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Hyatt HB Social distanced weddings

Well as we started to have couples wanting to have their weddings and adjusting them according to the mandates that may or may not have been happening or been clear, each hotel created perimeters/changed them as we went along and still are. What you see above if how Hyatt HB did things. No more than 6 (it’s now 4) at a table unless from the same household, stickers on dancefloor to encourage socially distanced dancing (no dancing except protocol dances right now) and after this wedding the cakes had to be no more than 2 tier to fit under an acrylic box that was made to keep the cake safe, because it was real cake. For the ceremony the chairs are spaced out in couples or singles and for most of the smaller weddings, 20 or less, each seat actually had a name on it so everyone knew where they were to be.

This wedding was for Rick and Evelyn, a fun couple who rolled with the punches for their July wedding, the last punch being me breaking my leg a week prior and being unable to get around in time for their wedding. I missed being there with them as they had mariachis for cocktail time (which i love hearing), but again, Nicole and Brittany made it happen and all went as planned and everyone was happy, and a great celebration was had.

Thanks to the vendor team on board for this one: Kevin Reeder/florist, Jeffrey Holmes/officiant, Duane Peck/photographer, Katella Bakery (I missed seeing my lovely cake delivety man) and of course to our team at the Hyatt Hb, can’t do anything without you and thanks for keeping everyone safe!!!!

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First micro wedding 2020 Hyatt HB

Well, the above wedding seems so long ago now, but it was our first step into what became known as ‘micro weddings’ thanks to covid, where couples had their weddings booked/paid for and if they wanted to keep their date/location had to adjust to what the new rules were at their hotel or county or state, and that my friends was a daily changing thing we have learnt to work with and probably even worse now, when we thought that 2021 would mean we would be free and clear, but not the case.

So with this wedding at the Hyatt Huntington Beach, guest count went down to immediate family only because of guests fear of coming/attending and the couple only wanting attendees they knew who/where they had been which would hopefully mean everyone would be safe. Ceremony chairs were spread way out and based on knowing how many singles versus others were spaced that way and their names were on their chairs. In the dining room it was max 4 per table/as you can see split so there was a good 6′ between couples/singles etc. The dancefloor was used only for first dance/parent dances, no guest dancing or socialising. After cake cutting and eating after dinner, chatting at tables, no mixing or socialising, it was over.

I can remember when the guests had left, Frank Salas/photographer (his pics above) and Peter/Vive Ent-dj and I all looked at each other and didn’t know how we felt but i think each hoped this was a short term thing and we could get back to ‘normal’ wedding celebrations very soon (we are all part of the All you need is love micro wedding package at the hotel, and Elegant by Design is the florist included, as well as Jeffrey Holmes/officiant). I will tell you i heard from the bride after and she was thrilled with everything, loved how it all worked out and felt it was better with the smaller group, so that was wonderful. Covid has definately made us prioritise/change ways of doing things and as the ‘season’ goes on you will see how i think most of the celebrations turned out way better than the original plan.

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Hyatt HB – CA Courtyard&Vista Blrm


Loved the Ficksman family, all were involved and it was a fun ride.

They got to do the Lighthouse Courtyard ceremony location with Vista Ballroom which is not normal, and you then have a choice, direct to the lighthouse/bridge or angle to the sunset or to the south, they chose sunset and boy during the ceremony was that sky beautiful.

Great job Flowers by Cina in managing to have the blue show through in the flowers, as that was their main color.  For once the canopy was a true chuppah being used for a Jewish ceremony and we used my fave very flexible Rabbi Ian from San Diego, he is a gem.

thanks to Joe Latter for the photos and always being great to work with, TMMPRO for the draping/lighting/chiavaris/chargers/B&G sofa and my fave round dancefloor, Naples Strings for cere/cocktail music and Peter/Vive Entertainment who understands and now asks if I am draping so he should bring his façade and white covered speakers, so everything he has disappears into the look of the room, yay!!  And to Viral Booth OC who always waits patiently for us to get the Grand Entrance done before they can come into the foyer of this ballroom and setup for the after dinner Photobooth surprise.  And of course, as always, to our pals at Hyatt HB, together we make wedding dreams come true

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Hyatt HB – Huntington Ballroom

I do a lot of cultural weddings, now what does that mean? Weddings that are for couples that their family history/background is not American, they have come from other countries – sometimes the couple came here when they were young, or they are 1st or 2nd generation born here, sometimes as with me one of the couple is American and the other is not so you incorporate traditional elements from the culture not represented, and sometimes they are couples coming here from other countries wanting an ‘American style’ wedding celebration.  I love it, my ‘job’ is never boring and you learn a lot about how others live/interact and most of all celebrate.

