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Four Seasons Westlake Village-Indian wdg

Well this was our last Indian wedding of 2019 and a goodie.  Working with Samar and her mom (who funnily enough just emailed me to check in and thank me again for doing such a great job/working so hard on Samar’s wedding for them and apologizing that it has taken 4 months, but that is aok, I know that there are many Drs in the two families that are all working front lines for coronavirus, and that is very worrying for them all.  Samar and i had been communicating since the wedding so I knew they were happy with everything, lol) was just great, they were both lovely and calm and got things done as needed as we went along.  Above and below are a bunch of pics from the 2 day event.  This was our 2nd multi day Indian wedding at Four Seasons and each time it has been a fabulous property to be working at and a great experience for the guests, in house or not, we worked closely with Nicole on this wedding and she was excellent, we made a great team.

Creative Cakes from Orange provided the cake which we had floating which looked beautiful.  Luxe Linen provided the linens/napkins for the big dinner/dance celebration.

Bloombox Designs did the floral both days and an amazing job it was, the mandap was created by the team on the day there also, fabulouso.  It was great to see our fave Indian wedding hair/makeup artist and dresser, Oscar, we don’t see him often enough these days.  We had Special Occasions both days/Ajay leading the crew.  Kumba for the rentals and floor covering for the Sikh wedding on day 1.  Natraj did the catering for both days, and TMMPRO did the draping for the ceremony and lunch/dinner/dancing ballrooms.

Day 2 the cocktail hour was spent on the lawn by the waterfall and we had my new fave vendor Amy Serrano play her electric violin, amazing energy.

For the Baraat we had our Daisy bring the groom in and for the vidai the old fashioned car, and i loved it when the guys got behind to push it out, it didn’t need it, they just wanted to do it, lol

Thanks to Jim Kennedy and team for being great as always to work with for both days, and the same to Impressive Creations, both companies are part of the top in S CA

I just loved the clean look of the B&G stage for the celebration dinner/dance.

Another great wedding and an awesome way to end 2019 xoxo

Till next time



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Monarch Beach Resort Destination Wedding

Well from the getgo Cynthia said to me, this will be a fun/relaxed celebration, nothing formal and we weren’t going to do formal table place settings, all of which I know sounds great but as the day gets closer you realise and I explain, that may not be understood by the guests.  So we did keep it fun and informal, the groom’s brother was the officiant, but we did relent and ensure there were place settings for majority of the guests and outside had some tall tables in case the men wanted to hang out there where the food was and eat/chat.  Ceremony was at Botanical Garden, cocktails were at the edge of Grand Lawn, then food stations on the lawn outside the wine cellar (and they had the 2 rooms there so they were not bothering anyone) and dancing was inside the Wine Cellar.  We had a sweetheart table for them, but can’t say I ever saw them sit there, lol, and instead of a wedding cake they had a variety of flavors of bundt cakes, which everyone loved!!

Everyone including the B&G flew in and spent multi nights at the hotel, which meant everyone was nicely relaxed and ready to parteeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Great vendor team on board, thanks Frank Salas for the photos above, Design Visage for hair/makeup, Jim Veta for guitar at ceremony and cocktails, Peter/Vive Entertainment for the mceeing/djing in the wine cellar, and EBD Floral team for always making my bride’s visions a reality, and of course to the team at Monarch Beach Resort, we love working with you all xoxoxox

Till next time



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Laguna Cliffs Marriott Wedding

A really pretty all outdoor wedding for a lovely couple.  Photos by Joel Austell. Design Visage prettied everyone up. The hotels florist Nora did a wonderful job.  Harp by OC Harpist/Wendy, and our dj was Bill Child, it was one of his last weddings, we miss him!


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Talega Golf Club wedding


The sweetest couple ever.  Before they would even book me the groom had me sit down and go through a budget with them as he was paying for the wedding and there was no way we could go over what he had to spend.  Based on their flexibility with locations, day of the week etc, I was able to show him they could have a lovely wedding and he would not go over.  Now in saying that, as we went along our bride would be inspired by things that we needed to add in, and as we went along and everything started to come together I knew the Rose Gold chiavaris were a must, so we did end up a tad over but it was all good, bride was happy which made groom happy, as all he ever wanted to do was give her a beautiful wedding.  Aaaaahh!! x0xoxo

We looked at many locations and I had found some great ones that came in under what we had budgeted, but something about Talega spoke to them, so I had my first wedding there and they got a great package/dealio there.

107 110 111 184 185 333  443 444 448 453

Rose gold became our inspiration and we used it everywhere, chargers, florals stands, chairs, I loved the end result. We did a mix of rectangle and round guest tables and it looked great, as you can see

454 468 469 471  473 481

I had the placecard table put in a place they normally don’t put it, right infront of the entrance doors (and I had the guests walk back around the building, normally they enter through a side door, but I am all about the impact of the first time anyone sees the room, I mean that is what we just spent months planning/thinking of, the whole look, right??) but I had my reasons, helped stop the flow of everyone entering the dining room at the same time and I could keep the table there and reuse as candy table/exit favor table.

