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Balboa Bay Resort wedding

1j6b1479 1j6b1483

Such super sweet nice people, the couple, her family, the friends and family on the day, I DO love my job!!  On our first meeting my bride made it clear that yellow was her favourite color, my question back was, what shade of yellow, she said ‘happy’ yellow, so of course in the designing/suggestions I made as we went through the process, ‘happy’yellow it was!

uo6a3542-edit uo6a3548

We kept yellow out of the ceremony so as not to distract in photos, the girls had yellow bouquets, so the pop was there.  The brides brother is not a professional officiant but he officiated the ceremony and it was quite lovely/personal.

uo6a4458 uo6a4467

I loved that she was in, when I said, what about a happy yellow dancefloor.  It made such an impact and everyone was talking about it, even the GM of the hotel came up to see and he then sent others up to take a look.  We were in the Bayview room which has wonderful Newport harbor views/windows along one side, but we wanted to center the cake but a service door is right behind where it would be and along with the silver/gray linens/chairs we were doing I knew the impact of the yellow could be lost or the room may look a bit messy, so we draped the 3 walls and it turned out fabulous.

uo6a4482 uo6a4584

My new fave vendor did another beautiful/elegant candy table which was set up during dinner so when guests left, they passed what was the placecard table was now a transformed table with bags to create their own takeaway/favor.

Another great day because I was able to guide her to select the right team for their wedding, thanks to Jacqueline Kay photography for the pics above and for also being so great to work with, Peter/Vive Ent for as always being the best dj/mcee/music guy-guests and my couples love him, Karla/Elegant by Design for the florals which had the right amount of yellow and for making the collections look great/mom was looking for the tradition tall floral ball but that was not our brides style/vision, Kim/Shane Productions-video-for just being so fab.  Design Visage for ensuring everyone looked gorgeous from beginning to end.  TMMPRO for our wonderful yellow dancefloor and silver decal, the draping and our lighting-which is everything!!  We used the room at the end of the dining area for the photobooth which was very popular.  And last but not least the great team at Balboa Bay Resort, we love working with you all.

Till next time


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The Caribbean comes to Laguna Beach/Dana Point

img_8092 img_8093

Loved my time with Natasha and Jim from beginning to end.  We pulled together an awesome vendor team and everything turned out fabulously.  Colors, deep blue and bright orange, Natasha told me, and that is what we did, right through to the blue dancefloor.

img_8094 img_8118

Natasha is from Jamaica and a lot of the guests were from the islands and other places, so we really wanted to bring her heritage to the celebration. Plus she referred to herself and I called her, our Caribbean queen. Look at the back of her fabulous gown and the bouquet her friend made for her.  Yes, she is a bling bling girl, as you will see!


Melissa of Flowers by Cina nailed the Caribbean tropical look, must be because like me she spends a lot of time in the Caribbean and loves it.  Look at our beautiful linens for the sweetheart and cake tables from La Tavola, did we say bling bling, and our B&G chairs from Monico Décor as always.

substandardfullsizerender-5 substandardfullsizerender-6

B&G should always look at something pretty if a band stage is no opposite them, cake meet sweetheart table, sweetheart table meet cake, and inbetween we had a magnificent round blue dancefloor with their initials in silver, another fine job by TMMPRO


Doesn’t the ceremony site look awesome, oh and that Pacific Ocean backdrop worked out well too!!

l07a2162 l07a2175  l07a2313 l07a2599

View of the sweetheart table before the lights got dimmed and the uplights went on

l07a2601 l07a2603

Different views from the sweetheart table, cake and other areas.

l07a2604  l07a2608 l07a2613 l07a2629 l07a2630  l07a2632     l07a2725

As always it takes a team, I have already mentioned a couple prior, but here are more.  tony Florez photography, some of the pics above are his and the bad ones are mine, lol.  Shane Productions/video, xoxoxo.  Uncle Larry was the officiant.  For music, we had strings for the ceremony, Naples Chamber Music xoxoxoxo, for cocktails we had 2 steeldrummers from Essence Entertainment, and for mceeing and dinner/dancing we had Dj David Krieger.  Linens/napkins/chiavaris were from Chiavari chair rentals, and of course, our family at the Ritz-Carlton Dana Point worked with us to ensure a great time was had by the couple in the planning months and on the day, as well as a great experience for all the guests.

