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Ritz-Carlton Sunset Terrace/Plaza wedding

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We loved working with our bride for this more intimate celebration.  She was a very busy working woman and definitely needed me to help her pull the vendor team together that fit with her budget and vision/style.  So as well as our fabulous partners at the Ritz-Carlton in Laguna, we had Dj Al, Flowers by Karen, Naples Strings for ceremony&cocktails, Design Visage for hair/makeup, Tony Florez for photography-thanks for the pics, and Teri there on the day to oversee/run the event.

l07a6305  l07a6319

Everyone knows I love a white glossy/seamless round dancefloor, finally found a smaller one for Plaza and looks like the guests had used/messed up the cushions on the benches!! lol

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Hyatt Huntington Beach


Interesting trend now of couples choosing hotels for their weddings but using the spaces differently or getting creative with the spaces.  Julia did this exact thing by using a traditional ceremony site but then doing dinner/dancing at the Red Chair Lounge a more casual/loungy vibe space.

img_8858 l07a8171

The palm tree pic I took  as sunset was happening, and the rest of the pics are courtesy of Tony Florez, always great to see/work with him.  I loved the colors and the modern tight look Julia went with and that Karen’s Flowers pulled off.  DJ Mister Bill was right on with his music throughout the dancing portion, and Naples provided elegant strings for the Huntington Beach/Pacific Ocean backdrop ceremony

l07a8178 l07a8182    l07a8627 l07a8631

There were 2 cakes, the soda can and the donut were both personal and the guests all got it, and a trend that has been big this season, a small cake for the traditional cutting but cupcakes for the guests to actually eat.  The sweetheart table and we had to go with a more traditional napkin fold (which my brides know I am not a fan of) but there was a wee breeze and the rental napkins were satiny and could not hang off the table without sliding right on off, lol. We love intimate weddings!!

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Hyatt HB destination wedding

IMG_0406L07A2912 copy

Kalena wanted an informal cape code feel family wedding celebration, everyone including the bride and groom were coming in from other states and as they were already married it was a good excuse to get everyone together in one place to vacation together.

L07A2918 copy

There was no ceremony, just the party.  Thanks to Tony Florez for getting group pics for everyone to remember the trip by as well as some nice romantics of the B&G around the hotel.  To Jeff Holmes/dj for keeping that dancefloor floor, this group liked to party.  To Karla/Elegant By Design for understanding the vision and bringing it to a reality, and we got runners and napkins from Monico Décor, and to Courtney and the team at Hyatt HB for as always helping us ensure everyone leaves an event saying it was the best ever!!

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Balboa Bay Resort lovely celebration

Really enjoyed this bride and her mom. Bride was very busy with schooling on the east coast and mom was bi-coastal ending up in the final months here full time. Just lovely lovely ladies, you can tell by the style of the decor/look how they were, as I do feel all ‘looks’ are always a reflection of a bride or couples style/personalities, which they should be, each wedding should not look like it is one of mine!!

They got married in a church over on Balboa Island and at one point we considered duffy boats to get everyone across the harbor and back, it didn’t end up happening, but I think would have been fun and a cool experience for the guests ………….next time!!

We matched the vendor team to the style/look/personality they had/wanted, and it was fabulous. Thanks to for always being soooo easy to work with and for the pics below. Design Visage for making everyone look fabulous as always, all the way until the end of the event (which is important). Keith Laverty for the floral design and for loving these ladies as I did. Essence for providing the pianist that I have worked with many times in the past and did a great job for dinner music. Dj/Mr Bill (a find from one of my brides years ago and so many of my brides pick him now). Fusion Decor for the chaircovers (looks so rich and elegant/warm/inviting after seeing chivaris so often), table linens, furniture for the balcony, and the white dancefloor (which always pulls a look together/finishes it off). Lake Forest limos for getting everyone from A to B then to C, all without effort and trouble. The team at Balboa Bay Club as it was known then, but now Resort, fabulous job and a beautiful cake designed by the passionate Susanne at Sweet Art. A really lovely celebration.





