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St Regis Monarch Beach-Botanical Garden & Club 19

photo 2photo 3

I got way behind in my blogging and it has taken nearly a year, but this is my last wedding I am blogging from 2014!!!  A couple of 2015 have got in the mix, but Chenine’s fab wedding ends my 2014 blogging.

Loved working with Chenine and her mom, we got a vision going pretty quickly, bling was important, blue and white.  Then we got our great vendor team pulled together.  On the day Chenine’s reaction when she saw her dining area I will never forget, it was wonderful.  The only thing missing and it was more my wishlist than their’s was a white dancefloor, oh well, lol.

photo 4photo 5

Thanks to Karla/Elegant by Design, for as always listening to my brides so their wedding is their wedding and does not look like any others we have done, thank you thank you.  Paul Uhlar/officiant, Al/Alvarron Ent-dj, Monico Décor for the rentals, and to my wonderful Frank Salas for always being a joy to work with and for making my couples memories even better when they see their photographers after, and thanks for the photos here.  And it goes without saying but I must say it, to the team at the St Regis for being five star/five diamond all the way.

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walker__0954 copy

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Talega Golf Club wedding


The sweetest couple ever.  Before they would even book me the groom had me sit down and go through a budget with them as he was paying for the wedding and there was no way we could go over what he had to spend.  Based on their flexibility with locations, day of the week etc, I was able to show him they could have a lovely wedding and he would not go over.  Now in saying that, as we went along our bride would be inspired by things that we needed to add in, and as we went along and everything started to come together I knew the Rose Gold chiavaris were a must, so we did end up a tad over but it was all good, bride was happy which made groom happy, as all he ever wanted to do was give her a beautiful wedding.  Aaaaahh!! x0xoxo

We looked at many locations and I had found some great ones that came in under what we had budgeted, but something about Talega spoke to them, so I had my first wedding there and they got a great package/dealio there.

107 110 111 184 185 333  443 444 448 453

Rose gold became our inspiration and we used it everywhere, chargers, florals stands, chairs, I loved the end result. We did a mix of rectangle and round guest tables and it looked great, as you can see

454 468 469 471  473 481

I had the placecard table put in a place they normally don’t put it, right infront of the entrance doors (and I had the guests walk back around the building, normally they enter through a side door, but I am all about the impact of the first time anyone sees the room, I mean that is what we just spent months planning/thinking of, the whole look, right??) but I had my reasons, helped stop the flow of everyone entering the dining room at the same time and I could keep the table there and reuse as candy table/exit favor table.

482 526


Now, I can honestly say I don’t have things go wrong at weddings from a planning/component standpoint that I have been involved in, but at some weddings its a guest that throws everything out the window/stops us in our tracks, at this wedding we did have a guest about 15 mins into the dancing have a seizure, he was not responding so paramedics did have to be called and he was taken out on a stretcher, he was close to the dancefloor so hard to keep hidden, lights had to go up/dancing stopped, by the time he was taken we still had 1 1/2 hours left of their reception.  Got to think fast, I don’t want Ashley’s wedding to be over, so I had the groom get on the mic, announce to everyone who it was, that he had seizures before, for everyone to keep him in their thoughts/prayers, and the lights are going to go back down and the music is going to play and they would love the guests to continue celebrating with them for the next hour.  He did it perfectly, the guests ‘got’ it, and the party continued.  Whew.

We pulled a great vendor team together for this one, good vendor friends all there to give 110% percent, thanks to Brett Hickman/photographer and for the pics above, Peter/Vive Ent dj xoxoxo, Dan/Plug Video, Elegant by Design/Karla florist who always pulls it out of the park and exceeds my brides expectations, Chiavari Chair Rentals for the Rose Gold chiavaris-I love using them, lighting to compliment the rose gold look was by Matthew at OC Lighting, and to the team at Talega, very hands on and aim to please.

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Sunset Terrace & Plaza Room, Ritz-Carlton, Laguna

167H4259 copy 2 167H4261 copy 2

Cathy’s wedding was my first for 2015 and she got such a beautiful day in January and look at her ceremony backdrop, awesome.  They were planning everything from Washington DC, so you can imagine how happy they and everyone were to leave cold/snowy east coast and enjoy our everyday sunny/warm weather, no matter what time of year, lol.

Cathy had an idea for how she wanted the table setup in Plaza Room, but guest count had to be at a certain level for it to work, she finally got there and we were able to make it work and it turned out great.  We had fun pulling her vendor team together and the vision, and it was a great celebration.  Thanks to my vendor peeps: Father Brian, Design Visage for beautifying the lovely ladies, Keith Lavery/floral designer who got it and made it happen, Naples Strings/cere&cocktails, my fave band who always work with the little space they are sometimes given to setup and play in and in this setup the guests danced on the other side of the table from them, Full Spectrum/Adam, muah!!! Monico Décor for the rentals, Tony Florez for always being so easy to get along with, and to my peeps at the Ritz who have been my work family for the past 15 years and make 5 star events happen easily.

