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From Hawaii to OC due to Covid

This wedding makes me happy and sad at the same time. Happy because they are the cutest couple ever, and the second wedding I have done for the groom’s family who, small world, was marrying a sweet bride that happens to work at a hotel i work at all the time, and she had heard of me, but it was the groom’s mom who reached out and said, time for the next wedding, but fate brought us all together anyway. love it, Sad reason #1, there is only 2 children in the family and i did both their weddings, so now have to wait for friends and relatives, but i love that family!!
These 2 pics are from an iphone not the photographer because i could not see these exact looks i wanted in her pics so i got them from one of our assistants.

Sad reason #2: We were supposed to be doing the wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Maui, we had all gone over and scoped the space/all outdoors with ocean backdrop, they had done a tasting, and we were all really looking forward to it, plus i could add another Ritz-Carlton in the world to my resume!!

But as things work out, even though we really held off as long as we could, wedding was July 20, and as long as Hawaii was not going to make everyone quarantine as of June 1, we were still all going, well last week of May the Governor of Hawaii extended the quarantine until end of July/August, and as I am typing this in 2021 I can report he kept it in place until Oct 15 where if travelling after that and providing a negative covid test from their providers you did not have to quarantine, so we did the right thing by 1st week of June realising we needed to find a venue here in S CA. First plan was something with a Hawaiian vibe, so we found one in San Diego, liked it, but they had a lot of what seemed to be excessive rules due to covid, again, now we are in 2021 and look back, their rules were smart!! So not working for us, mom found a hotel venue in the OC that i was never really feeling was right for this wedding and after she had signed the contract the hotel came back with new rules that were definately not working for the couple, so we ended up at the hotel i had suggested from the getgo because i knew we could make it exciting/different and could kind of make not doing it in Hawaii aok. The Waterfront Beach Resort in Huntington Beach. Yes. We did the ceremony with the ocean/palm tree backdrop, did cocktails with that same view, and dinner/same view with a lovely water feature backdrop to our royal table. Then to suprise everyone, after dinner, the B&G lead the guests up the elevators to the rooftop bar/lounge area where we had dancing/socialising with 180 degree awesome views of the Pacific from Long Beach to Laguna. What were guests saying?? Are you kidding me?? amazzzzzing. Wow. Awesome.

Sad reason #3, the day before i broke my leg and was still in hospital when this wedding was happening!!! I was so mad at covid, because we would have been in Maui already and i would not have been doing what i was doing in my backyard!! In the ambulance from my house to the hospital, i called Nicole and said, i think you need to be prepared to get a call from me to come help tomorrow as i may not be very mobile, so got her set. Unfortunately the surgeon laughed when he gave me option of surgery that night or tomorrow and i said, well tonight please as i have a wedding to do tomorrow. Oh no he said, you won’t be doing a wedding tomorrow. So again, call to Nicole, you are full on tomorrow/no me. I was never worried as she totally knows what she is doing/to do/works from my timelines all the time and was working with Brittany, so i knew all would be fine between the two of them. And thank goodness, when i had to call the mom and tell her, she also knew that i would not send anyone who would screw things up, so they were all good to go/relaxed and enjoyed the wedding celebration as if i was there, i don’t think they even missed me, lol

As you can see from the pics above, all turned out lovely. We obviously had to get a new florist and karla/EBD floral stepped in and got the vision immediately, we brought the tropical/Hawaii feel to Huntington Beach, a new dj/DJ Griff a multi friend referral, but were lucky as the photographer was coming to Hawaii so she just didn’t have to fly so far, Andrea David, and the pics above/not iphone ones, are hers. Design Visage beautified the ladies and kept them on time as always. A friend officiated/she was going to do it in Hawaii also. A tropical duo for pe cere/cocktails and during dinner to again feel the hawaiian vibe, Naples String trio for ceremony, and a big thanks to the team at Waterfront Beach Resort, Vanessa jumped right in as she always does when i reach out and made it happen/work for me, love you lady xoxoxox

Till next time


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First micro wedding 2020 Hyatt HB

Well, the above wedding seems so long ago now, but it was our first step into what became known as ‘micro weddings’ thanks to covid, where couples had their weddings booked/paid for and if they wanted to keep their date/location had to adjust to what the new rules were at their hotel or county or state, and that my friends was a daily changing thing we have learnt to work with and probably even worse now, when we thought that 2021 would mean we would be free and clear, but not the case.

