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Marriott Newport Beach

Teri had the pleasure of seeing this celebration through on the wedding day, and as always did a great job orchestrating & overseeing the celebration on the actual day.

 I worked with Sara from the beginning, taking her budget (which was not big)and matching her with the right vendors, including a floral designer that would give the end result that made it look like our floral budget was much bigger than it was.  I loved Sara and the fact that she didn’t want the ballroom to be used ‘as is’, wanted to hype it up a  bit.  Her guest count was somewhat low for a ballroom the size she had, so that gave us the ability to play with the room set, unlike when you are in a room you are maxing, so I suggested we create two areas, the dining and then the dancing/party area, and we used their headtable as the separator of the areas.  We budgetted for pipe/drape for the dancing end of the room, and put a mix of high cocktail tables and white benches around the white dancefloor, so spent her money for most impact rather than filling it up.  I love a light colored wedding ballroom, and a bright happy one, but I do love it when a bride will go along with dark rich colors,especially when matched with black chivari chairs.  As I never get stuck on a particular look/feel at the beginning but allow things to fall into place organically/naturally as we go through the planning process (and it does always evolve, sometimes we go full circle which reiterates instincts were right all along, and other times we end up with a totally different look/feel than was first batted around during the budget meeting), Sara swung between eggplant linens or white, but as these things go, ended up making the right decision and going with the eggplant, and you can see the result below.  A really rich/elegant/romantic looking wedding celebration that absolutely looked like a lot more was spent than was .  After I was done with my wedding that night, I came over and met Sara and Alex in the hotel bar and we raised a glass to a fabulous celebration.   

IMG_4376 IMG_4314 IMG_3996 IMG_4370 IMG_5357

Believe it or not, their last names were the same before they got married, how fun is that, so we celebrated with an ice martini  luge offering signature martinis & colored (of course).

Thanks to Irmina, for the pics above.  One of my brides used her for her wedding a couple of years ago, and since then I have steered some of my brides to her, she has a great style and her pricing is really reasonable now, but give it time, and she will have to increase due to demand.

The nicest compliment is always a referral, and I am currently working with Sara’s boss on his upcoming wedding, again unfortunately I was already booked, so Teri will be overseeing their celebration on the day also, but we are having a lot of fun pulling the their event together, totally different look/feel and location to Sara’s, see, my job is never a duplicate or boring, for sure.

Now while I am blogging this wedding which took place at the Marriott Newport Beach, the hotel is really coming along with a new modern/contemporary feel in the public areas, and they are making a new ceremony site, so they will have two really lovely ceremony sites to offer.  Great location and really reasonable wedding package pricing.   We are one of the few co-ordinators on their preferred vendor list, so when/if considering/booking this location for your wedding, be sure to make contact so we can help you also have a wonderful celebration here.

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Club 19 – two days in a row

I really love the contrast in doing the same room with two events so close to each other, but so different in look/style and the couples personalities.

My lovely Jana/top wedding below, wanted an elegant/romantic feel and we ended up with a really lovely Coco Chanel look:

167H9591 2N2B2430 2N2B2829

My lovely bride below,wanted romantic but modern feeling, and loved hydrangea, so we were able to do all tall big lush centerpieces for the budget we had

2N2B18022N2B1813 2N2B1334

Now you can see why I love my job, no two brides have the same vision or budget.  The other interesting note is that the same florist was chosen by both, and the same photographer.  Thanks to the fab Tony Florez for the above photos.

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