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St Regis Monarch Beach celebration

photo 3

So many lovely details for this wedding.  I had done Rasha’s sisters wedding at the St Regis a couple of years earlier, so it was lovely to see the family again.  Believe it or not the bride’s brother in law (my past groom) did the basket weave design on the B&G chairs!

Flower Allie did a wonderful job with the florals.  A floral wall behind the sheart table.  I loved the gold vases for the tall centerpieces and the tall floral/vase for the placecard table piece.

photo 4photo 5

The groom shopped around and around for the ‘right’ food truck and found ‘The Burnt Truck’, their names go on the truck and the food was really good and a variety of options which you normally don’t get for a wedding food truck.  Good job Ramy

photo 7photo       070215_1768 copy    070215_1781 copy 070215_1791 copy 070215_1793 copy 070215_1795 copy

One of my fave things for 2014 and 2015 was a round dancefloor, and I love that the grooms seem to really like it too.

Thanks to Tony Florez for the photos and for always being a pro to work with, and to the team at St Regis, Marissa in catering and the awesome peeps on the banquet floor, I love how we all work together and enjoy working together, that is one huge benefit to the wedding experience that people don’t realize.

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Destination wedding/St Regis Monarch Beach

_DSC2575 copy _DSC2579 copy

I really enjoyed helping lovely Wendy pull her vendor team/vision together and taking them through the process of planning a wedding, especially from another area, which I am doing 70% of the time.  Sometimes I don’t even meet my couples until the wedding day, some have one trip in/out, some have more, but thanks to phones/internet/technology these days it really is easy, in fact sometimes I see my destination weddings more in the planning months than I do some of my local couples because they are just so busy!!

Great vendor team on this one, James Johnson/photographer – thanks for the pics attached, Shane Productions/video, Paul Uhlar/officiant, Karla/Elegant by Design as always bringing the dream to reality, Naples strings for cere/cocktail music, and Bill Child/Dj Mister Bill as always a joy to work with and on this fun one, kept extending as the guests were not ready to be done, it was hilarious.  Monico Décor for the rentals, and of course to the team at St Regis Monarch Beach for being five star/diamond fabulous and for having such great locations for couples/guests to enjoy and have memorable celebrations at, such as the Botanical Garden and Wine Cellar.

_DSC2617 copy _DSC2797 copy _DSC2803 copy

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St Regis Club 19 celebration






This picture is pretty much the replica of one that Stephanie carried with her throughout the planning.  The day we first met she told me this what she wanted her wedding celebration to look like.  Well voila this is her wedding celebration.  Great vendor team on board for her, Jim Kennedy/photographer, Jenny B/floral, Finishing Touch for ceiling draping/chandeliers, Design Visage for beautifying everyone beautifully as always, The Emotion Picture Studio/video, Tim the electric violinist/dj (who is no longer doing weddings, boo hoo), Monico Décor for the rentals, and of course the team at St Regis, who help complete the ‘perfect’ wedding experience.


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Club 19 Fabulous

photo 2

This wedding was one of my favourites from 2014.  The groom called me to inquire about my services before he booked the hotel.  They loved St Regis and Club 19, but he really wanted to make sure that what they liked/wanted was going to stay within the budget he had set.  So before he had officially booked me, we did a quick budget overview.  Our bride had a vision and with getting them to prioritize what was important, I knew we could bring her vision and enhance it to a reality.  So so very pleased with how it all turned out and that they were excited about the elements I would propose that would make this a unique celebration for them, and their friends and family that would be lucky enough to be in attendance.

Rose gold chiavaris, hanging cake, one long table, chandeliers and draping ceiling treatment.  Love love love.

Thanks to my awesome vendor team that worked with me to make this happen for this really lovely couple, Flowers by Cina, my fave harpist for cere/cocktails, Peter/Vive Ent for dinner/dancing music, Design Visage for only making my bride look even more beautiful than she already is, and to Bob Ortiz for making the photography budget work and if I recall, emailing them the link for all their photos the next day!!!  Paul Uhlar for officiating and making it legal!!




photo 4

photo 4

photo 5



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St Regis Monarch Beach wedding

Noelle was probably the most efficient bride I have ever had. She was on top of things before she needed to be and when I gave her tasks they were done in minutes. Great couple and a really intimate group that came to celebrate with them. They went over and above with the food/beverage selections, lucky guests, in fact so much so, the St Regis Executive Chef came down to Club 19 to handle/oversee the dish up himself!!!