Till next time


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Church and Island Hotel celebration

FullSizeRender 2 FullSizeRender 3

Brian and Rona picked a church in downtown Los Angeles and a hotel in the OC for their wedding reception, so a lot of driving for everyone but worth it, we had a great celebration for this great couple.  The churches in LA are so ornate but we enhanced this one a bit more, Rona wanted the outside entrance doors prettied up, and navy was their color so I suggested that we get a custom runner for the church and Brian made that his task and it turned out great.

FullSizeRender 4 FullSizeRender 5

Then the fabulous looking ballroom at the Island Hotel

FullSizeRender 7

We had a martini ice luge, and used it to showcase the blue again. Great job as always, Dan at Carving Ice.

FullSizeRender 8  FullSizeRender 10

Don’t see caketops that much anymore, I really loved this one.

FullSizeRender 11  FullSizeRender 13

This cake picture was before the lights were dimmed, further up is the pic as the guests saw the cake/room, quite a bit different!!

IMG_7519    L07A5582

Lighting does make the difference.


Details! And my fave napkin fold this season.  Rona and Brian were great and trusting of me guiding them to the right vendors for their style and budget.  Florals/Elegant by Design, Photo/Tony Florez (thanks for the pics), Design Visage for bridal beauty, Jeff Holmes/Moondance Mobile Music-dj, Shane Productions/video, ALS for transportation, Veronika/belly dancer, Monico Rentals/linens and chiavaris, and my pal TMMPRO for our beautiful dancefloor.  Last but not least, Kelly and the team at Island Hotel, awesome to work with, and Miss Kelly folded and placed every napkin in the room this night!!

Till next time


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Huntington Beach & Hotel wedding

IMG_0351 IMG_0496

The beach theme made its way across the street to the placecard table, driftwood and orchids, love it.  There wasn’t a memorable enhancement they weren’t up for, doves at the end of the ceremony, even on the beach, yes please.


Great shoe shot by Frank Salas, great looking shoes but not worn much that day by our lovely bride, as always!!  The pic above on the right is the surfboard martini luge which was a huge hit


Such a great time working with these two on the planning of their wedding.  They were the third referral from someone I know in Arizona, my Arizona couples love the beach and that is where the weddings are held.  During the planning a baby was even born!!  So Nick is a surfer and we had a martini luge created of a surfboard which was out on the balcony with the Pacific Ocean in the background, and Annemarie was such a great bride in trusting and going along with a lot of my thoughts on how to make their wedding look fabulous.


They sat at a great B&G table, and we had my fave, the round dancefloor in attendance.

IMG_0697 IMG_0699

We mixed up the tables, rounds and rectangles, and that meant a variety of floral looks

IMG_0703 IMG_0719 IMG_0728 IMG_0732

Behind the sweetheart table was a round room, we tried to do the first hanging cake in that room but it just did not work out, so instead had the cake sit on a great acrylic table display and created a cool sitting area.

SubstandardFullSizeRender 2

The wedding ceremony was originally booked at the hotel but as time went along Annemarie asked about getting married on the beach and as they were before Memorial Weekend it was able to happen and look how empty the beach is, so lucky.  Wendy Smith/my fave harpist loved the stage/platform that was made for her, and the ceremony décor was a mix of driftwood and strung orchids moving in the wind, it was really lovely

SubstandardFullSizeRender 5 SubstandardFullSizeRender 6

You need to always look after the guests when doing a beach/sand wedding and the Waterfront Beach Resort were so fabulous in making everything happen and create a great station for the dry and damp cloths for our guests feet.


