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Balboa Bay Resort Wedding

Always nice to be back at BBR.  Grant and Nancy booked a small service where they would have all vendors on board/everything done when it officially began.  After meeting them and getting our detail meeting underway when their service officially began, I noticed that was i was seeing/feeling for the style/look of the wedding did not seem to match Nancy and her personality.  In chatting more it became apparent she had had not idea what she wanted and was busy and just kind of went along with things, so between The Finishing Touch/Brandi and I we redesigned the whole look/feel of everything and it turned out beautifully and they were really happy.  The difference with booking a small service with us is that we still care and are not order takers/just get it done because you are paying less and even though what they were going to do may have been fine but then again, would she have ever loved her photos/good memories of how things looked, we will never know, i just know that with the vendors i work with constantly my couples get a better look/feel than if they went rental/vendor shopping on their own.

They were not doing a white dancefloor but we switched out some rentals they were getting/paying more for and by me organizing the rentals they spent $200 more and got a beautiful dancefloor+decal along with the other rentals they were already doing.  It really was a statement piece and elevated the celebration with elegance to go along with the white/gold we used in the rest of the décor/elements.

In the Bayview Room (where we did one of the first weddings after they turned it from a restaurant to banquet space a few years ago) there are 3 openings that go to the bar, we used the center one as the backdrop/sweetheart area giving the 2 side ones for access in/out, much better.  I love this pic of the groom just before we had the bride/ladies come down to the cere site, this is where they would enter the ceremony through

thanks to Eric/West Imagery for being so nice and easy to work with before and on the wedding day and for the pics above, my iPhone ones are below and a bit brighter/colors more vibrant, as the day was definitely not gloomy, but that again just shows that every photographer has their own style/look and as couples you pick the person whose work you like/want, but it can change in your memory how things were.

Thanks to Grace & Honey cakes for the beautiful cake, TMMPRO for the dancefloor/decl, chairs & chargers, The Finishing touch/Brandi&Doug for the floral/décor, Design Visage for hair&makeup, Ben Mallare Band and of course the lovelies at Balboa Bay Resort we get to work with, we love it there.

And as so many of our couples do, we did the In N out Run towards the end of the night which was a hit as usual.

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Balboa Bay Resort Wedding Reception


Marina and John booked us for a month of service, so they had all vendors in place when the service was about to begin.  With the smaller services you do get a preferred vendor list from me as well as the ability to email/call anytime for advise/direction and referrals.  So things had gone well, i detailed them a bit early because it was a February wedding and with the holidays and I had friends from NZ here in January, so timeline and me confirming with vendors was all good.  However, with the smaller services i reach out to the florist re timing once i have seen a final order from the B&G they are good with, i had said to them to get me a copy of the order so i could look it over and give them thoughts if i thought something was not right/items missing etc and i would then confirm timing with the florist.  We were in good shape.  I am in Cabo about 2 weeks before the wedding and i get a panic voicemail from Marina to call her asap, i could tell something was not right…… well their florist decided they no longer wanted to do their wedding, gave a reason that seemed a bit suspicious (remember people, everyone can see your Instagram and what you are doing and where) and they were refunding the monies paid so far.  So that made it pretty final, right!  While i was talking to Marina and calming her down as i knew we could find a florist, but not for the pricing she was paying, that i knew, so always be wary if someone is giving you same as others but for a much lesser price, something is not right, I was texting/emailing EBD Floral/Karla to see if they were available and could she help.  Well this is why planners have their core vendors, all different for different reasons, so you see them intercrossing for different weddings, thank goodness she could help and within 48 hours Marina & John had met with her, she was booked (yes it cost them more, but what it should have cost in the beginning!!) and of course pulled everything off without a hitch, wish they would have gone with someone off my list from the get go, none of us needed that and i had to not drink for a good 36 hours in Cabo as i had to keep my wits about me for the calls/emails that were going back and forth to solve this, and to keep Marina calm.

So anyway, I digress but these things can happen, and i was worth my wait in gold to these 2, if they had not had a planner there last 2 weeks leading up to the wedding would have been horrific i am sure.  With their service they had included my being at the hotel early to keep the girls on track with hair/makeup/dressing and getting to the church on time and had one of my assistants at the church (it is an Egyptian church and there is no church lady, we have done many weddings here so know how it works/what to do to get everyone up the aisle and keep photos moving after the ceremony ) to keep me in the loop as to when they were arriving back at resort/what was happening at the church, so i could keep things on track from that end, not be blind.  Cocktails were in the foyer and the outside patio area which is lovely, then into the ballroom we went where the lighting/music/mceeing & Photobooth were done by Invisible Touch.  TMMPRO did the dancefloor and service wall draping.  Dolled up by Lulu did hair/makeup, Jim Kennedy was our photographer/always love working with him or his ladies, quick and fun.

After dinner we had a setup in the ballroom for the guests from the Boba Tea Truck, i have to tell you, this was a hit.  I may have sampled 2 of the 3 options, just to be sure they were quality enough for this wedding, lol.  it’s always fun seeing past couples/families at my Egyptian weddings, it is a very tight community and we are very lucky they have embraced us.  And to the BBR team, thanks as always, we just love being there for sure

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