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Hyatt Huntington Beach wedding

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Lynda booked us for day of service and actually had booked either Teri or Nicole on her day, but I was available, so Nicole and I both did her wedding on the day.

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Who needs a ceiling hanging point to hang a cake from, a structure was created and it turned out great.

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The picture above shows how booking a photographer who looks to do something different pays off, to me this picture could have been taken in Hawaii, but instead its by the Jacuzzi area right here in Huntington Beach, great job as always Lin & Jirsa.


A very shaded structure was created for our couple during their ceremony.

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Orange Hill Restaurant wedding

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Our bride booked Teri and Nicole to be her co-ordinators on the day.  It was a really sweet wedding with a great group of family/friends there to celebrate with them.  Our couple lives in Arizona as did a lot of the guests, and what a great backdrop they had for the ceremony – just about the whole of OC and the view only got better as day turned into night, and they had prime view of the Disneyland fireworks.

Teri had done a wedding here years ago and we had forgotton how nice the ballroom was, together with the view, this location is great value for a wedding.

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Trevor from Invisible Touch was the dj and did a great job keeping the dancefloor full.

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Ritz -Carlton Laguna wedding


They booked me for Month of service before they even booked the hotel and when the service officially kicked in, David said two things to me which I loved….. We should have booked you for the bigger service, I have no idea how you do what you do, dealing with vendors was so frustrating.  What can we do that would be really unique?

Well thank you David, when you love what you do it’s not work and it’s easy and how about a champagne lady??!!  We had the champagne lady greet the guests at cocktail hour and then again she was in the ballroom when they came in and they took a glass for the toasts. They had my preferred vendor list and made some good decisions along the way and actually did ok considering they were a destination wedding.

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Sweet/simple look for the ceremony, with that backdrop you don’t need more

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We had a bling photo backdrop at one end of the room


An old fashioned floral combination for the sweetheart table but it really looked lovely

FullSizeRender 2

Our groom wanted a cool dj booth and Revelry Event Design had a few to choose from

Thanks to Lin & Jirsa for the pics and being so great to work with, they wore many hats for this one, photo/video/photobooth/drone, TMMPRO for my fave dancefloors and decals, Jason Jass/Visions Entertainment/dj for being a pleasure to work with, the lovely ladies at Design Visage for beautifying our bride/moms/bridesmaids, and the team at Ritz-Carlton as always, love love love you all for helping me create wonderful memories for couples and their family and friends, for over 15 years now.

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