We had an awesome team on board for this one, Frank Salas/photographer-thanks for the ballroom pics/the beach pics are mine, Scott Cummings Music band Dirty Sugar, Design Visage for beautifying everyone and ensuring their looks withstood the ocean wind, Square Root Designs for the florals/futniture/linens-we love them so much. Carving Ice for the martini luge-it turned out even better than I had hoped.  Chiavari Chair Rentals for the ghost chairs and dancefloor, Shane Productions/video, Clint Hufft for doing a great ceremony as always, White Flite the best dove release company out there and I always do 100/most impact, and of course Vanessa and the team at the Waterfront Beach Resort.  It was great being back there again, and very exciting with their renovations and new ballrooms and ceremony space that will be on board in the next year, but I have to say, combining the beach with a room at the hotel that looks over to the beach is pretty hard to beat.

Till next time


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Hilton Costa Mesa wedding

McCunePhotography-568 McCunePhotography-579

I had done her best friends wedding and about 3 other friends since then, so Rosalynn knew she wanted me (gotta love it and feel honored) so she booked me a year out .  She is a beautiful person and has great taste.  On her day looked absolutely stunning and she had an awesome honeymoon in Spain with their best friends!!!  The ceremony was held at a church.  Great vendor team on board, McCune Photography/thanks for the pics Gloria, Shane Productions/video, Kelly Zhang who beautified the girls, Shelby/Green Leaf floral design, Rentals by Monico Décor, and showing her fun side, late night snacks were the grooms fave ice cream sandwiches cooked right there by Chunk n chip, and of course a photo booth that was non stop busy.  Cocktails were held out on the patio which has the great furniture already there and we had a jazz group out there, nice and relaxing with café lighting above.  I had broken my ankle the week before and had my knee scooter and boy did I whip around that ballroom/area, it was quicker than my normal walking!!!

McCunePhotography-586 McCunePhotography-589 McCunePhotography-595 McCunePhotography-608 McCunePhotography-609 McCunePhotography-611  McCunePhotography-730 McCunePhotography-900

Till tomorrow


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You just never know!!

IMG_0059 IMG_0062

Was driving to the hotel excited for the wedding as I really enjoyed my couple and enjoying what a beautiful day it was and how much I loved my job and really, life is good, well ………. I had checked on the ceremony site earlier, checked on the bride, the dining room was in great shape, vendors arriving/getting their things going, my Nicole was in the dining room handling placecards etc, I went back to the ceremony site to get the guys florals and meet them in the lobby so they would be ready for photos, looked at the site and thought to myself, its a simple floral look but the pop of color looks good, took the pics above, decided I wanted a close up of the floral on the wood structure but didn’t want to zoom in, so started walking towards the front on the aisle and bam, over I went, lost my balance between the concrete lip/cobble/grass, I knew it was bad and as people were on me to help I said I needed ice and paramedics, yes I already knew.  This was 45 mins before the ceremony was to begin, no guests in the area, as they started to arrive the hotel staff kept them in the lobby thank goodness.  Now the reason why its great to choose a planner and vendors who work together more often than not, really is what saves a situation like this.  Immediately the videographer who I work with a lot, grabbed my phone and asked me who to call, so I started with get Nicole here and then an assistant to come in earlier than I had her coming, then husband etc.  By the time Nicole got to me and I told her to get the florals to the groom and explain she was now going to run the show, this gave me a giggle, she said to the groom, Lisa has fallen and I will be handling things from here, groom said to her, And she can’t get up.  Well yes Joe, I couldn’t get up, lol.  Paramedics were there within 2 mins of getting the call, I was in the Hospital ER within 13 mins.  Toshika and Joe had picked an officiant, dj, video, floral, that I work with a lot and that resulted in them doing things I found out later that surprised me but totally explained why things carried on without me as if I was there.  The officiant knew I was going to do a quick walk though with the guys, he went and did it, the florist helped Nicole give the rest of the personals knowing I normally do that, the dj totally worked with Nicole on the event using the timeline and going through it together just as I would have, so everything went as clockwork.  My timelines are very detailed, in fact I always use the phrase that they are that way, ‘so if I get hit by a bus anyone can pick up my timeline and run the event without having to second guess or ask questions’, and it was proven for the first time in 15 years that it worked.  The hotel staff were great, one of them worked with me at another hotel and knew how I did things and made sure the hotel was doing their part to keep things rolling.  As I was being rolled out by the paramedics (not through the lobby I made them take me a long way round) we stopped and yelled up to my bride as I wanted her to know I was ok and she was in good hands with Nicole and the vendors, by that time Nicole was up in her room and told her what was happening and Toshika came out on the balcony and gave me the thumbs up, off I went.

