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We do intimate weddings too!


You like what we do, would like some great assistance to make your wedding better/easier on the day but because your wedding is not going to be at a four or five star hotel or it’s smaller so you think we are not available to you, not so!!  If I am available, I would love to help, and I also have my lovely Teri and Nicole who are able to oversee your celebration on the day, both have been doing weddings for my couples for years, so you are in great hands.

IMG_5955 IMG_5957

This is an intimate wedding we did recently.

Till next time


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New Zealand wedding?? Let’s do it

IMG_4557 IMG_4731

Well I am kind of an expert on New Zealand, have travelled it from tip to tip, side to side, literally, thanks mum and dad, I’m sure we complained at times that we wanted to stay home and not go on holiday like other kids, oh and I am a kiwi, I just happen to live in the USA.

I am fortunate to where I go home often, in fact just got back a couple of weeks ago.  The top pics are from my flight on the way, stopped via Fiji.  The beauty of NZ is you can stop at Fiji, Tahiti or Australia on the way to or from the USA, so get a bunch of great destinations checked off that bucket list.


Imagine this for your ceremony backdrop, a mountain/great for skiing on in the winter, and an active volcano right next door!!  This is in the middle of the north island, there are a lot more snowy/glacier areas in the south island if you are looking for that.

IMG_5033 IMG_5175

The pic above is Lake Taupo on a lovely day with the smoke from the thermal center across on the other side, a big part of the foreshore of this lake is warm, due to the thermal water running into the lake.  The second picture is on the waterfront in Wellington the capital city, lots of great places along the waterfront to eat and party, the pic below is one of them, and while I was there a wedding was happening up above us!


Would love to help you plan a wedding in New Zealand!!

Till next time


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Rancho Las Lomas wedding


Well this was a wedding long awaited for and such a joy to be a part of, one of our industries own, dj Peter Papadopolous/Vive Ent got married.  Some of his vendor friends got to work/play at the celebration, Frank Salas/photog, me, Elysium Productions/video, Design Visage/hair and makeup, Karla/Elegant by Design, The Drs Trott/officiants, and we had vendors who wanted to come and do anything they could to help, Kim Shane/Shane Productions, Melody Walker/planner.  Elevated Pulse was the dj for this djs wedding, so that says something.  Plus we had vendors there we work with who were guests for a change, Jeff/Moondance Mobile Music and his lovely wife.  What a great time we all had!!


Peter’s groomsmen were his brothers and good friends that we have worked with over the years and even now at the 5 star hotels in the OC.  So good to see people you work with having a good time on the other side for a change!!

Papadopoulos-_1161  Papadopoulos-_1166 Papadopoulos-_1170 Papadopoulos-_1171  Papadopoulos-_1179

From the beginning our lovely bride knew she wanted a black/red color scheme and it turned out beautifully wouldn’t you say??.

Till next time


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