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St Regis Monarch Beach, Botanical/Club 19

I am fortunate to be, as far as I know/am told, the co-ordinator that has done/and does more wedding celebrations from the day the hotel opened until now, at the fabulous Club 19 location at the fabulous St Regis Monarch Beach. And what makes it even more fun for me, is if you look at the photos I post the weddings are never the same, you may see similar elements, but it really is a different/personalised wedding for each couple that chooses this location. I love it.

For the wedding below, what a great couple and what a good time we had planning this wedding. Glenda and Ken came to me through one of his employees whose wedding I had done last year. Teri orchestrated the wedding day of his employee and as luck would have it, I was already booked on their date but was able to have Teri orchestrate their day too.

Through the planning months the couple were at their home here in the OC a bit but mostly in Washington DC where he works, so there were many emails/phone chats along the way, but when they were in town we had a great time pulling everything together, a lot of laughs. They made great selections from the vendors I thought would work best with/for them and everything was of course smooth as silk on the day/celebration. I really loved the color palette we ended up with, very rich/sexy, perfect for this sophisticated couple.



Thanks to our good pal Tony Florez for the photos above,

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Many looks to the Plaza Room, 2011

Well, this spot at the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel/Dana Point is still hard to beat if you are looking for ocean/5 stars/intimacy – here are just some of the many looks my lovely brides chose for this wonderful location:

Thanks for the photo above, florals were by the fabulous Square Root, both vendors always fab to work with & have on the team.


The above pics were courtesy of the dj/Steve Shanahan using his Iphone. I can’t say I have ever seen a photographer do a pano of this room like this, so dark, but love it.  The brides inspiration for this look was a photo on my office wall from a previous wedding, she loved the airy feel of the tall calla lillies.  We used the hotels black linens and brought in black chivaris which looked so elegant and then gave a pop by doing the fabulous black & white pattern napkin, lots of candles together with the fireplace being on, voila, a fabulous look.  Then look below, same room but earlier in the day, so you can really see the detail, these photos courtesy of my lovely bride, and guess what, she never got any photos by her photographer inside the room with the fireplace on/that atmosphere before people came in, so I was able to forward her over the djs pics so she had those to enjoy/remember how fab it looked.

What a soft fresh feel/look, the photo above, courtesy of, was a daytime wedding, and when you walked in it just looked pretty, soft, fresh, and made you smile.  Exactly a reflection of how this bride was and how she made everyone feel around her.

For the above wedding (pic courtesy of wonderful the bride went with a really nice rich red linen with black runners and napkins, some tall centerpieces and some low.  Very dramatic when you walked in.  A great reflection of them, comfortable and warm.  We used a red uplight in each corner, when you have a strong color in the room you can do that to add a pop/further enhance, but in a smaller room you want to be careful it’s not too much.  We use amber a lot to continue the warmth/feel from the fireplace and candles, otherwise the bride’s ‘color’ if she wants that to be enforced.  During dinner just outside the room in the foyer, we setup the EPOD photo booth (it talks to the guests and it’s words match the guests, when they are sober it’s nice and normal, the more tipsy they get and funny/amorous, the more the words comment on what they are doing, it’s hilarious.

My bride for the above wedding wanted her color/theme to be Tiffany Blue  but she was a lovely elegant woman and I knew we had to watch how much we used the color and where.  It’s a hard color for flowers so we stuck with champagnes/ivory/blushes which is a very romantic palette,  Instead of chivaris we covered the hotels chairs which gave a rich/romantic feel along with crystals and candles.  It was a warm/loving feel in the Plaza which was a total reflection of the couple and not only how they felt about each other, but also the intimate group that had been invited/had come from afar to celebrate with them.  Thanks to for the pics and always being just a pleasure to work with, we love him, plus of course, Nisies Enchanted Florist for the beautiful signature look of her florals/style (I knew from the moment my bride and I started talking and working on budget, we must have Nisie). Cere/cocktail music by my fave string group Naples, and dinner/dancing by fab Jeff Holmes/Moondance.  Hair/makeup by Design Visage, and a dove release by wonderful Pam with White Flite, always a successful timely release that has everyone wowed.  For the favors we went to Luisa Chocolatiere based in Laguna Hills, she got the boxes from Italy and inside had made 2 swans (the brides favorite icon for the wedding, because swans mate for life!!), one was dark chocolate with raspberry filling-the brides fave, and for the groom – got to  love it – milk chocolate with tequila inside and sea salt on the outside, yum. I had to do the final taste test due to B&G being in Texas, and it was a chore, but I okayed the end result!!! LOL. Inside the box was a note saying whose chocolate was whose fave and the description.  Nicely done as always Luisa.