L07A8915 copy 2 L07A9317 copy 2 L07A9323 copy 2 L07A9341 copy 2

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Fountain Room Hyatt HB wedding


I swear I take pics at all weddings when I get a minute, but could not find my pics on this one at all, so thanks to Jim Kennedy for coming through and getting me these pics.  They don’t do a lot of wedding receptions in the Fountain Room, in fact I think this is only my 3rd since the day the hotel opened, but it is a great way to have your daylight wedding/cocktails then move the guests into an enclosed room where they immediately feel they are at an evening wedding.

Emily’s colors were gold/white and pop of tiffany blue, so as you can see the hotel chairs worked for a change, we had tiffany blue linens on cake and sweetheart tables and of course the napkins and by using the hang fold it really allows the blue to be effective in pictures and when guests first enter the room.

franco_4424 franco_1727 franco_1874

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Destination wedding to S CA


This is when you really know the world is a small place.

I was booked by the groom who lived in New Zealand with his American bride (her background was Swiss, but she grew up in CA, and her parents live here). Her mom lives in Huntington Beach and choosing the Hyatt HB was logical to them, me being from New Zealand was co-incidence.  They chose January and because they chose that month they got a bigger room to use for the reception which they would not have been given the choice of in the summer, so with a smaller group, we were able to really spread things out and use the whole room in a really unique way.  The ceremony was on the lawn with a great CA backdrop, palm trees and beach, cocktails were held on the balcony with the same view, and then dinner/dancing was in the ballroom, with windows to the beach also.  We reused the arch from the ceremony because it was so unique, in the ballroom as cake backdrop which was nice.  Brian knew they didn’t want rounds or a big table, so he actually came up with the X table design, and then Keith Laverty/florist ran with that thought for the floral design, but we knew because of the table design we wanted to do something different in the center.  Keith came up with this really over the top tall piece, that was awesome and the comments started on how fabulous it was when the guests first came in the room, to even after the event was long past.

Brian loved the idea of a martini luge, so we created a lounge area which was well used once the party started after dinner.

So where is the small world part of this story you ask.  We had a total of 56 guests, a good amount came over from New Zealand, the rest from all over the USA.  So not a lot of opportunity for me to see someone I knew right…. well guess what, I never connected the bride’s last name to someone I worked with many years ago, turned out that her dad worked with me at a hotel many years ago a good 6 years.  I got a tap on my shoulder and I turned around and it was like life went backwards about 20 years, could not believe it.  He said Alexandra kept talking about Lisa her wedding planner, but never heard my last name, so he never connected the dots, plus he had no idea what I was doing now.  Too funny

Thanks as always to my trusting couples that let me lead them and when you don’t get any pre-trips to the actual wedding, you really are trusting me and I appreciate that.  Our vendor team for this wedding was great: Larry Crandall/photographer and thanks for the pics below.  Keith Laverty/floral designer, Design Visage for beautifying everyone beautifully as always.  Carvin Ice for the luge you always create for each of my couples.  Epod for our fun photobooth that talks back to you and I knew the kiwis would appreciate even more later in the night after a few martinis!! Monico Décor for the rentals.  As always to my companions in creating great celebrations, the team at Hyatt HB, love them all







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Intimate weddings


We get to assist couples with weddings all sizes, my largest was 1200 guests and smallest just the bride and groom.  Here is a lovely sweet wedding where it was the grooms son/daughter and grandkids, total 7 people, so lovely.  After the ceremony we had photos at the gazebo then the kids had a break while Grandpa and Barbara had photos done around the hotel, then everyone met at Stonehill for dinner.  Just a regular table where Elegant by Design moved the florals from the Gazebo to, and the hotel made a wedding cake for them to enjoy looking at then eat for dessert after dinner.  I helped Barbara pull the vendor team/vision/style of the event together, they lived out of state and everyone flew inand stayed at the hotel, she was just a pleasure to help and deserved a lovely celebration and memories  Thanks to Larry Crandall for being such a great guy who goes along with what is happening, and got me these pics to post. To Naples Strings/trio for playing lovely music for the ceremony and during the photos after.  To Paul Uhlar for always doing a lovely ceremony with just enough humour in it to be right, and to Noemi of Posh Beauty for enhancing Barbara’s beauty on her day.