So with this wedding at the Hyatt Huntington Beach, guest count went down to immediate family only because of guests fear of coming/attending and the couple only wanting attendees they knew who/where they had been which would hopefully mean everyone would be safe. Ceremony chairs were spread way out and based on knowing how many singles versus others were spaced that way and their names were on their chairs. In the dining room it was max 4 per table/as you can see split so there was a good 6′ between couples/singles etc. The dancefloor was used only for first dance/parent dances, no guest dancing or socialising. After cake cutting and eating after dinner, chatting at tables, no mixing or socialising, it was over.

I can remember when the guests had left, Frank Salas/photographer (his pics above) and Peter/Vive Ent-dj and I all looked at each other and didn’t know how we felt but i think each hoped this was a short term thing and we could get back to ‘normal’ wedding celebrations very soon (we are all part of the All you need is love micro wedding package at the hotel, and Elegant by Design is the florist included, as well as Jeffrey Holmes/officiant). I will tell you i heard from the bride after and she was thrilled with everything, loved how it all worked out and felt it was better with the smaller group, so that was wonderful. Covid has definately made us prioritise/change ways of doing things and as the ‘season’ goes on you will see how i think most of the celebrations turned out way better than the original plan.

Till next time



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Ritz Carlton Laguna – Terrace Salon

Another Ritz Laguna November 2019 wedding and it was a beauty.  When they booked me the first thing Ashley showed me was an Instagram pic of a wedding with the hanging flowers over the dancefloor, that was where we started from an inspiration stand point and with Square Root’s expertise and beautiful work, we exceeded her expectations and both Ashley and her mom are still in happy mode about how wonderful it all turned out, 6 months later (I know this because mom sends me Instagram messages all the time, lol, loovvvvvvve her and the family)

Lots of cool elements that gave the guests lots to wow about and the poor wedding they go to next, it will seem boring in comparison.  We did two things unique in Terrace Salon, first time anyone had done the ceiling treatment over the dancefloor in there, yay for us, and we draped the whole room, has only been done a couple of times, but just like it does with any other room you drape, it was transformed into a beautiful romantic, soft, beautiful room.  With the draping you cant have nasty black speakers and dj equipment, their dj did not have any of the white speakers or facades my normal guys do so we added a dj façade through Square Root and hid the speakers behind the draping!!  Mom wanted a live artist, my fave @laurajanestudios was not accepting any new bookings when i first reached out, but mom also reached out and low and behold something cancelled and we got her, yay.  Above you see the start of the pic and then how it ended.

Purple was the grooms fave color but we had no purple elements in our design/feel, so he had to wait until after dinner then we turned the purple lights on and that is how it was until the end of the wedding, lol, somehow we always incorporate the groom!

Martini luge with the purple uplight in the ballroom, after the guests got to the top of the staircase to get to Terrace Salon, they were greeted with the Drunk In love wall (OC Flower Walls, I started using them quite a bit in 2019) with the champagne they would use for the toasts (I think there were 8 of us pouring quickly once we knew the guests were on their way, it was lovely expensive champagne and as a champagne drinker smelling that and it getting on my hands if i happened to ‘spill’ was horrible torture, lol, then the went around the corner and saw the mirrors with their table assignments and then they went into the beautiful ballroom which took everyone’s breath away

The Bluff lawn was looking pretty good for the ceremony!


The size of the florals was amazing, huge, and in-between the hanging orchids over the dancefloor were hanging strands of twinkle lights, quite magical

Take a look at the cake above and below, yes it had two sides!! that was the bride’s idea because guests could walk all around it so it didn’t really have a front, turned out great!

Their sweetheart table and backdrop was the center of the action and we draped so you could not see the service doors, think I may start making that a ‘normal’ in this room .