We pulled together the perfect vendor team for their celebration, thanks to for the pics below (love working with James, he does a lot of movie/LA peeps weddings, so always love it when I can pull him down to the OC), Keith Laverty for the floral design, Fusion for the furniture/linens/chaircovers (yes another bride for me this year that loved the material look as opposed to the chivari), Peter/Vive Ent for the mceeing and dancing/party music, lovely Linda Trott for her always wonderful way she does a ceremony, and the last vendor we had was a flamenco guitarist (like me they love everything spanish and had their honeymoon in Barcelona, where I had been back to only a few months earlier) who played pre ceremony, flamenco for the ceremony songs, cocktail time and most of dinner, I loved it. Giving their celebration such a relaxing, special feel. The relaxing I know was their main goal, and it was achieved.

As always, thanks to Kelly and the team at St Regis, they are such a pleasure to work alongside, we all have the same goals, an event the B&G will treasure forever and the guests will remember.








Till next time
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What I can do for you

Okay, so for bride’s who are searching around the web and looking at different co-ordinator web sites because they have to have one (due to the event location’s contract) or because they know they want one, or for the bride who isn’t sure, let me give you some information that I hope helps you have a great experience.

Things have changed in my industry over the past few years thanks to tv shows, brides that got married and enjoyed the process, and an economy that has had people who have lost their jobs think about or have to make a career change, and the internet has become a tool that can be used by brides anytime of the night or day.

So are these changes good or bad.  Well it depends.  I’m not sure if some of the new co-ordinators really understand what their role is or why we need to be part of the bride’s must have vendors.  Going back 15 years or so, normal bride’s did not have a co-ordinator, the dj or photographer or banquet captain or hotel sales person kept things moving on the day, well kind of.  Whoever took that role really did it from a standpoint of their particular role, it was never big picture.  So for those of us in the hotel world we saw what was missing, the conductor of the orchestra, the leader of the team, and having a co-ordinator went from being a wealthy persons vendor to now being either required by a location or being a vendor that a lot of bride’s want and see the need for, and it makes sense.  There is no doubt that tv shows have glamorised what we do, and I think we even manage to make what we do look easy and fun on a wedding day, but it really is a lot of work and a lot of time, and pressure.  The biggest problem probably is the internet though, anyone can pay someone to create a fabulous website and have all the right things written and have great pictures (whether they are theirs or not) and an uneducated bride falls for the music and feelings, but doesn’t understand that the substance may not be there.  I think I will go into this a bit more, so keep reading.

I booked a bride two weeks ago, getting married in February, who came to me with vendors chosen and a lot of questions, and I could tell by what I was being told she had done a lot of work to get to the stage she was at.  However in meeting and chatting with her and then being booked to help her for the rest of the planning time, I found out that I was the third co-ordinator she had hired.  Now I know what you are probably thinking, had to be the bride, well I disagree, unfortunately she made choices for whatever her reasons may have been at the time, but as time went on she realised they weren’t doing anything for her and she was doing all the work.  It also came out, that a good friend of hers whose wedding I had done 5 years ago had told her to call/book me 6 months ago, well she did call and chat with me, but decided to go with someone else who didn’t have anywhere near the experience.  Now I don’t know what the other two charged and if it was relative or not, but  the frustrating part of her experience from my viewpoint is that she had to go through what she has to finally get back to me after spending probably way too much money, and only now has confidence that someone is going to do what they say and give her the comfort that all will be as she expects on her day.  In chatting with her I could tell the other two people may have said they had experience, and maybe they did, but not it seems the experience to understand what they were being paid to do.  One had small children and was never available to meet or chat, and one would take days to get back to her on her questions or calls.  I’m not sure what these ladies thought they were getting paid to do.  When I heard this bride had told her groom that I even had books of thank you letters in my office from past happy couples and neither of the other two had anything, I was shocked.

This season I heard from a lot of the banquet captains at the hotels I am at frequently, that there was a lot of new faces that were working the weddings,  a couple were good, but with most of them, they shook their heads saying ‘we ended up doing most of their work for them, they were either sitting in other rooms or no-where to be found, or left before the event ended’.  Again, I wonder what some of these ladies or gentlemen think they are being paid to do.

Questions must be asked by you of the person you are considering, but maybe until now you didn’t know what the right questions were:

If you have someone in mind, ask the property you are having your event at, if this is someone they know, and if so, would this person match your style/vision etc.  Just as I have vendors that I match to bride’s for style/vision/budget, the hotel people can do the same thing for you regarding a consultant.

