First wedding after Stay at home/Memorial weekend

December 17, 2020 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations
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Well to think of the journey i have been on since this wedding at the end of May when we really had no idea how long Coronavirus would be around, that wearing masks and social distancing would become a way of life not just something we were doing for a short while. Wow!! The weddings that followed that we were on their 2nd and 3rd dates and the redoing of timelines and reconfirming vendors over and over, keeping the couple’s positive, and for most of 2020 seemed to be doing a lot of work for free as we were paid earlier in the year when the weddings would have been happening. Sooooo crazy!!

For this couple their wedding was always to be on this date, but the original plan was around 200 people/mostly friends for a ceremony with an ocean view and a rip roaring party to follow at Laguna Cliffs Marriott. By the middle of April we had to make a decision, move the wedding later in the year or to the same sunday in 2021, so the latter happened, but they still wanted to actually get married on this date in 2020. So the first backyard wedding i have done in probably 18 years happened.

They are both Doctors so were very much on alert about people being safe, even their elderly parents were not allowed to come but could watch on the live streaming that we had going, as well as a friend who setup a zoom call which was screened on the side of the house, pretty awesome. Their closest friends/about 10 were at the house (I had done the wedding of one of the couples so it was soooo great to see them again). Everything was done outside in their intimate yard, never ever planned to have a wedding in, but it totally worked out great.

They are very casual, their lives revolve around really good food, so we started things out by them driving together to a park close by for some nice pics by Miki & Sonja, with Elysium Video along covering things. Then back to the house for the ceremony, some snacks after, and the dinner, delivered by moi, In N Out Burgers for all!!!!

Elegant by Design did the florals, i got on my hands and knees and made the heart on the ground, pushed the ceremony music and put food out, poured drinks, bussed and then left when it was time for them to just relax and enjoy some good alcohol. Certainly things that i normally don’t do at weddings, but welcome to 2020!!

As the groom and i said as I left, it may have just ended up being better than Plan A, and in fact i think it did, as as 2020 has gone along, we cancelled 2021 at the hotel. It didn’t seem necessary anymore!!

Congrats Jonathan and Tammy, it was a joy working with you both from beginning to the yard!!!

Till next time


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