This was a wedding where teamwork really came into play, David/Square Root was an awesome trouble shooter on the day when the logistics of doing something in a room that had not been done before started having wee challenges, that my friends is where our relationships come to play out for sure, and i have strong ones with all the vendors i refer/use for that very reason.  The Trotts officiated and did the same day marriage license/so convenient for my couples, especially as most of them are coming from out of state, cere/cocktail music was a string trio by Naples Strings/always fabulous, dinner/dancing music was by Elevated Pulse and we had Mike that night, we also had a violinist during dinner which was lovely, through them also.  TMMPRO did the dancefloor/decal/draping/lighting/cake & sweetheart tables, we also added bistro lights to the outer balcony area as we had the bars down there with a backdrop of two huge trees, which had somehow become important for the groom to have trees at the wedding, lol, hey  our job is to make things happen and we do, we just make sure we place things where they make the most sense and don’t detract from the other beauty that may have been created, lol.  Square Root did the amazing floral for cere and ballroom obviously, they provided/found the huge trees for our bar backdrop and they did the hedge wall & initials behind the sweetheart table and of course the ceiling treatment, awesome job team.  Viralbooth OC surprised the guests after dinner with a photo booth on the balcony (we love having that balcony so people can run in/out and never feel like they left/missed out on anything, you can see/hear everything.  Thanks to Adrian Jon for the pics and being so easy to work with pre/during and post wedding.  We of course did a late night snack and as much as they would have liked to do the In N Out run I am known for (as they are from Canada and live also in AZ and all the guests flew in) they couldn’t do it as they own quite a few McDonalds, so it just wasn’t politically correct, lol.

When the stars align and you have a gorgeous couple so in love, bride’s parents/mom especially that is just too fun, and dad was too, but mom was more, lol, and can create a wedding of someone’s dreams and have the perfect team on board, you go home and sleep really well after xoxox

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Ritz Carlton Terrace Salon wedding

This lovely destination wedding for Carol and Tim was orchestrated on the day by Allison, who we have known for years and is new to our team as a Day of Co-Ordinator.

Thanks to Frank Salas for the photos.  Square Root did the florals, TMMPRO did the lighting/dancefloor and chivaris for cere & dining room.  They were an intimate group of 70 in this room that can do up to 150 at a squeeze, so plenty of room to spread out and have their band in there too.

And as always, thanks to our friends at Ritz-Carlton for teamwork makes the dream work. xoxox

Till next time



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Hyatt HB – Fun Vista Ballroom wedding


From my first meeting with Greg and Arlynne I knew this was going to be a fun one and i said to Arlynne, ‘your life is never going to be boring with this one’.  Greg constantly makes jokes and is just funny and he wanted the wedding to be that way and incorporate elements that guests would know he had input, Arlynne just let him do his thing and he took the lead.  He came up with some wacky ideas that i would at first say, yeah sure lets do that, then i would realise he was being serious and have to say, oh hang on let’s really talk this through.  lol


From the get go the donut wall was major, he really wanted donuts from his favourite store as everyone knows he goes there everyday, but unfortunately that was not able to happen so the hotel provided the board and donuts and they did them in blue which was the wedding color and did them in a heart.

From the Blue wands with bells that everyone waved during the ceremony when it took their fancy to when the Bridal Party exited the cere (the wands had meaning for the bride and were her one important item), the LOVE sign in the foyer, the mirror seating chart,  the best band ever (lol, as Greg and the guests were all saying at the end, and yes they did extend the band because that dancefloor was full and they couldn’t get enough of Adam and the Full Spectrum band), to the In N Out cake (also made by Sweet Traders that made the wedding cake) because everyone knows Greg also loves In N Out-that his bride surprised him with, that was the only item he knew nothing about and we pulled that off, whew!!  There was always something that the guest’s were saying, this is awesome, what a great time.

They sat at a small oval table with their bestman&wife and matronOH&husband and the guests were at rounds with a mix of tall/low centerpieces (florals all by EBD of course!!). To Jacqueline Kay Photography (the pics above are a mix of her’s and mine), Shane Productions/video, Design Visage for hair/makeup and keeping the ladies on time, TMMPRO for my fave round dancefloor/lighting/chargers/stage cover, thank you to our custom vendor team who got the vibe and made it happen, and to our friends at Hyatt HB always xoxoxo

And yes this is cake!!! from vendors to hotel staff to guests, people were amazed!!!  Someone even asked me, will it taste like cake or a burger, and what about the French fries?  Hmmm, good question, i had no idea and as we did not cut any of it, it went to the B&G room to enjoy the next day, i never asked, so we will never know, lol!!