If you are starting from scratch and need someone to even help you find the location and then go from there, normal questions should be asked, especially if paying this person thoughsands of dollars –

How long have you been doing this?

Where do you do a lot of your weddings?

How many do you do a year (if the answer is under 10 a year, I don’t know what that tells you, either they don’t get booked by many, or they are doing huge weddings where their fees for those 10 cover their bills/expenses for the year)?

Is this your full time job/career? Or is it a second job/hobby?

How available are you going to be to me, for meetings, phone calls and emails?

Do you have letters from past brides I can see, and if so, how many? (if the answer to this is low or no, yet they make it seem like they do a lot of weddings, wouldn’t that be telling?)

Do you have an office?  Where will our meetings be?  (Now this is a tricky one, I know some of my friends in this industry don’t have outside offices but have a dedicated area in their house where they meet with you, and that works too, but I really feel that someone with a real office gives a sense of ‘this is my job’ and should also be a place where distractions should be few if not none.  It should be all about you when you are meeting).

People come and go in this industry as they do in all, the core group here in Orange County have been doing this for 9 years and longer, and that should  give you confidence that they are in it for the long haul, and not only will they be responsible in their role to you, but also that they have experience and knowledge which should be a huge part of what you are paying for.   We all have different styles and appreciate each other for that, and realise that we all have different brides because of that.

Now I am not saying that there are not some great new ladies out there, there are and each year a few pop up and prove their worth to the industry locally and we are pleased they are here, but unfortunately there are more not so great ones out there that don’t have any kind of tangible backup to their claims and bride’s are hiring them.  You always get what you pay for, and this can really run true here, but I have also been shocked at some of the high fees I have heard brides are paying for people that just don’t have the experience or knowledge to justify their fees, but the bride’s are still booking them.  Hopefully those bride’s really do feel good afterwards, and those ladies are not the ones giving the industry as a whole a bad name, for taking money and not really seeming to do much to assist the bride.  Unfortunately when you only get married once you don’t have the comparisons to know if you did pick a good one or not, so hopefully some of my thoughts above will help you make the right decision to have the best experience.

So how does this relate to my subject title, What I can do for you, let me give you three words – Peace of mind!!

and that should be what you have with whoever you choose to work with from the minute you hire them all the way through until the event has ended.

From the first time we chat by phone or meet, or even by our emails you will feel the strength/ or confidence I have in what I do, that comes from many years of experience and knowledge.  I have 13 years of  hotel background together with nearly 10 years of independently planning weddings with/for couples at many different locations.

I would say that in 50% of my weddings, my couple’s live out of town, state or country, and they have complete comfort in knowing everything has been thought of, taken care of, and will be fine, due to that confidence and experience they found in me.  Some have made trips in and some never see me until their day, yet they are feeling great about their celebration, that is telling.

I offer a variety of service options.  Unlike some co-ordinators that only want to be involved from the beginning, I do those weddings also, but I also have no problem starting with you closer to the date after you have chosen the vendors and have the vision in mind, if that is what you need.  By having this variety I am always on the go and excited about each wedding, as they are always so different, and yes sometimes the smaller services present their challenges that I have to work out/with, but that is what you are paying me to do and if you don’t need to you will never know what those were.  I never lose sight that it is your wedding, so if you want the control it is yours but I am there to guide you as needed, or you can pick a service that still has you in control but not controlling everything.

I have an office that really gets you in the zone, very wedding feeling, and tons of pictures and albums to look at.  A designated spot where there is no computer and I don’t have a phone there that keeps ringing.  This is where all the lovely Thank You letters are kept from past weddings, and they remind me why I love my job.

Obviously the length of time/experience gives me the op to steer you towards the right vendors for you, I know the ones to steer away from that will not work for you, and I have the contacts/knowledge at the hotels that can make a huge difference, an advantage a lot of people miss.

I am not weak, so if looking for someone to yell at or treat badly, I’m not your girl.  I like working WITH my couples, however in saying that I am fully aware that you are paying me and when it comes to vendors I will hold them accountable and will be the leader of the team.

You will have comfort in knowing you have support and knowledge through your planning months, you will see a detailed timeline/order of events that will give you the comfort level you deserve, to know that every moment/detail was thought of and you had options, choosing what was important to you/your event.  It’s your wedding, I do not steer your towards vendors or moments that are not right for you.  I will take as much pressure off you as you want or are willing to pay for.  On your day, you will be a guest at your wedding, getting to eat, and enjoy the whole experience and your guests.  When you leave it will be with your shoes in one hand and your new husbands or wifes hand in the other, no work/ nothing to do.  You will have gone into and through your day knowing I had it under control and you had nothing to worry about, so just enjoyed.