My couple from above came with all their guests from Sacramento to celebrate.  A nice change to see a bold color in this room this year.  Thanks to Katie Clark for the above pics, and always being fun to work with. Alicia booked me for Month of service, but used my preferred vendor list in her planning and my advise during her planning months (two) and ended up with a great team and didn’t spend a fortune, but made it look/feel like she did.

The above wedding (thanks for the pics Nancy/bride) was so soft and pretty, no wonder it was published on Style me Pretty.  The end result was well worth the pain we went through to get the florals right on the day.  6 tables, 3 different style of centerpieces and the ceremony was angled giving a straight aisle, rather than the flat to the ocean positioning most couples choose for this site.  All these tweaks made this wedding theirs.  The wonderful Peter Papadopolous/Vive Ent, was our dj and mcee and as always a pleasure.

These weren’t all the weddings we did in the Plaza, but gives you a good feel for how that room works no matter what your colors/feel/theme, as this is a nice variation of looks/styles/florals/colors for you to see.

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Hyatt Huntington Beach, Vista Ballroom – 2011

My ladies and I love this ballroom at the Hyatt HB.  Just the right size, and the team at the Hyatt is so great to work with.  We are fortunate to have been on the preferred vendor list from the day the hotel opened.  Again this year we found ourselves in the Vista Ballroom quite often, sometimes with the CA Courtyard Cere site and sometimes with the Lighthouse Courtyard site.  See below for some of the different looks we saw/created this year, as you can see, our brides are so different in their colors and style, our job is never boring and no two weddings are the same, we love it:

Thank to for the above pics.  When Ramona and Doug and I started planning their wedding they lived here, then Doug got a promotion to Boston, he went first and Ramona followed and all the while we were getting things done.  Then he got transferred back about a month before the wedding.  It was a great, loving celebration with a lot of family celebrating with them.  For this one I matched Victor from Invisible Touch djs to them for their event, and he was perfect, he had to keep up with the different requests and styles of music being asked for, he was a trooper.

Please look below.  Isn’t this a beautiful look.  This was a Persian/Iranian cere I did at the CA Courtyard.  Picture courtesy of Elegant Sofrehs by Taraneh.  We have done a few weddings together in the past few months.  

The wedding below, photos courtesy of Katie Clark photographer (love her), was just a labor of love for me.  ‘My double A s’ I called the bride & groom, Alexander/groom meet Alexandra/bride!!   Too fun.  Something happened on this one when we were interviewing photographers that made me stop and really live in that moment, we had met with Katie re photography, she was the first we met with and we had 2 more appts following hers, Alex the groom normally has quite a bit to say (but not in an obnoxious way) but he was quite quiet during the meeting.  When we left he said to me ‘she is it, she is our photographer we don’t need to meet with anyone else’.  I said to him wow, what makes you so sure and his response to me was ‘I can’t explain it, but her work spoke to me’.  I think that is the greatest compliment any photographer would like to hear someone say about their work/passion, this person ‘got’ them and their style or what their eye saw.  Fabulous.  Well I did make the three of us go to the next meeting, who happened to be a fabulous photographer and I just needed to be sure Alex knew what he wanted, and after that meeting he was still adament Katie was for them, so I cancelled the third meeting.  The pics below are what I need for my blog/portfolio, but I know from the xmas card I just got, that they got the artsy look/feel from katie in their photos of them they were looking for, it was a beautiful xmas card.

