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Motif, St Regis, Monarch Beach

Using this restaurant for evening wedding receptions is really becoming quite popular.  When you combine it with a Botanical Garden ceremony your guests really get to experience this wonderful hotel/resort fully and understand why you chose to celebrate here.

Thanks to Lin & Jirsa for the photos.

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Sandpiper Room Hyatt HB Intimate Celebration

I had the fun part of helping Lisa (yes, I have a few this year.  Does make it funny when I hear my name called at a wedding where the bride is also Lisa consistently!!) and Kristian plan their wedding event which was all about fun/activities and just being together with their 20 other family members that flew across the country to spend a week here and celebrate with them.  A good bunch of folks.  Then Peni took over and ran the event on the day.  I kept tabs on how things were going throughout and was pleased to hear they had extended the dj, which told me a lot!!

We did the royal dining table which is so great for a smaller group, after dinner and a bit of dancing, they did some games/activities, then  a photobooth opened up to mix things up/suprise the guests, and back to dancing/socialising.  So great when everyone is at the hotel and has been for several days, what else is there to do, but hang there where you can be as noisy as you want/do what you want without worrying about others in the restaurant or other public area of the hotel, you have your own space.

Thanks to Bob Ortiz for the photo below, and to Peni for doing a great job as always, and of course to Lisa and Kristian for choosing us to help them with their celebration.

Then we had Michelle’s wedding, such nice families, they booked us for a smaller service so had the vision/vendor team in place, and then when we officially began I helped them finesse and cross the ts.  This is the normal setup in this room, it works wonderfully and doesn’t feel crowded for weddings of 74 or less.  Thanks to Patrick Carrigan, the photographer they brought down with them, for this room shot, it was taken before the florals came in from the cere site, but for those of you considering this room, it gives you the feel/look.

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Laguna Cliffs Marriott, Dana Point

Mom, Sara and I had started her wedding planning with another hotel booked.  Then the groom came across this hotel and had us switch the wedding location.  I didn’t mind at all as I had not done a wedding here for quite a while, and when you compared it to their original pick and what would suit them best, then the switch made sense.  Something can be said in hiring a co-ordinator to help you location scout and save the monies that get lost in this kind of situation (original deposit normally), however most of the time if couples have their location booked before booking a co-ordinator it works out fine, that is the property/location you fell in love with and know is right for you, so this was a rare occurance.

Anyway, I digress.  It was great to be back, they have made some changes that are for the best for sure.  The banquet manager I had I had worked with before and she is excellent, everyone there was very helpful and guest oriented.  We did the ceremony up at Del Mar Lawn and then did the cocktails/dinner/dancing on the main lawn, all outside, and boy we could not have picked a more weather perfect night if we had of tried (we had hoped, but you can’t try!!).  Sad to see Sara and her mom move on from my life, but look forward to seeing them at someone elses wedding in the future.

Thanks as always to Tony Florez for getting me these pics, always lovely to work with.

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