December 12, 2020 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations

I knew i had not blogged for a bit and as 2020 has not been as busy as normal/not in the slightest lol, i thought it was only a couple of months i was behind, but nope, just looked and my last blog was July and as the last wedding i had photographer photos from was in March/3 days prior to the previous shelter in place (in another now) so many of the recent blogs were on Sandals Resorts for honeymoons/vacations and destination weddings, as well as other locations around the world for a destination wedding , oh dear!!!

So, in case you thought, maybe she isnt doing weddings anymore, wrongggggggggggggggggg

I have actually done 25 weddings since June 19. Some were couple only/elopements, some were 20 people or less, some were as many as 100 people when we could do that, some were in backyards of homes, some we changed dates two times before it happened and with some their venues did not reopen and we changed locations or for some, we cancelled out of where they were booked to a better venue for less guests and a really wonderful intimate celebration, and some were at my normal wonderful hotels and venues, where we all ensured the events were setup/happened ‘covid’ safe. Some couples had guests tested for covid 1-2 times prior the week of the wedding, some we took temperatures before guests could enter the ceremony area. Last sunday’s wedding we changed the timeline 4 times 24 hours prior based on a shelter at home mandate happening where the start time was not clear until around 16 hours prior!!! It’s been a roller coaster for sure, but we rode it together, couples got married and that is really what is was about, and i have to say it, i feel that some of them ended up with a way more special/wonderful celebration than what the original plan was.

I actually did have some down time in Oct/Nov so i headed to Hawaii and spent a month there, working on timelines/emails, I did pop back for 4 days to do a wedding at the Ritz then went right on back to my happy place, and ended up doing an elopement there too!!

Now being in a shelter in place (2 tastings, 2 floral sample meetings and a venue walk through, all cancelled for this past week) i have been able to get caught up again, and will now get the blog caught up again showing weddings mixed in with Sandals Resorts (which i have sold for the past 15 years), because we do all need a vacation or honeymoon, and for some who are tired of the roller coaster and just want to get married, let’s go to the Caribbean where you can go alone or with a small group and have a safe wonderful celebration.

You can also check my instagram, i post something everyday, so you will see my current weddings on there, as well as Sandals Resorts & weddings, and sayings/things of interest/tickled me, also.

Till next time


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