IMG_0065 IMG_0066 IMG_0067

As Peter/dj Vive Ent said, well it wasn’t like you weren’t really there, you were texting the whole time you were gone.  I was, got to do something while waiting to hear what the heck had been done, I wasn’t running it more asking how things were going and it was going well which made it so much easier for me to be dealing with this situation.  What had been done, well broken and dislocated ankle, they put the ankle back in place in the ER, but my journey started from there and went through 3 casts, 2 splints, a boot, surgery which means I now have a plate and 9 screws in my ankle, and getting to use the worlds best invention, the knee scooter.  A trip to Europe had to be cancelled which was sad as I was meeting two of my sisters from New Zealand in Spain and going to have some special  time and there were events I did not get to go to over the first 4-8 weeks after it happened, but now I am 4 1/2 months in and grateful that each day I see I am closer to ‘normal’ but really have so much gratefulness for silly things like being able to walk up and down stairs etc, crazy but true.  But this post is not so much about me and what happened to me, but how important it is to work with a detailed planner who has a good team assisting her and then great vendors who have a history with the planner, who can all pick up and do more than just their job to fill in the gaps.  Individual vendors who don’t know each other/work together are just going to do their own thing and that is just not going to be enough in a situation like this.

IMG_0072 IMG_0073 IMG_0074 IMG_0077

The people pic above was done at the photobooth, that is my bride with my girls, the videographer and our fabulous dj, showing that all was well.  I also got videos from her during the night telling me what a great time they were having.  We have been in touch many times since her wedding, but as I tell her, I will never forget her anniversary date!!


This shows was a great sense of humor and how fun Joe and Toshika were with their speciality chair covers by Wildflower Linen.

Till tomorrow


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Rancho Las Lomas wedding

IMG_0460 2   IMG_0461

Its now Feb 2016 and I just did a really great wedding at Rancho Las Lomas last night, and todays blog is on a 2015 Rancho Las Lomas wedding.  Last nights was black/red and pewter, this one is champagne/gold/greenery, so different, this is why my job is never boring and I love it.  Each brides vision is different, their style is different, and a reflection of who you are is what your wedding should be, not someone else.

IMG_0463  IMG_0467

The altar area became the cake table area.  The upstairs room became the after party and the furniture you see is what my last couple of weddings have used, reasonably priced and you get more seating by not have backs on sofas and chairs, we also have low and tall cocktail tables in there also.

IMG_0468 2  IMG_0469 2

The café lighting is really popular and adds a magical feel to the dining/dancing when done downstairs.

IMG_0470 IMG_0471

You can see the gardeny/natural feel they were going for, and it was totally achieved.

IMG_0472 IMG_0473

The two different style centerpieces.


Another awesome team on board for this one Amber/Jim Kennedy photography, Jenny B florist, dj Peter/Vive Ent (it was his wedding we did there last night), Shane Productions/Video and 4 Snapz photobooth, the team at RLL and 24 Carots as always.

Till next time


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Ritz-Carlton Laguna Celebration

McCunePhotography_01 McCunePhotography-140

So loved this couple and their families.  Katelin wanted a more gardeny feel for her wedding and I believe we nailed it.  They were just fun, so I showed them a fun program that my neighbours son had created for his wedding and I thought would be perfect for them, Katelin took it and ran with it, turned out great, so personal and fun. I’m not a program fan because I see when it looks normal/boring most guests don’t take it, they don’t care, but when it has interesting fun facts on it, those that didn’t pick one up come back for it, and the guests learn something they enjoy now knowing.