This was also a wedding where I was already booked for another wedding on their date, so they met with Peni and me at the initial meeting/interview and were aok moving forward,  with me from budget through every aspect/detail of their event, vision to reality, moments, food/beverage choices, and then had Peni orchestrate the actual event on the day itself (per the detailed timeline/order of events we had all created together).  The neat thing was, my wedding was at the Hyatt also, so I was able to pop over a couple of times and say hi and get/give hugs.

Well I loved my time with the bride and groom from the wedding below, my bride was Italian and just sweet and pretty and kept me laughing.  I had trouble pronouncing her name and at one of our first meetings told her I was renaming her and called her a new name and low and behold she liked it!!  I was kidding.  From that time on, each vendor we met and I would say her real name she would correct me and want them to call her the name I gave her.  Cracked me up.  One night we sat in the office while on her IPAD she showed me where they were going on their honeymoon and by using the google earth or whatever it was we were able to actually see the sand/clearness of the water and feel like we were there.  So then we got suckered in and I took her via IPAD to my home in New Zealand, the street I grew up on, my parents houses, and then we ‘drove’ around my neighbourhood where I was suprised to see how many of my neighbours have pools in their yards!!!  That was when it became scary and I decided maybe the internet/computer age has gone a bit far and privacy really is a thing of the past.  Good for honest/usefeul/normal research, but that is where it should stay, right!!  Anyway, she loved butterflies, so we incorporated them into everything but to where it was just right/not too much (no butterfly release tho, have yet to see a ‘good’ one, doves no problem), we had so much fun taking the words (I have all couples I am starting from the beginning with use words to describe what they want their guests to feel or what they want to feel when they see their event in pictures) and making them a reality.  Thought we were done, and suddenly a week before the event the groom said to me, Lisa she really hates those drapes in that room what can we do, the only thing we can do is drape the room I said, so drape it we did.  It looked fabulous, first time I have since the hotel opened seen anyone drape here, we do it further south a lot, just don’t seem to get the op here, so I was thrilled with the end result and so were they.  Also this cake exceeded the amount alloted in the package, so they did have to pay more to get more tiers and the look she wanted, but it was worth it, it was a stunner.    Thanks to for the photos, great working with Jeff Holmes/Moondance dj as always and linens/dancefloor/draping, chairs were all thru my good friends at Fusion Linens, never any suprise charges to get things done when they need to be done, and you will notice we also added some seating areas on each side of the cake table which were well utilized once the dancing began and people started moving around and chatting.

You will be noticing that I set this ballroom up a lot where the couples table and the cake are centered and most of the time my couples table is against the service wall looking towards the window – I really don’t see why you should be facing a wall but some of my couples want the windows behind them.  By setting the room this way, all guests are as close to you as each other, nothing is off to the side missed by some or seemingly not important.  Also I had started doing it towards the end of last season for some weddings, but it seemed this year all the brides loved the flat hang fold napkin, very clean/elegant looking,  so you will notice that is the fold used in the majority of the photos I am posting of some of my 2011 weddings.  It’s these little things that each year can be different/make a difference.

Above are just a sampling of the weddings we did in the Vista ballroom, there were quite a few more.  It seems a lot of the lunch time weddings tend to use the hotels standard linens/chairs and are a little lighter with florals/color, whereas all the weddings above were evening, so those weddings tend to want to create a complete environment.  What you think the couples above spent and what they actually did spend, will suprise you.  It’s all about us using the right vendors to match the couples style and budget and that is where I really get to have fun working out who that team should be and then guiding you along the way.

Again, thanks to the wonderful team at the Hyatt HB who we love working with, from the team in the office, Cheryl, Jessica, Sarah, Mark and the wonderful assistants Jamie and Cathleen, all headed by Nancy, to the banquet team we work side by side with on the wedding day, headed by Glenn (who I have known for around 20 years,  he is the banquet manager and very seasoned from a variety of properties in S CA and really leads the team by example),  the great banquet captains as well as the banquet staff/servers and bartenders (headed by Javier who is excellent) some of who we have worked there with from day one when the hotel opened.  Really really nice team, all there to ensure the success of your event, and of course Hyatt style, service and amenities, not to mention, the wonderful location of the hotel for visitors to S Ca but also locals that go to the beach but never wander across the street to the hotel that looks so nice!!

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