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2015 thank yous – cards

So so lucky to work with such awesome fab couples, and when I go to the mailbox and see that some have taken the time to handwrite a card and mail it to me, feel even more lucky.

Here is why I am so lucky to do what I love ……….

Lisa, I have tried to write this card several times and keep getting stuck.  I cannot put into words how grateful I am to you for everything you have done over the past several months.  My co-workers kept saying ‘wow you look so calm-how are you planning a wedding from across the country!’ and I would just smile because I had you!!  You are so organized and on top of everything.  Even random questions and constant changes – you didn’t even blink an eye, just said ‘no problem’.  I can say without a doubt that you have changed my life.  Thank you so very much – from the bottom of my heart – for everything.  Cathy (and Keith)

Lisa, We can’t begin to thank you for all your help in making our wedding day amazing! Your attention to detail, support, and help has been great!  We couldn’t imagine the day without you! Thank you for everything! We will miss you! Love, Garrett and Kerry

The above was a card I got from the couple on the wedding day, then it was followed in the mail with the card below …….

Lisa, Garrett and I reflected about how beautiful and amazing our wedding was on our honeymoon, and we owe it all to you!  Your hard work, attention to details, and passion made us have our wedding of our dreams! You are SO amazing at what you do and everyone keeps talking about how awesome you are!! Thank you for everything! Love Garrett and Kerry

Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for all your hard work and efforts to make our wedding day as wonderful and special as possible!  We couldn’t have done it without you! Love, Sherene and Tyler

thank you for being our lifesaver!  Rosalynn and Frank

The above was a card I got from the couple on the wedding night, then it was followed in the mail with the card below……

Dear Lisa, ‘Thank you” can barely express the tremendous gratitude I feel for everything you’ve done to make my vision come to life.  Even with a broken ankle, you still do the work of 100 people.  Your professionalism is absolutely amazing and inspiring.  We are so thankful we snatched you up before any other couple!!f with love, Rosalynn and Frank

Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for being part of our special day.  It was truly the best day of our lives and we loved every minute of it!  Thank you for continually working with us and helping us create personalized touches, an amazing day and truly unforgettable memories.  Our love and gratitude, Angie and George

Dear Lisa, Thank you for all your help throughout the process.  Please say “thank you” to Nicole and Brittany.  We hope you will get well soon and make other couples to have the BEST wedding. Love Toshika & Joe

Note on the thank you above, I worked with Toshika for months on planning her wedding, then 30 mins before the ceremony I fell over and dislocated and broke my ankle and was taken away by paramedics, 5 hours in the ER, and now 3 casts, 1 boot, surgery with a plate and 9 screws in my leg later, she still emails me to check in on me.  Due to detailed planning and good assistants and a great vendor team, the wedding went off on time and without a hitch.

Dear Lisa, Words truly can’t thank you enough for everything you did to make our special day so perfect in every way  It was everything  dreamed it would be…. and more!  Everything went so smoothly on the day and I know it was all down to you.  It was such a pleasure working with you for over a year and you made the planning process so seamless.  I am so grateful for all your time and hard work that went in to making our day so special,  We will never forget you and so happy you were a part of those wonderful memories! We are missing your emails and would love to stay in touch – maybe a Pie-Not for a sausage roll and a catch up! You are the BEST!! Love Chris and Sam xoxox

Lisa, thank  being a part of our wedding on October 16, 2015.  We are very happy you could help us plan our special day! We couldn’t have done it without you.  Phillip and Mina

I was given the card above on the wedding day, and a week later got a call from the groom wanting to personally thank me.

Sweet you – Grateful me         Lisa, How can I begin?! You have been everything to me throughout this process …. a friend, a guide, a defender, a supporter and the reason everything was able to come to reality.  THANK YOU so much for helping me build my dream wedding.  I will miss emailing you all the time.  Let’s find excuses to get cocktails when I am back in Southern California!! Love Brooke

Love love love them, my job, my life, so so lucky am I!!

Till next time


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Sunset Terrace/Plaza Room-Ritz Laguna



Here’s a fun wedding we did this year.  Black/white/feathers were the priorities for the reception, and letting the ocean backdrop shine for the ceremony.  All easy to do when you pick a beautiful location such as the Ritz-Carlton Laguna to have your celebration at.

Thanks to Tony Florez for the pics, Elegant by Design/Karla for bringing the floral look to reality, Design Visage for enhancing everyone’s beauty, Jeff/Moondance Dj, Chiavari Chair Rentals and Monico Décor for the rentals, and as always, our friends at the Ritz for always helping us pull off a five star celebration.

L07A9074 copy L07A9507 copy L07A9512 copy L07A9521 copy L07A9522 copy

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