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Well, this is exciting.  But  I am going to have people laughing at me (in a good way) when I tell them I am actually doing this.  At the beginning of the year, all the seminars/luncheons/events I went to had everyone on hype about blogging, twitter etc.  I was at the start of an extremely busy year and based on how I knew I was for time, I made the comment several times, I will never blog, I don’t have the time or interest, and I even asked a couple of my hip/computer savvy bride’s if they would have not chosen me due to my not having a blog, their answer was not at all, which justified my response to the blogging hype and why I just never would be doing it!!.

Well here we are as the season winds down, and I am bored.  I like being busy and every week during the season work on the weddings for that weekend and the upcoming weekends.  I have a few more weddings between now and the end of the year, but as they are lovely organised bride’s and we are all done and just waiting for the date to roll around, I now have time on my hands and thought what can I do.  Well believe it or not,  ‘ why not blog about the year’ came in to my mind.  This way I can relive what great times and weddings I had and remember why I am so lucky to do what I do.

 So where I think the first rule of blogging is to only talk about the present, no one cares about the past, well I am going against the grain (which I tend to do) and I am going to have fun reliving 2009 and then once we are caught up (hopefully it won’t take me THAT long) I will do my darndest to stay updated, but then when the season kicks in next year, unless I have gotton really good at this or have become hooked, will probably take hiatis until the end of the season again and do a catchup.

So that’s my story as to what to expect with regards to my blogging and let’s see how we do.

It’s been a busy year for getting out there and seeing what is available, new etc, and I am sure the people inviting are very happy, because I never say no!!!  Experienced some great properties that I have now had and will have more weddings at.  In fact I just got back today from 24 hours in Palm Springs where a couple of us ‘girls from the OC’ went to a bridal showcase, ended up as a guest at a suprise real wedding ceremony (not to the couple, but to us yes), and stayed at a real Palm Springs boutique property which was built in the 60s by a movie guy, and you can just tell the 22 units were built around the pool area for some great ‘movie star’ parties.  Really quaint/unique.  The property was renovated in the past year or so, so for those of you worrying that we were sleeping on 50 year old sheets etc, aok, it was all very new and cool.  And then the day prior attended a great event/luncheon at the new kid on the coast in S.CA, the Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes.  Wow, I loved it.  I love to travel as you will learn as the blogging continues, and love anything European.  Italy is a favourite and the resort really feels like you could be looking out over the Amalfi Coast and then looking back at a grand resort which offers all the great dining options you would expect,  and places to sit and enjoy a glass of wine (or champagne in my case!!) and just chill.  The service at the luncheon was excellent, and the food was great, especially the cheesecake/brulee dessert, yum. They have a ceremony location on a bluff that you look at and feel is just jutting out into the ocean, fab-u-lous.   I can’t wait for my bride to come along that will choose that location to be hers.

Also visited some great dinner locations who hope to get into the wedding business or at least be thought of when it comes to rehearsal dinners or after wedding brunches.

Contrary to what most probably think, the core group of seasoned co-ordinators here in the OC, all get along great and enjoy each other (we all know that there are brides for us all and we attract different bride’s for different reasons) and we get together and do some really fun outings.  We took a Woody bus up to LA and visited some of the premiere bridal salons.  We were enjoying the pastries on the bus etc on the way and mimosas and didn’t think anything of our style until we pulled up to the first salon and then we saw the faces of the ladies waiting to greet us in the salon as we were stepping out of the bus, we started laughing, Woody bus great for bridal parties and corporate outings etc, maybe not so much to impress for a trip like this.  We laughed so much when we got back on, and after we were all done, enjoyed the ride back as much as the ride up.  When we did the bridal salons in the OC, yes we did a limo!!!  For any of our brides they should be very happy to know that they are working with planners who get out there and see what is going on in the world, that is so important.

I am so lucky.  I get the best brides.  They are lovely to work with through the process no matter how long or short a service they booked,  and on their day I just can’t wait to get to the location and see all the plans and hopes become a reality.  I can’t blog about every wedding this year, you would all die, but I have picked a few that I think you will enjoy.

Gabi & Ernesto – May – Dove Canyon Country Club

I loved my Gabi, and Ernesto too.  Gabi’s dad does wedding events in his banquet facility in Europe, and is very used to ornate/grand locations, which of course is not what Gabi was looking for here or what we have to offer in the OC.  We went site visiting and did about 8 locations in one day, from the ocean to the hills as the saying goes.  I really thought she would be an ocean bride, but when they saw the ceremony backdrop at DCCC they both gasped and said, this is it.  They are nature lovers and all that is green, and this was it for them.  The day was beautiful,  everything came together as planned, and at the end of it all, even Dad was very very happy (even if he still thought we did weddings a lot differently here).  Of course, they then went to Europe and two weeks later had another big wedding celebration at Dad’s location for all the family/friends from Europe that could not come to the US wedding, so both Gabi and Dad both got the weddings they had always dreamed of!!  LOL

Had both my Teri and Peni with me on this one, my left and my right hands.  We love placecard tables, so I have added a pic of the one the girls did here, simple but sweet, great location, everyone had to pass by it to get to their dining tables, so we had no seating challenges, yay!!

The rest of the team were awesome, I just love vendors that come prepared and do their jobs, go over and above for the client and never a complaint or moan.  I have been fortunate to do many weddings over the years with my lovelies below.  Love you all

Frank Salas /  Amanda/   Elaine&her merry rogues/   My Peter pop-dj/  Doves/     Illusion Video/  Lighting-Rob/  and Paul Uhlar the officiant who can make me stop during a cere and look at my hands and listen when he does that reading,  even after 22 years of marriagehe has me thinking I need to go home and be nice to my husband, then by 7 hours later, it’s late, my feet are hurting, and I forget all about being nice to him, but still want my back rub!!  Oh well, such is life with a wedding planner.

That’s probably enough for the first blog.  Time has gotton away from me, and my poor kids need to eat dinner.

Until our next time, Lisa

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