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More thank yous from 2013

Thank you, thank you, thank you, can’t thank you enough. Many thanks for a wonderful wedding celebration! The Gernhardt family

Hi Lisa. Thank you so much for all your support and guidance with our wedding! Jeff and I had an absolutely fabulous time – everything went perfectly, we were both a little suprised that something didn’t go awry. We really appreciate all your help and hard work – we couldn’t have asked for a better celebration. We had so much fun that I keep telling Jeff that we need to renew our vows every year in the same fashion. Thanks again! Noelle

This note came with a payment:
Lisa, I can’t wait for our upcoming wedding in October and am so happy you are helping us out with everything. Thank you so much. Yvette

Hi Lisa
Thank you for all that you did in making our wedding a huge success. All of your attention to detail was fantastically helpful. I thought you were very dynamic to work with. Cherille

Hi Lisa
I have been meaning to write you ALL week!! I can’t thank you enough for everything. The wedding was a dream. Truly amazing. Thank you so much for your hard work. I will definately refer my OC friends to you as engagements spring up! Alexis

This email went to myself, the florist & hotel service manager:
Thank you all for making our event so successful and memorable in all aspects. I truly appreciate all the hard work that was put into it. You allcreated a magical experience that my family, friedns and I will never forget. Thank you for making a dream come alive. Best Regards,Azar

I came across this email from a 2010 wedding I did, and wanted to share:
Lisa, the four of us worked very hard to take care of all the details of our Daughter’s wedding, but we could not of gotten through the wedding day without your help, advice, expertise and experience on our big day. Your nature is to pull everything together, “watch our backs”, lead the way and orchestrate everything as only someone can who has tons of wedding planning experience. We could not of done it without you! Thanks, Michael & Debbie

Till next time
714 305 7112

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Pacific Promenade wedding, Ritz-Carlton Laguna

It’s always fun to have to lay out a room differently than normal, makes you stop and have to think, love it.

For this couple they had a dj for the dinner and later in the evening, but for two hours they had a rock band/Steel Panther (what a lot of fun they were, rocking the house) from Vegas entertain the crowd and they needed a huge stage. In a not quite square ballroom you have to make a decision to either make that stage the focus and spread the tables out around it, or what we did, we put the stage at one end, then all the dining/guest tables with the royal headtable furthest away from the stage. It worked out perfectly, and this band was absolutely awesome, a lot of fun.






What made this wedding even more unique (than the rock band) was that the bride and groom were not involved in one aspect of the wedding. Their rep who was male and not gay or married so feeling way out of his league, he and I planned everything, from the color concept to the decor etc. We had a great time and I do think by the end of it he was actually having fun!!!

So if wanting to have a dramatic/wow effect, don’t be scared to do a dark base, just like we did here, meaning black linens, chivaris/cushions, leaving the napkins and centerpieces to provide the pop. My weddings this year seemed to be this kind of feel or totally the opposite, love it, thus my job is never boring.

Special thanks Karla/Elegant by Design for the florals & always thinking out of the box for me. Also to Frank Salas, one of my fave photogs for the pics above. Also, Brie and the team from the Ritz, as always, fab u lous working with you all as always.

Till next time
714 305 7112

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What the heck??!!

I was doing so well, was getting the weddings blogged as the year/season started and then July hit and the weddings happening from then through October got me busy and my blogging stopped. I have so many great looking celebrations to share, so get ready, this has really been a year of lovely lovely couples with great friends and family, and visions that we started with that turned out so fabulous.

In the meantime, I am so fortunate, the thank you cards and emails have been coming in, so I am sharing some more with you below (all the originals are in my office), and I have gotton so many will have to share them over a few blog entries.

Dear Lisa
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! We seriously can’t thank you enough for all of your help getting this wedding done. You kept us calm, cool and confident these past 10 months and it made all the difference. Also, the big day was absolutely gorgeous! All of the vendors you referred were wonderful to work with as well, and did a beautiful job. I throw a lot of parties at my home and I want you to know that every time I saw you marching here and there across the venue I totally appreciated it and had visions of me doing that and it would not have been enjoyable being the MOB!! All in all we had an amazing day and have the best memories of our daughter marrying a wonderful man who could ask for more. We will miss you and will be referring you every chance we get. Take care. Love the Taylor family

We are alive Lisa!! It’s been two days we are still trying to recover. It was a beautiful day full of beautiful memories and I cannot thank you enough!! Definately our dream wedding and everything looked and worked out perfect! Thank you again for everything Lisa! Xoxo Fatama and Mehdi

This thank you was to both me and the hotel service manager:
Everything turned out great. We all had a great time. Flowers were beautiful, big thanks to both of you. The service was wonderful and all the staff have been very helpful. Thank you two. We are very satisfied. Thanks again. Michael

Lisa, I can’t believe I am just now getting around to this, but I wanted to thank you for everything. The day was perfect and all of your vendors were so professional and easy to work with. Thank you again for everything. Sandy.

Lisa – we had an amazing night last night!! Thank you for all your help and guidance. Jennifer

Then this came across email and made me smile:
Hi Lisa, I was looking through all of my wedding memories from two summers ago and it still thrills me to see the pictures. It was so beautiful and absolutely perfect for Rick and I and what we wanted our day to be like. Even though our wedding was a small gathering it was perfection. You cared about every detail just like I did. Thank you so much for making my memories of it so wonderful. Let me know how to follow you on Facebook and Instagram.

This thank you came by way of a text while I was working a wedding, and kept me laughing and further re-inforced why I love my job:
We are thinking about you Lisa! You are the best….. We will send you pics shortly. Big kiss, Martin and Maude xx I responded
They responded with:
We love you. We are so grateful of what you have done for us. Special lady, special memory of you darling.

I am just so so lucky. I spend time with these couples, some months, some weeks in the build up to the big day, I can see how it is all going to be in my head, and driving to the venue I am always so happy/excited to see it come together. It comes together perfectly and we have lots of hugs and high fives through the night, and then the icing on the cake is these words that come to me after, reaffirming my love for what I do makes a difference in the end result for these couples and their friends/family.

Till next time
714 305 7112

Till next time
714 305 7112

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Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel wedding before end of 2013

If you are just now thinking, let’s get married before the end of the year, well the Ritz-Carlton has come up with some incentives to entice you to consider/book them. Here they are:

50% off the normal ceremony site fee
Food & beverage minimums less than normal
Fruitwood chivari chairs included (up to 250) for the reception
Sparkling wine toast included
Triple Ritz-Carlton Rewards points (based on what you spend, 150k max)
2 nights in an oceanfront guest room, night prior & night of wedding
1 year anniversary- 1 night stay/ocean view room, replica of your wedding cake top to enjoy (nice and fresh), special gift

Now don’t think a wedding can’t be pulled together to happen in the next four to eight weeks, it sure can. Sooner may mean personally calling guests to invite them, but if looking at the end of December, plenty of time to find invites/get them mailed and get rsvps.

I happen to have quite a few couples through the course of each year that call me having just decided to get married, or just booked a venue, and have done nothing else, and we pull everything together no problem with this kind of planning window. In fact, sometimes this is the perfect way to plan a wedding, it keeps the guest list down due to people having plans already possibly, a bride doesn’t have months to second guess any vision/colour/design aspects, and it moves along fast and the wedding day comes without months of waiting.

So if you are ready/game, so am I, call or email and lets get your wedding planned at the Ritz-Carlton, Dana Point before Dec 30, 2013.

Till next time
714 305 7112

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