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Mission Viejo Country Club

It’s always nice to let you know about a new property or a property that has a new team or change in direction to where they now want weddings, and the MVCC has done all those things.  A brand new multi million dollar building has opened which has private banquet space in it, or you can buy out the restaurant for a larger group which has beautiful views down the green golf links, a lovely ceremony site, and reasonable pricing, and excellent food.

If you are location scouting, then let me help.  After booking me and doing the budget, we  can include this as one of our options and I am able to get us a table for lunch (always nice to try before you buy).

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2011 – another year of lovely couples/weddings

Okay lovely brides, I have heard you.  If I am not blogging you think I am not working  (totally untrue), you like to see what my brides have done in the same space you are going to celebrate at (you will see some, but not all, sometimes  too many options is not good for you), and you like to see/know what I have been up to.  So, based on that I am going to post a bunch of blogs on the popular venues, unusual venues and anything else that I think you may find of interest from the year 2011, and for 2012 my promise to you and myself is anytime I think you will like what we have just  helped to create or info to help you along your path, I will be posting as the year goes along.

I am feeling quite excited to get things going, so thanks to those of you that told me it was time to get back to blogging!!!!!!  Now, I wait on my lovely photographer friends to get me the pics that you are dying to see (hint hint photographer friends!! LOL)

So to start things off, as I have these photos (thanks to Happy Photos/Santa Ana)….  I got a call early in the year from a bride who had been referred by a past bride (love those, and now I have a bridesmaid from this wedding who has booked me for her wedding at the Biltmore in LA in 2012, yay) and needed my help.  She was getting married in a church but really needed someone at her reception location to ensure all was well with setup,  vendors, and give her peace of mind.  I was thrilled as her location was the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa.  I had been to an event when the center opened and thought it was fabulous and never really thought of it as a wedding event location.  Well, you will see by the pictures below it makes for great pics.

I had the pleasure of working with Patina Catering group  (who I have worked with at other locations and of course like the restaurants around the OC), and her cake was by a chef who had competed on one of the cake shows on tv, so a lot of elements involved that made it nice and fun.

Thanks Donald and Annika, it was a beautiful celebration and what lovely family and friends you have.

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