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More 2013 thank yous

Well, the season hit hard and fast, I was doing so good with trying to do a post a week, it’s been a couple of months now since I did the last one, yikes. So many great wedding celebrations so far this year and still many to come. Doing a great one right now at Balboa Bay Club, everyone dancing and having a great time looking out to these mega yachts. I had the email below ready to post a while back and now have a ton more thank you notes, so posting this now and will get the next thank you blog started, but inbetween now and seeing that, will get back on track and get some celebration blogs out there so you can see what I have been up to and what a great wedding season 2013 has been.

Hi Lisa, We want to let you know how amazing of a job you did and how you miraculously held up all the pieces amidst much chaos and disorder. We are so grateful that you were a part of our special day. Big, big thank you to you!! Thank you for all you have done. Thank you. Hala

Good morning Lisa, We are still on cloud nine from Jessica and Cory’s wedding. You did a fabulous job in helping us out with all the preparations till D Day and throughout D Day process. Great attention to details and making sure everything got done the way it was supposed to. I hope today you are resting. You work so hard. Fondly, Estela.
Then they dropped a card off at my office which said: Dear Lisa, Thank you soooo much for all your help in putting Jessica and Cory’s wedding together. The wedding day was perfect from beginning to end. YOu worked very hard and put a lot of love and effort into it. Both Sam and I are very happy and impressed with your great expertise, professionalism and passion for your job. You helped us achieve the ‘dream wedding’ for our daughter Jessica. Estela and Sam

And the day after their wedding, I got this text:
Lisa, thanks for making happen a literally perfect wedding. I don’t know if you hid any problems that cropped up, but we didn’t notice anything at all. You’re the best!! Alyssa & Michael

And from this past weekend:
Hi Lisa, Tony and I are sitting in the airport waiting for our flight to Africa, so don’t have much time, but I wanted to be in touch before we left to tell you what an amazing time we had at our wedding! Eveyone has been telling us how much they enjoyed everything and that it was the best wedding they had ever been to. We will send more formal thank you’s when we return, but just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you, Teri, and your team before we left. A million thanks. Jessica

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