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Momi Bay Resort – Fiji wedding

Well I have mentioned Momi Bay Resort in Fiji before, I will always stay here before going out to an island or if I am just stopping for a couple of nights on my way to/from the US.  it’s a Marriott property and I love it.  Huge range of accommodations, hotel rooms with pool and lagoon views/the lagoon view rooms on lower level are just about level with the water!! to beach side duplex bures to single bures, to overwater bungalows in the middle of the lagoon.  The first pic on this post is where i spend my time when i am there, the adult infinity pool, so relaxing and perfect.  The food is excellent and it’s a hug resort so you just call for a golf cart and they drive you where you need to go.  The spa is lovely too and very setup to handle bride/ladies for a wedding day.

Many locations for a wedding ceremony, beach/sand in toes and you can choose ocean or lagoon backdrop, then lots of restaurant or spaces to have dinner/dancing, and if your wedding is big enough they have a whole convention/banquet hall area away from the resort so you can be as noisy as you want.

Yep, my knees and me in my happy place.  It’s never crazy busy, soooo relaxing


Let me help you plan your Fijian Destination wedding here at Momi Bay Resort, it’s going to be sooo good.  My travel partner will handle everyone’s air/hotel/transport and the group excursions we will do pre and post wedding.  And it’s such a great stop (only 10 hours night flight from LA and in coach I see flights sometimes as low as $700 return from laX) if someone is looking to travel to NZ or Australia before or after the wedding, or maybe that’s is where you head off to if not going to an outer island for your honeymoon!!  Decisions decisions.

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Fiji Wedding in mind??

Well let me help you out.  I have been to Fiji well over 15 times and have been to most of the islands and resorts that are worth going to/experiencing.  I love it.  In fact was there two times in the past year.  It starts with a night flight to Fiji, so you depart around 9-11pm depending on who you are flying and you arrive around 5-6am, go through customs, head to the hotel and you can be lying by the pool by 8am, believe me, I’ve done it.  I will do a few posts on the different resorts, but today its the Westin Denarau Island

So its is an island but connected to the mainland by a bridge about 30′ long, lol.  On Denarau are the holiday homes for wealthy folks from downunder or American’s, as well as around 10 major hotel brands, so if we do your destination wedding here they can stay at the host hotel or stay at whichever hotel along the strip they prefer.  What is the perfect situation is to have everyone arrive/acclimatize for a few days, then everyone heads to one of the island close by where you all stay 2 nights and you have the wedding there, then you head off to honeymoon on another island or head to Australia or New Zealand, and the guests can leave or go wherever they may want now too!

On Denarau the Westin is my fave hotel and the spa is fabulous, you have a massage in an open air bure style some overlooking a lily topped pond, very relaxing for sure.

If you are interested in Fiji for a vacation or honeymoon, i have peeps that can pull it all together for you.  Let me know

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