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St Regis, Club 19

Here’s a quick peek of a Club 19 wedding where it was not all about florals.  Angela and John were quite cool/hip and on a budget and florals were just not their thing.  Our budget was spent on linens/chargers and furniture inside to create a club feel along with the ‘big band’ that Angela had said from the beginning she wanted.  As day became night, the floating candles and votives on the dining tables along with the votives we had hanging from the rafters, gave the dining patio a really romantic feel and the linen color/chairs that complimented, made it feel really warm and comfortable for those that just wanted to stay at their tables

L07A5336 copy

With a backdrop like the one below for your ceremony, you can get away with just a petal aisle and some pew florals to soften the white chair look, no need to spend a lot on florals when that is just not your thing.

Thanks Tony Florez for these pics, as always you are a pleasure to work with,  Flowers by Cina for listening to the bride and not trying to talk her into something she did not want to do, Fusion for the linens/chairs/furniture, Design Visage for keeping Angela’s hair/makeup looking fabulous until the end, and my fave string trio/quartet company, Naples Chamber Ensembles, and of course the team at the St Regis without who, we are nothing!!! lol

L07A4934 copy

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Ritz-Carlton Laguna, Terrace Salon

I am posting these photos I took so that anyone looking at this space at the Ritz-Carlton has something to look at, as I don’t think there are many photos out there.

It’s not a known room and because it does not have an ocean view is not as popular, but I have done some lovely weddings in it.  The full effect of this space happens later in the evening when the candles are flickering and the amber glow they give out, plays against the gold walls that surround. I love the balcony that has great outdoor furniture on it and overlooks the main pool which looks lovely at night.





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Nixon Library Wedding celebration

I got a call from this lovely mother of the bride who had pulled the vendor team together but no needed someone to verify she had done all she should, tweak/suggest things etc, and then run the day.  The bride was very busy on the other side of the country, so mom had been trusted totally and had run with it.

I was not available to run the event on the day, but my Teri was, s I spent the last couple of months prior to the wedding helping mom cross the ts and dot the i’s, and then Teri orchestrated the event on the day itself.

This family was orthodox Jewish and as a lot of the Jewish weddings we do are reformed, I loved getting my teeth back into the moments that needed to be incorporated into the timeline/event, as it had been a while.  Since doing this wedding we now have two more weddings happening this year from the same group of mothers/brides, love it.

Over the years we have done a few weddings at the Nixon Library and it was nice to be back there again.  Thanks to Julie Sterling for the photos below.










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Hyatt HB/same room 2 days

I am fortunate to have been on the preferred vendor list at the Hyatt Huntington Beach since it opened, think that is about 12 years now, and that means I have had the honor of being involved with many weddings in the Vista Ballroom, all different based on my lovely bride’s budgets/style/vision/vendor selections.  Below are two weddings I did in the Vista ballroom, two nights in a row, this is where you get to see the same room and how different it can look.  Thus my job is never boring…………



The ceremony below goes with the reception picture above.  Pretty ceremony and then a dramatic look in the reception room.  Thanks to Frank Salas for those two photos, and to Jeremy Chou for the top picture.  Both photographers are great to work with.  Fusion Décor provided the white and black dancefloors, chivaris, linens.  The team at Hyatt HB as always, love working with them all.


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St Regis Grand Lawn Wedding Celebration

They got married at the MIssion SJC, cocktails were held at the Sunset Terrace at the St Regis looking down over the dining/dancing area which was the Grand Lawn.

Lovely Alexis was a dream to work with.  Great style and taste, as well as lovely inside and out.  And working with Alexis and her mom was just a wonderful experience.  When she came to me she knew she wanted her wedding dinner/dance to be outside and we discussed a few different locations and scenarios, Alexis loved the St Regis Grand Lawn and wanted a September evening, which could have gone either way, good, or cool and uncomfortable.  Good things happen to good people, she had the perfect evening temperature wise and no wind. They got married at the MIssion SJC, cocktails were held at the Sunset Terrace at the St Regis looking down over the dining/dancing area which was the Grand Lawn.

We had a great time creating the vision, finding the right vendors to fit our budget and style, and then pulling it all together.

Thanks to Keith Laverty for bringing the floral vision to life, to Larry Crandall for the lovely photos below and for always being such a gentleman to work with.  And to Kelly and the banquet team at the ST Regis Monarch Beach for always going along for the ride with me with their five star/five diamond service and style.






I would love to help you plan your perfect wedding celebration.

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5 Crowns Restaurant, Corona Del Mar

I was invited to a lunch at Five Crowns and was shocked to find this sweet area out the back for intimate/small weddings, I thought it was quite lovely, so was very pleased when I had a lovely couple inquire as to my availability to help them in the final month of their wedding planning and then oversee/orchestrate the event on the day.

Thanks to Allison and the team at Five Crowns, lovely to work with, and to Edna of Square Eye Photography for the photos below. 











Let me help you have a lovely celebration at this lovely intimate location, with the best Prime Rib!!! lol

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Hyatt Huntington Beach

Ok, got to get pics blogged from 2013 before I am allowing myself to blog any 2014 pics.  So trying for a post a day, so get ready.

Can’t believe this wedding has been almost a year, thanks to John & Joseph for the pics.  Love it when we get to use round dancefloors.  Lighthouse Courtyard & Huntington Ballroom combo.












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Caribbean honeymoon

If you are looking at the Caribbean for your honeymoon, whether you are one of my couples or not, let me help you pick the right Sandals Resort/island for you.  I have been to nearly all of them, happen to think all-inclusive is the best thing ever on honeymoon, and after advising you, can put you in touch with a special department at Sandals that works directly with couples that are referred by wedding planners, giving you great personal service, which you do not get through the normal 800 number or website that everyone else have to use/go through.

Email or call

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