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Well hello

In case you were wondering why I hadn’t blogged.  I was just in NZ for a couple of major birthday celebrations in the family & friend group, and then stopped off at Sydney on the way back.

Maybe because I wasn’t so rush rush as always when home (I was born in New Zealand and every one of my family members still live there),  I had my eyes open with weddings in mind for future couples of mine.

New Zealand, fabulous place for a honeymoon or destination wedding.  Now not tropical like some people think, it really has a climate similar to San Francisco/Seattle areas, it is a beautifully green country, lots of land still, when in the bush areas you can hear the native Tui birds and others,  so very peaceful and idyllic in so many ways.  For honeymoon travel, easy to drive yourself around and stay in nice hotels along the way, or you can ‘rough’ it and hire a campervan/rv vehicle-very popular.  There are some great upscale lodges if you have a small group coming where you can do both the wedding celebration and have everyone staying under one roof or in separate villas on the grounds.

Then Sydney, this really is a fabulous looking city, and I am lucky enough to have been many times.  There is nothing like flying in or out and looking down over the harbour and seeing the bridge and the Opera House.  I have been out on the harbour many times, but this time noticed that there is a small island bang in the middle, and apparently you can rent it and have your ceremony and luncheon/dinner on it.  It’s quite small and could be windy and no shelter if it rains and you didn’t plan on it, but a cool idea I think.  There are  restaurants all around this harbor/Circular Quay area where you can have banquet space or rent the restaurant and be looking out to the Opera House while you celebrate.  They even have a cool ice bar where you have to get rugged up like an eskimo and go in for a drink, then decide that was long enough and leave, it’s about the experience not really the drinking!!!  Fabulous five star hotels all close to the water in that you would be familiar with in Sydney, so no need to worry about hotel quality or standards, in fact some of these hotels claim a six star service/experience!!!  A very easy area to walk around and get a feel for and experience city.  Can you imagine a wedding celebration in this city on NY Eve daytime and then you charter a boat and do a group dinner/dance and watch the fabulous NY fireworks show they do (one of the best in the world I say), or make that your wedding celebration, very memorable.

Well, if anyone is considering either of these desintations for their wedding ceremony/celebration, I am your girl.  And if you are planning on a honeymoon to either location, I can give you loads of good info and even put you in touch with Mr Australia who handles fabulous trips for couples/groups to both countries.

I was happy to see that my group of pals are still supporting the champagne industry,  so a lot of bubbles were enjoyed and celebrated with.

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