Till next time



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Another beautiful Plaza – Ritz Laguna wdg


Coco and Jacob, I and everyone that worked with them loved them.  Whatever she wanted he was going to make it happen.  She is a sweet English Rose that acts and is in entertainment and he an LA guy working in the entertainment industry, and they also just opened a lovely tea shop in LA

A ceremony backdrop hard to find anywhere and the same backdrop from the cocktail/Plaza Room balcony where I get to do my signature curved sofas there, because it makes sense, lol, and each bride customizes them with cushions they will use at home. Coco also ordered personalized napkins we used for dinner and gold flatware which they would be able to use after in their tea shop, smart girl!!

TMMPRO did the draping/dancefloor+decal/lighting&benches, EBD did the beautiful floral, Bishop Brian officiated a lovely catholic style service, Design Visage prettied up the ladies, not that Coco needed that, Naples Strings provided the ceremony&cocktail music and Angel from Elevated Pulse did an excellent job in the Plaza Room with mceeing and dinner then dancing music, and Luxe Linens provided the linens in the Plaza room.  We have Viral Booth OC open up after dinner in the foyer, and as always that was a huge hit.  Always lots of thanks to the Ritz Laguna team, together we make wedding dreams come true xoxoxo

Till next time



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Another fabulous Pelican Hill Wedding

Such a lovely couple and the bride’s mom was awesome, it was a joy to work with them on this wedding.  We had some cool elements, the hedge wall above with real orchids on it was on the side patio of the ballroom and the Photobooth backdrop, i have brought in a white baby grand piano a few times at this venue for the ceremony music, very chic!!


Linens for the dining tables and our placecard table were from Luxe, we used the same linen as the placecard table had, a lovely shimmery chevron style on alternating tables in the ballroom, and the draping of the walls and the ceiling behind the sweetheart table where we had the bridal party tables and the cake on a stage was amazing, done by Chiavari Chair Rentals as well as providing the benches/tables we used on the ballroom side patio for people to enjoy during the dancing/socializing portion of the event.

Florals were by the fabulous Nisie of Nisie Enchanted Florals, love and don’t get to work with her enough!!  We did a mix of tall/low centerpieces which just like it does in photos gives a different look in each photo, it has the same effect on the guests!

My fave band, who did it again, provided the pianist and Adam sang for the cere, keyboard/sax for cocktails, then kept that beautiful round dancefloor i love full after dinner, Full Spectrum Music.  xoxox


Lighting/dancefloor/B&G sofa and chiavaris – TMMPRO, fab as always

Victor Sizemore Photographer was on board and the good pics above are his, the dark ones are mine because i was looking for different angles/reasons then he would have been, so sorry about that, lol.  Video by The Emotion Picture Studio, I have been working with Marc and his team for over 20 years, they are so unobtrusive compared to many companies i see, you need to take that into account everyone!!  Design Visage was on board to beautify the ladies and kept them on time as usual, yay!  And of course the team at Pelican, all including the pastry chef who makes those wonderful cakes, the sales/service team and the staff on the floor the day of the wedding, without you working with me during the planning and execution on the day, i am nothing, lol.  Thank you xoxox

Till next time


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The Caribbean comes to Laguna Beach/Dana Point

img_8092 img_8093

Loved my time with Natasha and Jim from beginning to end.  We pulled together an awesome vendor team and everything turned out fabulously.  Colors, deep blue and bright orange, Natasha told me, and that is what we did, right through to the blue dancefloor.

img_8094 img_8118

Natasha is from Jamaica and a lot of the guests were from the islands and other places, so we really wanted to bring her heritage to the celebration. Plus she referred to herself and I called her, our Caribbean queen. Look at the back of her fabulous gown and the bouquet her friend made for her.  Yes, she is a bling bling girl, as you will see!


Melissa of Flowers by Cina nailed the Caribbean tropical look, must be because like me she spends a lot of time in the Caribbean and loves it.  Look at our beautiful linens for the sweetheart and cake tables from La Tavola, did we say bling bling, and our B&G chairs from Monico Décor as always.

substandardfullsizerender-5 substandardfullsizerender-6

B&G should always look at something pretty if a band stage is no opposite them, cake meet sweetheart table, sweetheart table meet cake, and inbetween we had a magnificent round blue dancefloor with their initials in silver, another fine job by TMMPRO


Doesn’t the ceremony site look awesome, oh and that Pacific Ocean backdrop worked out well too!!

l07a2162 l07a2175  l07a2313 l07a2599

View of the sweetheart table before the lights got dimmed and the uplights went on

l07a2601 l07a2603

Different views from the sweetheart table, cake and other areas.

