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Tuscany Village wedding

Have you ever dreamt about your wedding in a Tuscan village surrounded by family and friends, then your dream can come true.  A ‘hotel’ that is a Tuscan village.  I had the joy of being at/experiencing Il Barro this time last year and it was amazing.  There is a chapel or you can do an outdoor ceremony and lots of lovely spaces for cocktails, dinner/dancing both indoor and outdoor.  In April the Wisteria tunnels around the property are in full bloom and just add to the romance. This property was a village and Ferruccio Ferragamo/family brought it and turned it into a Relais & Chateaux 5* resort, pretty awesome!!

So you don’t want that many to come with you, lol, an intimate group is still going to feel like they own the resort because it is so spread out.  And, if its just the two of you, then we will ensure you feel like you eloped to your dream and we take care of everything.

There are two pool areas, the one above is the modern/food&beverage close location, very nice, the other is down a flight of steps and just seems to be sitting in the Tuscan countryside, very peaceful and quiet.


The picture above is the awesome driveway lined by cypress trees, you feel very special when those gates open and in you go

Lots of unique areas, here is the formal garden area of the villa/estate!!

Let me help you make your Tuscan dreams come true and my travel partner will handle all the air/accommodation (guests can stay elsewhere and come in for the wedding) and any transport needed and some wonderful Tuscan excursions, so you and the guests get the full under the Tuscan sun experience.  Yeeeeeessssssssssssss

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Tuscany wedding

Be still my heart.  I am very fortunate to have been to Tuscany 5 times, last time 11 months ago and in fact was supposed to be heading there this week but due to coronavirus not going, so aiming for a different trip that was planned for later in the year, fingers and toes crossed.  So my US bestie moved here with her Italian husband nearly 3 years ago, they had spent 20 years in the USA and now it was time to have time living there.  This was the place they first moved to, he had gone ahead to get things in order and they have 2 cats, you can only take 1 per person on a plane, so i got to come for a weekend as that was all the time i had at that time, to bring the 2nd cat, lol!!  Pienza was the first town they lived in, they have since moved 2 times and they love where they are now, but i love this town, its my favourite i think, it is everything you imagine a small Italian village to be.

Now i have pics of a great venue, its a farmhouse with rooms so for an intimate group you can stay here and do the pre and post wedding time here and do the wedding here or elsewhere, up to you.  Options are so huge in Tuscany or anywhere in Italy.

Views from the farmhouse where you could have your wedding

Above are all farmhouse pics, it was December when i was there so that is why its not sunny and blue, plus my iPhone takes sucky pics for whatever reason

We went travelling to other villages to eat and see sights

These are thermal pools at a spa hotel, i have since gone back and we went there and it was lovely, it rained while we were sitting in the lovely hot water too, bella

So let’s do your European Destination wedding here in Tuscany, i have people on the ground there, and am fortunate to have been several times, you are in great hands.

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