We all attract the right couples and the couples for us/our style.  I am lucky to be known for having nice/lovely couples (meaning not problematic for the location or vendors), so if that sounds like you, then come on in, let’s get this party started.

Until next time, which will be on vendors!


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Hotel Del Coronado & St Regis

This blog will be about two weddings that are very different, and a good way to end the seasons blogging with.  Even though I have other weddings I ddi this year and still come coming up I could blog about, I really am excited about using this forum as a way to help future bride’s on their path to a great celebration, so this will be the end of the wedding pics for this year (well so I say!!)..

First up, Ursula & Norman – Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego

Ursula is a bride who grew up on the east coast, contacted me while living in Switzerland where she had become engaged to a wonderful Swiss man, and wanted a S.CA wedding.

Ursula knew she wanted a beach ceremony, in  August, and on a Saturday night. Hmmm, well in LA and OC during the summer months you can’t do a ceremony on a public beach, unless it is small and no chairs/decor will be done, so I had to find her options where she could stand with her toes between her feet. I came up with a few options, but there was always something that had to be given up, and Ursula really wasn’t ready to give anything up. Thank goodness they were planning on moving back to S.Ca and probably San Diego, which of course then make our choice so easy and natural……..
The Hotel Del Coronado

Around this same time in our research for the perfect location, I was invited as part of a small group of planners from S.CA and surrounding areas to come and see the hotel as they had great new things to show us, their spa, new accommodations, food & beverage, etc, and their timing could not have been more perfect.  It gave me a great chance to see first hand if this really was the perfect location for Ursula and Norman.  I also reconnected with Farrah, one of the catering managers, that I had known from her days as a banquet captain at the St Regis, so it was starting to seem like fate.
This is one of the few beaches in CA I believe, that is privately owned. So here we could do the chairs and decor on a Sat afternoon/early evening in the summer for her on the beach, have cocktails on the sand, and then move into a ballroom where we could have the dinner/dancing/traditional event and service you expect from a famous resort. Fabulous.  A great time was had by everyone, some European traditions played a part in the ballroom celebration, which at first may have seemed a bit strange to the American guests, but by the end everyone was involved.  Ursula and her sister’s have Irish blood in them, and this became very evident during Irish jigs that my good pal Peter of Viv Entertainment dug up for them.  The photos below are courtesy of  You may notice that I worked with Frank a lot this year, we have always had a few weddings a year together, but this year was our year,  a lot of my couples this year really liked his style and him.  Over the years Frank has always gone over and above and jumped in and done things that I am not sure everyone would.  An example of this is; A few years ago I had a client who had booked a photographer his family knew and it was a somewhat cultural connection, but as the days got closer, the groom started to have concerns that he was not going to get the shots or style he was really looking for, so he asked me to get him  a second photographer to be more background but hopefully fill in any gaps his #1 photographer may miss.  Frank was only supposed to meet us at the hotel and cover the reception.  I arrived at the church after leaving the bride’s home where getting ready shots were done and was waiting outside when I saw Frank, I asked him why he was there, thinking he had misunderstood and not realised he was only to be at the hotel.  He said he read the church location on the timeline and decided to come by and just be sure all was aok.  Thank goodness he did.  The groom  arrived, and the family surrounded him and took over the street, singing and dancing him all the way to the church.  Frank got those shots, the #1 photographer had not arrived yet after shooting at the bride’s home.  For this wedding at Hotel Del, Frank shone again;   Frank had left to drive back to the OC and a friend was driving the couple’s baby back to their home in Oceanside but got to the house and realised the house key was not in the baby bag.  Panic and blame took over the event  for the next 10 mins as the couple and well meaning friends tried to work out what to do, it was decided that the only option was for the sitter to come back to the hotel and get the key.  Hold on I thought, I called Frank,’ where are you?’,’ on the freeway on the way home’,’ can you come back we have a situation?’  He did, he got the key, I had him meet the sitter at a gas station at the off ramp close to the house, and off went the baby to her bed, and Frank continued on his way home.   Just love him.  Never a challenge, or a no!! He is a true teamplayer and you get great memories in print of your day, what a great combination and decision to hire Frank.

Pacific Lawn/Ballroom, St Regis

Ah my lovely Stephanie.  A beautiful lady with so much enthusiasm for her special day, and together with her mother in law, kept me laughing throughout our planning time together.