l07a2604  l07a2608 l07a2613 l07a2629 l07a2630  l07a2632     l07a2725

As always it takes a team, I have already mentioned a couple prior, but here are more.  tony Florez photography, some of the pics above are his and the bad ones are mine, lol.  Shane Productions/video, xoxoxo.  Uncle Larry was the officiant.  For music, we had strings for the ceremony, Naples Chamber Music xoxoxoxo, for cocktails we had 2 steeldrummers from Essence Entertainment, and for mceeing and dinner/dancing we had Dj David Krieger.  Linens/napkins/chiavaris were from Chiavari chair rentals, and of course, our family at the Ritz-Carlton Dana Point worked with us to ensure a great time was had by the couple in the planning months and on the day, as well as a great experience for all the guests.

Till next time


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Park Hyatt Aviara


Funny how things work out.  Zula is best friends with a bride whose wedding I did five years ago.  Earlier in the year I got a message from my past bride saying her best friend is getting married and she has given her my number.  Never heard a word!  Then about 8 weeks before the wedding date I got a call from the photographer who had also done that past wedding, asking if I was available on the date (which was strange as I was available, I had met with a bride I thought would move forward with me and she didn’t, another fate intervention, I was not supposed to get it as I was supposed to do Zula!!), she was not booked for it either but felt she would be and wanted to give my name to the bride, as she thought she had someone helping her pull everything together, but it just wasn’t happening.  Well within 48 hours we were off and running and the bride was thrilled with how much we suddenly had done/she could relax knowing we were going in the right direction.

Our groom loves golf and they actually live down the road from their venue, so the ceremony was done with a golf green backdrop.  Cocktails were done by the putting green and guests could putter during cocktails, the guys loved it.

0a4a6445 img_8835

We ended up in a different ballroom to the one they originally booked, it would have been too small and not as elegant, and we ended up with a great outdoor area for relaxing after dinner with the new room

img_8837 img_9019

Another beautiful seamless/glossy dancefloor and logo by my fave vendor TMMPRO, he also did the chairs and lighting for me, love Jack and his guys.  The late night snack was freshly made warm cookies, just add icecream!!

lisa10 lisa12

A good close up of the linen from La Tavola on the cake table and the placecard table.


A custom Step N Repeat was in the foyer and after guests got their placecards they stopped and had their photo taken infront of it.  It was a popular place later for selfies I noticed.

lisa3a lisa5

In keeping with the golf theme, our martini luge was a golf ball on a tee!! Another great job by Carving Ice.  Next to that is our lovely royal table for the B& and their bridal party.  Nothing like a lovely florally/candle covered style dining table


It was great working with Irmina Photo again, been a couple of years as she had a baby and took some time, but she is baaaaack. Brandon Video did their thing and were lovely and low maintenance (they were a gift to the bride from my past bride), Father Don from Good Shepherd did a wonderful Catholic style ceremony.  We were going with strings for ceremony and cocktails but then I was at an event and a really cute girl was playing guitar and singing and I just knew she was right for Zula, and she was, so ceremony and cocktails were covered by her.  Their friend Vic who is a broadcaster and dj, came in from Florida and did a great job mceeing and playing music to keep the dancefloor full.  Our chargers and outdoor benches came from Monico Décor, florals were by Bella Florina, a florist that Zula knew/found.  And last but not least the team at Park Hyatt were fabulous and the grounds/hotel just made you feel like you were out of the hustle/bustle.  Looking very forward to my next one there early 2017.

Till next time


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Intimate Ritz celebration

FullSizeRender 2 FullSizeRender 3

This is why I love my job, there is no right or wrong and everyone has their own vision/dream.  For this intimate celebration, the Pacific Ocean was the backdrop for the ceremony that had a labyrinth the guests and the couple walked, cocktails on the balcony of Plaza Room, dinner on Sunset Terrace with that beautiful ocean from daylight to night, then into Plaza Room for dancing.  Fabulous.  Thanks To Flowers by Cina who jumped in and worked with us and to Peter/Vive Ent dj for making the after party the place to be.

FullSizeRender 4 FullSizeRender 5 FullSizeRender 6 FullSizeRender IMG_8112

Thanks as always to our friends at the Ritz-Carlton, a joy to work with and the guests feel the team/support.

Till next time


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