Sarah and David had a beautiful sunset backdrop ceremony with a style i had not seen before, they sat at a table at the front with the Islamic officiant.  See, learning something everyday.

The cere and ballroom looked beautiful thanks to EBD Floral as always, and TMMPRO for covering the stage/draping and the lighting.  They had a caterer that created this fruit display which everyone expects to see/have, but i have never seen a display like this, it was incredible.  Our bride was married in a jade green gown/traditional and then changed into an ‘American style’ white gown for the reception – she looked fabulous in both.


Thanks to Arash/Rugger Productions for the ballroom pics, Design Visage for hair/makeup, and to Viral Booth OC for the Photobooth that we surprised the guests with after dinner/they setup in the ballroom during dinner in one of the corners, so my guests had no idea until they started seeing people with pics, it was a hit.  Now the fun part of being a planner is especially with cultural vendors they tend to be a bit more, walk to the beat of their own drum, so not going to mention them but just say that when they were supposed to be in the ballroom for doors opening they were no where to be found and when i finally got the band leader on phone they had left property.  The father of the groom was livid but we had no choice but to wait.  Bride and Groom were aware and where normally with a non-cultural vendor this would be your last gig with anyone who ever heard about it, no one was allowed to let the band have it for delaying doors opening because they did not want to upset them/have them not do a good job or want to leave, and during the event guests were saying how great they were and they were going to hire them for their wedding (bride told me this) and thus we have the vicious cycle where vendors behaving badly, because guests and normally our couples don’t know what is going on behind the scenes, get to live and work again and probably keep behaving badly.  Crazy but true and this is not the first time I have dealt with naughty vendors for sure and i know it won’t be the last unfortunately.

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Hyatt Huntington Beach Wedding Reception

Faviola and Joe were just lovely.  They were already married and we got to help them plan this really lovely wedding reception celebration.  Flowers by Seba, these photos by Ernies Images, rentals by Chiavari Chair Rentals/Steven, and of course the fab team at Hyatt HB where we have been doing weddings from the day the hotel opened, 17 years ago xoxoxo

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Hyatt HB wedding – Vista Ballroom

I had been looking forward to this wedding for many reasons, i loved the couple and it would be my first sofreh on CA Courtyard, had done Lighthouse Lawn before, but most of all, the bride and my dream was to carpet the Vista Ballroom, and we did, thanks to Above the Top Rentals who did an excellent job.  Add to that the draping/round dancefloor/sweetheart sofa/lighting by TMMPRO, it all turned out fabulously xoxo

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Hyatt Huntington Beach Intimate wedding

IMG_8845 IMG_8846 IMG_8847

Melody booked Nicole to oversee/orchestrate things on her wedding day.  This was a destination wedding and a lovely intimate group of family and close friends who attended. Melody booked us for Month of service but used our preferred vendor list to pull her vendor team together, and when the service officially began, Lisa pulled everything together/double checked everything Melody had organized, created the detailed timeline/order of events and then Nicole ran the celebration on the day.

IMG_8848 IMG_8849 IMG_8850

Dj Steve Burdick and Nicole were a great team, not often we get pics of lovely Lauren with Design Visage but there she is putting finishing touches on our bride, and there is our happy bride, thanks to Joel Austell/photographer for the pictures above, and of course fabulous Heather at Hyatt Huntington Beach for always being so wonderful to work with, xoxoxoxo

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2016 thank you’s already

We work for many months with so many of our brides and for some not so long, but either way when a thank you comes in after, it just reinforces why I love what I do and the couples I get to work with.  Here’s some from just the past few weeks……..

Thank you Lisa for all your help with our wedding on Friday! It was just perfect! With love, Mrs Lunzer

Hi Lisa, Thank you SO much for making last Friday run so smoothly.  You are amazing and I don’t think it would have turned out nearly so well without you and your wonderful vendors.  We have heard so many compliments and truly cherished every beautiful moment.  I will definitely pass on the word about your mad skills.  Love Annemarie

Thanks for everything. I think things turned out pretty good.  Thanks again for all of your help, we really appreciate it. David.

