ordinator goes off and blogs your wedding and about herself and some poor bride sees it and hires her and voila the cycle continues.

Trust your hotel/location when it comes to their recommendations, and the same with your co-ordinator, none of us would steer you to the wrong vendors, you would only turn back and blame us. I don’t use the same vendors for each wedding, because each wedding has different styles and budget, my brides get options in each vendor category and they pick who they like best for their reasons.  When brides book me for the bigger service that includes budget and keeping them on tracks with tasks, I believe what they pay in the difference  from a small service, gets  evened out or I may even end up free in the end, by the vendors they end up using through me that they would not have found on their own and possibly spending less than they may have with anyone they found on their own, the ‘extras’ my vendors may add because they like working with me and want to continue, and with a better, more professional, end result of a celebration.

I am always open to working with vendors a couple finds, I have one dj who a bride used last year, that has probably worked with 7 of my couples this year now, again, he was professional in all dealings (and had another real job), had the insurance/business, came with good looking equipment, does a great job and I will continue to use him.

When you are spending any kind of money, to have it be an ‘ok’ event is not good enough.

That’s enough for a Sunday morning. On to the blogs showing all the great things that we did this year so far (yes it has not ended yet) starting next week (I hope).



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Awesome Year

Hmmm, someone asked me what I did all year as they assumed because I was not blogging I was not working!!  Well, to the contrary, this has been a fabulous year with so many really beautiful wedding celebrations that have been created  and seen to fruition, and  fabulous couples I was so lucky to work with.

Thanks to my couples, whether they booked service from beginning to end, or those that booked services closer to the wedding date, you have kept me busy and out of trouble, so thanks soooo much.

I am still busy through the end of November with the ‘season’,  but will be able to start getting some posts done and share on my 2012.

Till then


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