Great vendor team on board from beginning to end for them, McCune Photography/thanks for the pics and always being easy to work with, Flowers by Cina/you know I love ya, Peter/Vive Entertainment-dj-always the best, Shane Productions/video-muah, Rentals by Monico Décor, and of course my pals at the Ritz-Carlton Dana Point who make me look great and are a joy to work with.

McCunePhotography-172 McCunePhotography-176  McCunePhotography-197  McCunePhotography-213 McCunePhotography-222 McCunePhotography-439

Don’t you love the keys that held the placecards!!  Our colors in the ballroom where silver and black and white, looked so great, and we had round/long and square tables, I love mixing it up, and of course my fave the round dancefloor.

McCunePhotography-440 McCunePhotography-549 McCunePhotography-553 McCunePhotography-554   McCunePhotography-562 McCunePhotography-563

Till next time


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Ritz-Carlton Laguna, all outdoors

photo 2photo 3

Such a sweet couple, and my groom Luther was really my main help in pulling this wedding together for them.  He only wanted the best for our bride and wanted it to be perfect/special.  So so love him.

Our brides first wish, was a totally outdoor event, and their celebration was during the day, this could have gone so badly.  But as I always say, good things happen for good people and of course the weather was perfect on their day.  In order to get what they wanted they had to be flexible around dates the hotel could make it work, so we ended up with a Sunday late October.  We did the ceremony on the Gazebo Lawn which has such a beautiful backdrop then we escorted the guests from that side of the hotel to the completely other side of the hotel, where the cocktail hour was held cliff side, then the dining was on the Pacific Lawn.  We did use the Pacific Promenade ballroom foyer for the dancing/cake and we had a photobooth in there, as the restrooms are in there and people would be going in there anyway, plus if it did turn out to be a really hot day, people would appreciate the coolness of the marbled floored foyer.

Of course Luther and I pulled a great vendor team together. Paul Uhlar/officiant, Shane Productions/video, Al/Alvarron Ent-dj, and Elegant by Design/Karla-florist.  Thanks to Dina Marie Photography for some of the pics above, and of course to the always fabuous Rit-Carlton ladies and gentlemen who do their jobs so well.




Till next time


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St Regis Club 19, unique


We started along the normal visual route for this area, but as we got closer to floral sample day my lovely bride decided it just wasn’t a reflection of her/them.  So an about turn was done and boy it turned out so great.  Thanks to Karla at EBD for ‘getting’ what our bride wanted, she was thrilled with the floral sample and very very happy with the whole effect on the day, as were we.  Sometimes seeing something new in an area is quite refreshing.  Good job my lovely bride.  Thanks to Frank Salas for the pics. The picture above was our ‘centerpiece’ of the cocktail time


This is a close up of this awesome BIG piece, it was so heavy it took 2 guys to move it on and off the table.


With clusters of orbs with moss hanging from the rafters and the tall florally pieces really gave a natural/outdoor feel to this space.


This was the really unique low centerpiece.  Interesting and different view, from any seat at the table





Don’t you love the moss cake stand


Then we went modern/club feel inside Club 19 for the partying that went on later



This couple and I created a cohesive vendor team of professionals/friends who love what they do and give 125% to our couples. In addition to those mentioned above, we had Design Visage beautifying our ladies, Peter/Vive Ent keeping the dance floor full and doing the great mceeing job he does.  Kimberly/Shane Productions-video, Monico Décor for the rentals, and we had a photobooth for some added entertainment, and of course kudos to the St Regis team, both upstairs and downstairs-you all complete the perfect experience.  They got married in a church close to the hotel, thus no hotel ceremony pics.

It was a pleasure helping them through the process and see the end result.  Enjoyed them both for sure.

FYI – due to privacy restraints I am not mentioning names, thus my referencing my bride, couple etc.

Till tomorrow


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