Note from Lisa: David and Jessica booked me for Month of service, when that service officially began David told me he wished they had of booked the next size up service as they spent so much time being frustrated, stressed and overwhelmed during the planning months, and he doesn’t know how I deal with vendors, they were driving him crazy!! lol

Then texts ….

Morning after  the wedding………….

Good morning Lisa! Thank you so much for all your hard work.  The day went by seamlessly and u did an amazing job!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Miriam

Another couple …  at 11:56pm, night of wedding…..

Thank you very much.  It turned out very well, better than we all expected. Brian

Then at 10:15am the morning after………

Morning, we are sooooo happy how everything turned out!!  Thank you so much! Brian

Then at 6:15pm the day after, from the bride

Lisa, thank you for everything that you did for us, you’re truly an amazing woman and we’re so happy to have had the opportunity to have you as our wedding planner and plan out our most important day ever!  Blessings to you and thank you once again, it was gorgeous.

Awwwwwwww, thank you my lovely couples, it was really my joy and pleasure.

But to top things off, vendor kudos from some I have never worked with before, really are the icing on the cake……….

One dj during the event commented on how nice is was to work with a co-ordinator that actually co-ordinates.  He said he feels that most of the newer/younger co-ordinators are in it for the picture of the ballroom rather than the co-ordinating part.  After the wedding he sent me this

Lisa, Thank you so much, how nice it was to work with a coordinator that has their S#!T together.  You were right on top of everything and made my job very easy.  Would be an honor to wok with you and your team again 🙂  Best,

Then another dj who I worked with for the first time, sent me some lovely flowers.

Not sure who has it right or wrong when it comes to what I do/what people think we should be doing, but I seem to be more on the right side it seems.



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Lovely Thank You

Its always so great to get a Thank you from a bride months after their wedding.  By that time I have thought they have moved on, I move on and then voila, I realize I have been on their mind, makes me feel so good

So I went to the PO Box looking for something specific and found this and it made my day.  It’s a handwritten card from a wedding we did in September, Teri actually ran the event on the day………………

Dear Lisa,

I have wanted to write you since the wedding, but the honeymoon, holidays, birthday, and even a car accident, got in the way.  You are among my big ‘thank yous’.  All of your hard work, effort, time, and sincere caring about the event made for a wonderful experience for Joe and I.  The day went exactly how we envisioned and it was so beautiful.  Everything co-ordinated so seamlessly and appeared effortless in the end.  Teri was wonderful at the function and I hardly knew she was there.  The suggestions for vendors were great, and we can honestly say we wouldn’t have done anything differently.

Lisa, thank you for making our day fantastic for us.  It truly was a gift.  You are very talented and we wish you the best.

Nancy and Joe


Till next time


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Xmas cards


I am so lucky that I get notes by email/in the mail from my brides/couples during the year, and comments on instagram pics which keeps me in touch with them, and gives me a chance to comment back.  But Xmas time is great as I hear from couples from years past and I get to get caught up on other news from couples/not wedding news.

The card above came from Brooke and Matt and I think we both knew we would have withdrawals after the wedding, we had such a great time pulling their wedding together for longer than a year.

From Steve and Margo, a 2014 wedding, I heard about their travels and new doggie child and how great they were both doing with their careers.

From Amita and Raja, think they were 2012 and I have seen them at other weddings since as she keeps referring me on, xoxox) their card was the face of their gorgeous wee boy and the announcement of a new baby girl coming, then a month later a card came with the picture of their sweet baby girl who came a bit early, so good on Amita for getting her xmas cards out early!!!

From Holly and Michael such a great card collage of great pics of them with their lovely Lola/doggie child.  When are the real children coming Miss Holly??? lol  You guys are going to be great parents.

I never heard from Kathy and Keith after their wedding which was Jan of 2015 but got a lovely xmas card with two beautiful pics from their wedding day showing what a beautiful day it was and how happy they were.  Made me happy to see.

And from the McGettigan’s whose wedding I did in 2014, last years card showed their wee boy and this year he is a toddler in full swing, and a note there is a brother coming for him!!  Love it

Unlike your photographer or video where you have to have contact after the wedding, when people take the time to make contact with me after, because there is no need, it makes me smile really really big.  Thanks everyone

Till tomorrow


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