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Here’s to 2011

Welcome to the year of your wedding!!

The year started off for me with a wedding on the first day (yesterday, jan 1, 2011), and in the morning!!   So it meant a nice calm NY eve night, saw the movie ‘The Tourist’ which just made me want to get back to Venice asap, couple of glasses of Veuve and then bed.

Not that my lovely bride or groom asked for it, but I decided prior to 11am, that if they were getting married on 1.1.11 then I would start the cere at 11:11am, and I untied the aisle ribbon at that time and we began, how’s that for keeping in the theme.  They had 85 guests of which only 2 did not make it, a lovely day down at the lovely Ritz-Carlton, Laguna, the ocean backdrop was gorgeous, the sun was out and warm in the afternoon, and they even ended up with fabulous sunset shots down on the beach at 5pm.  A perfect start to a perfect life together for Alithia and Corey.

Blogging from here on out:

Think I am going to change my blogging thoughts for this year.  Over the past couple of years I have blogged on some of my favourite locations, weddings, and unique ideas, as well as destinations outside of the US for weddings, and I can see how many thousands of people have read my blogs and gained insight or information that hopefully helped them make some great decisions.

And, I can tell by my calendar I am going to be fortunate to be doing  more of the same this year, so ….. instead of blogging after things have happened and possibly doing the odd blog that was more therapy for me than of interest to you ………….

If you are one of my brides and you wish me to blog about your celebration, let me know and I will.

Or if you have found my blog by doing a search, then that tells you I am experienced in/have experience with,  whatever it is you are looking for/thinking about, so call or email me and let’s chat and work together on your celebration. 

Now, that’s not to say, that if something grabs my attention or is something I feel compelled to sit at the computer and chat about I won’t, I will.  Going in to a new year, I am curious as to what those topics just may be.

Take care, be healthy, I hope this is a successful/prosperous year for us all.

Till next time


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