Below you will see photos from their day taken by my new friend John Russo.  He is one of the reasons why I love my job.  Along the way I will have bride’s that find their own vendors and sometimes it is good, sometimes it is not.  Stephanie had booked John, who I did not know, and boy what a fantastic find.  He was a pleasure to work with, as well as fun, and has a great team working with him, and we both look forward to working with each other many times in the future.  He is based in Beverly Hills, only does a few weddings a year, with the bulk of his business being Vogue covers and collatoral pictures for major high end hotels around the world.

Square Root did the decor/floral design and as always a quality event that all the guests could feel.

Thanks as always to the team at St Regis, the lovely Tiffany, supported by David the banquet captain, and the banquet team who handles all the food & beverage needs of the guest’s on the floor.  As always Mr Johnny So, the GM, came by to ensure everything was going well and if I had any needs.   He is the only GM that I know of that does this.  I see him at every wedding I do at the St Regis, and he comes by most of the tastings also.  I have known him for around 12 years, and it is his personal interest and caring that has placed him at some of the top resorts in the world where his ‘being’ shows and flows down to the staff who work under him.

Wow, got wordy again today.  Till next time.


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In the swing of blogging!

Well I could just keep filling up my space with pictures and stories of weddings and I will talk about a few more that I think could be of interest, but will probably take my blogging more in the direction of information to help bride’s who may be contemplating whether to hire a co-ordinator, or which vendors to choose, so be looking for blogs in the future that I hope will really help in your planning and thought process.


Hadn’t been in Cancun for around 21 years and ended up going back two times this year.  I have talked already about a trip I did where I was checking out the NH Hotels for destination weddings and honeymoons,  today’s blog is from our family trip down there in July.  We stayed for 12 nights and at three hotels during that time.  The best was the Casa Magna/JW Marriott combo where you can stay at either and use the amenities of either.  They are right next door to each other so perfect.  Both have great restaurants and pool areas.  The Spa at the JW is excellent, imagine showering from the 8th floor or whatever I was on with a 1/2 length window looking out to the Caribbean and about 10 shower heads/jets working away, fab u lous.  While we were there an Indian wedding had pretty much taken over the JW.  They had the pre wedding day festivities outside the night prior, and on the wedding day we watched the groom come along the beach on a horse surrounded by the cheering family/music etc, it really created a lot of interest from the hotel guests who had never seen anything like that before.  Unfortunately before he got to the area where he would go to the cere site it absolutely poured down.  So they all got drenched and as the ceremony was going to be outside on a Gazebo Lawn with ocean backdrop at the Casa Magna, they delayed until the rain was gone (doesn’t take long) and gave everyone time to go and change and refresh hair and makeup (the bride was nice and dry this whole time inside as was her family).  They did get married outside about an hour later and then did their dinner reception outside on a large lawn at the Casa Magna with great lighting and colorful linens.  A great celebration for those to remember who were lucky enough to be invited and attend.  The other great point to note with these locations, is that they have ballrooms and banquet space including one unique covered outdoor/indoor area where I could see a large ceremony being done if you had to move in and not feel too sad.  During our days there we  saw quite a few ceremonies being set up on the beach at different locations/resorts for intimate groups for sunset ceremonies.  Very fun, and obviously an alternative desination that a lot of couples are choosing.

Ritz-Carlton, Laguna

Moneli and Tommy had a great celebration at the Ritz tearlier this year.  Why I wanted to share this one was even though it was not my first Persian wedding at the Ritz, it was the first time we had done the sofreh outside on the Gazebo Lawn.  That area can be really windy and for the amount of work that goes into a sofreh it could have been a challenge if the weather did not co-operate.  The great news is it did.  So here you will see the ceremony set up and then the ballroom with all the decor elements that Moneli wanted to have to create her perfect celebration.  Very pretty.  Thanks to for the great shots.

Speaking of the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna, this is a shot of a cake that really caught my eye this year.  I hope the beauty of it comes out in this shot, in person it really made you stand there and just admire it.  The wonderful news is, not only do the Ritz’s cakes look fabulous (and they can create anything) they taste great too.  None of that what I call ‘fairy’ cake that disappears in your mouth or tiny slices, your guests get nice large, thick slices of great tasting cake.  No-one leaves a wedding there hungry!!

