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Thank yous

Sometimes things happen when you least expect it and you realise that something you love doing makes a difference to all those involved and when you think they have moved on and forgotton all about you you are proved wrong ………

I am very lucky that during events there are normally guests/bridal party members/family thanking me for my hard work or what they are experiencing, and of course always a hug and thanks from the couple before they leave, and I have been fortunate over the years to have ended up with books of Thank You notes/emails/cards from parents and couples.   But a couple of weeks ago I had some moments all in a run that blew me away.

I was heading home after a Friday night wedding and my car phone rang at 1;11am, I picked it up, and there was the couple I had sent off to their room about an hour earlier, calling me to tell me how happy they were and what a great celebration they had.  I couldn’t believe it, firstly I told them at that particular time I should be the furthest thing from their minds, and secondly of course, thanks and it was my pleasure and honor to be a part of it all.

Then the next night I was leaving at 1:18am and the exact same call came in from the couple from that night.  Wow.

I went into the office on the Monday and a box was waiting for me, and inside my favorite champagne, chocolates and some other fun items and a special card another couple had made for me. 

The next day I turned my computer  on to a nice long email from a couple who got married a month earlier and had just arrived back from a nice long Italian honeymoon, wanting to have dinner and continue our friendship we had begun, and then in the mail a very heartfelt  Thank You card from a couple that I had loved working with also.  Later,  a bride I had spent a lot of time with during her planning had called prior to going on honeymoon and said such lovely things to me on how happy she was not only with the event but the process and planning months leading up to it, and wanting to dinner also.

Then the icing on the cake, that night my phone rang around 8pm, I looked at the number not knowing who it was, and it was  a bride and groom from three years ago at their 3 year anniversary dinner calling me to say they were reminising about our journey together and what a fabulous celebration they had, and they wanted to say hi.

This is all so humbling, and it seems so backwards.  The thanks should come from me, I am allowed to do what I love for lovely people, it is all good.  Not being in the corporate environment where your boss lets you know how you are doing, your thanks and appreciation is my fuel and lets me know I am doing it right!!  It also takes a team, so the kudos I receive are even more special when you have trusted me to direct you to the ultimate team that matches your budget and style and I know going in the experience and professionalism they bring means there will be nothing to worry about on the day and result in  good memories for you to have.  So thanks to the great vendors I have known for years, and the new ones who I am meeting and enjoying working with and getting to know.

I have said this before, it is my pleasure, and whether my journey with the couple is from  beginning to end, or somewhere in between.  seeing people so happy for those hours  celebrating and being together whether the group is large or small is an absolute honor.

Life is a journey and if we allow it, it takes us where we are supposed to be. 

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