Hyatt Huntington Beach Resort & Spa

Here is a lovely intimate wedding also done earlier in the season, using two locations at the Hyatt that aren’t used as much as they should be.  The ceremony was done in the Spa Courtyard, and the beauty of this site is not only the surroundings/very nature like, but that the sun is behind everyone, so no one is complaining about sun in their eyes.  Then the Fountain Ballroom which is a lovely smaller ballroom, no windows, but the guests have cocktails outside in the courtyard and can see over to the beach area, then they come into this enclosed room that by using great linens/chairs and some uplighting can become the celebration to remember.  No-one wanted to leave this event as the room just felt so warm and cosy, they sat there chatting at the tables for quite a while after the music was off and done.  That says a lot for  the atmosphere created, yay. Thanks to Alison of Bleu Cotton Photography for the two shots below.  Always fun to work with.

Here is a ceremony site where the couple also used the Fountain Ballroom but the groom wanted a coastal facing site, so very different to the Spa Courtyard above.  The guests were in the shade though which was nice.

St Regis, Monarch Beach

I really love it when I have the more intimate affairs and we can create a fabulous table.  Tara was great to work with and together with her vision, fabulous Amanda of Fantasy Florals, and a great groom Jim who agreed with every decision Tara and I made (way to go Jim), another great celebration was created and enjoyed by the lucky guests, and not wanting the night to end, they closed the hotel bar down I believe much later!!!  Thanks to Jeff of Moondance Dj services who did a great job handling both the ceremony music through cocktails, and then dinner and the party!!  Photos courtesy of my lovely, as always the best to work with .

Tara looked gorgeous courtesy of her parent’s gene’s and the ladies of on the wedding day!!  LOL

Well, that went on a bit longer than I intended.  Until my next one.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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Club 19, St Regis, Monarch Beach

This blog is going to be about another great location for a couple looking for a room with a view that gives their guest’s a range of experiences from beginning to end.

Club 19 is located down at the golf club area at the St Regis Resort in Monarch Beach.  So what you get here is an opportunity for your guests to stay at a fabulous resort and get spoiled with top notch service and amenities, but enjoy a wedding celebration that has the views and feel of a golf club resort, which normally do not have the hotel rooms near or associated with it.

Ceremonies are held at the Botanical Garden which is a realy wonderful Italian style/feel ceremony site that has golf course views that seem to flow into the ocean as the backdrop.  A wonderful gazebo with a beautiful wrought iron top and Italian statues and planters complete the feel of this site.  This ceremony site can do up to 120 but 80-100 is perfect, and for any groups that are smaller it is amazing how the site seems to wrap itself around them and it never seems too big.

Your guest’s are escorted after the ceremony to the lower patio of the Club 19 building or to the Courtyard that is at the Club’s entrance, for cocktails.  Then they go to the dining area which is outdoors, so wonderful.  I have had bride’s leave this area as it is and just use linens and florals to create the feel/mood, I have had others swag the open air ceiling and add chandeliers, and this year I had three different brides hang from 60-100 candles from the rafters, and the neat thing was, three different florists/designers were used and we had three different looks.  The perfect number in my opinion for this dining area is 80-90 which would be tables of  up to 12 and includes the sweetheart table.  With this size we can center the sweetheart table  amongst the guest tables and also have tthe cake table in the dining area/centered.  I leave the aisle way clear so everyone has a clear view down to the outdoor fireplace and it seems really spacious yet intimate.  When you get to 100 we need to add two more tables which unbalances things but totally works and if you are not able to maximise all tables to 12, then we have to put two tables on the lower level, or do one big royal dining style table.  So it separates the group but as long as you put the right people down there and make the tables gorgeous, those guest’s do not seem to mind.

After dinner we invite everyone to follow the couple into the Club and now the party begins.  You can totally change the feel from what was outside to a nightclub feel inside with lighting, furniture, candles, colored dancefloors, all with the inside fireplace adding to the look.  When the guests were walking through during dinner when it was lighter they didn’t think much about the area, but after dinner when they come in and it is dark and what we have created inside now shows, they can be blown away.  You can create any kind of vibe you want.

The great part of this open air/feeling location is, if some guests want to stay at their dining tables during the dancing time, they can see into the dancing area and not feel out of it or miss anything that may be going on.  I see people sitting infront of the outside fireplace chatting, at their tables, in the courtyard or just lounging in the dancing area on cool furniture or sitting at the bar.  This venue really can be all things to all people.

Enjoy the different atmospheres that we created below, thanks for the photos to: Larry Crandall, William Innes, Karen French, Frank Salas, Lauren Hillary.

Well until next time.  I am signing off while sitting here in Cabo San Lucas.  Am checking out a few resorts with destinations weddings in mind.  Some fabulous options for sure.


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