482 526


Now, I can honestly say I don’t have things go wrong at weddings from a planning/component standpoint that I have been involved in, but at some weddings its a guest that throws everything out the window/stops us in our tracks, at this wedding we did have a guest about 15 mins into the dancing have a seizure, he was not responding so paramedics did have to be called and he was taken out on a stretcher, he was close to the dancefloor so hard to keep hidden, lights had to go up/dancing stopped, by the time he was taken we still had 1 1/2 hours left of their reception.  Got to think fast, I don’t want Ashley’s wedding to be over, so I had the groom get on the mic, announce to everyone who it was, that he had seizures before, for everyone to keep him in their thoughts/prayers, and the lights are going to go back down and the music is going to play and they would love the guests to continue celebrating with them for the next hour.  He did it perfectly, the guests ‘got’ it, and the party continued.  Whew.

We pulled a great vendor team together for this one, good vendor friends all there to give 110% percent, thanks to Brett Hickman/photographer and for the pics above, Peter/Vive Ent dj xoxoxo, Dan/Plug Video, Elegant by Design/Karla florist who always pulls it out of the park and exceeds my brides expectations, Chiavari Chair Rentals for the Rose Gold chiavaris-I love using them, lighting to compliment the rose gold look was by Matthew at OC Lighting, and to the team at Talega, very hands on and aim to please.

Till next time


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Intimate weddings


We get to assist couples with weddings all sizes, my largest was 1200 guests and smallest just the bride and groom.  Here is a lovely sweet wedding where it was the grooms son/daughter and grandkids, total 7 people, so lovely.  After the ceremony we had photos at the gazebo then the kids had a break while Grandpa and Barbara had photos done around the hotel, then everyone met at Stonehill for dinner.  Just a regular table where Elegant by Design moved the florals from the Gazebo to, and the hotel made a wedding cake for them to enjoy looking at then eat for dessert after dinner.  I helped Barbara pull the vendor team/vision/style of the event together, they lived out of state and everyone flew inand stayed at the hotel, she was just a pleasure to help and deserved a lovely celebration and memories  Thanks to Larry Crandall for being such a great guy who goes along with what is happening, and got me these pics to post. To Naples Strings/trio for playing lovely music for the ceremony and during the photos after.  To Paul Uhlar for always doing a lovely ceremony with just enough humour in it to be right, and to Noemi of Posh Beauty for enhancing Barbara’s beauty on her day.


Till next time


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Indian wedding – San Diego

photo 10 photo 11

Can’t believe this wedding was nearly a year ago, thanksgiving weekend 2014!!  Boy time goes fast.

I really enjoyed helping Ragini and her dad pull their 2 day celebration together.  We started off with priorities, they were slightly different, they were considering here in OC/LA counties, San Diego County or Houston.  So after many phone chats, emails full of locations for them to consider, Houston was nearly a go and last minute San Diego pulled through.  I had done an Indian wedding at the San Diego Bayfront HIlton before, lots of space to do the various events in different areas and space for animals or whatever the groom may want to come in on (as you can see below my groom chose to come in in a Viper he ‘loaned’ for the occasion).  Since my last wedding there they had created a new ceremony site which is just lovely, and believe it or not totally fed into a key item for the bride, she wanted her ceremony in the round.  We had a few floral design meetings and Ragini was not looking for a traditional mandap at all. While brainstorming one day, hanging crystals came to mind, and we ran with it.  Ghost chairs of course matched that look/feel and look great at the ceremony, the sad thing is with my ballroom pics they really are ghosts you can’t see them but they are there!!! lol  Our colors for the ceremony were brighter/light blue/crystals/white.  We had 4 aisles/runners, and 1 aisle was decored as the main aisle.  Of course there was ocean glistening in the background and a beautiful blue sky to go with

Cocktails pre dinner/dance was held on a huge balcony that had great views over the harbor to Coronado Island and with all the traffic moving on the harbor and the lights of Coronado gave the guests lots of entertainment during cocktails.

Ragini was totally in charge of the cake design and it turned out fabulous.

We really played with the layout of the dining room, using a variety of table shapes and then three different types of centerpieces, black/red/silver were incorporated in all of them.  My groom loved the idea of a martini luge, so you will spot that below, an art deco looking piece

There are some pictures at the bottom that are of the Sangeet, that the grooms sister pulled together.  It was at the aero space museum in Balboa Park, my last wedding down there we did the Sangeet at the sport museum, so plenty of variety for whatever you want/need to make a statement for your pre wedding events.  We did lots of color for the florals and I loved the white vases that were used that really allowed the flowers to stand out as there was a lot going on from the ceiling in that location.

I knew Flowers by Cina was the right florist to match them with, and Melissa came through fabulously for both events.  Monico Décor handled the dancefloor and some furniture we had in the ballroom.  Chiavari Chair Rentals handled the ghost chairs and after we used them for the ceremony moved them to the ballroom for dinner.  The team at the Hilton was great to work with.  Of course most of the guests were staying at the hotel and its always so great for the energy of the celebrations and getting to know/see familiar faces over the course of a few days.  One of my fave Indian djs handled the sangeet but he was not available for the wedding night, but we ended up with a great party that kept extending on the wedding night.

photo 12 photo 13 photo 14 photo 15 photo 16 photo 17 photo 18 photo 19 photo 2 photo 20 photo 21 photo 22 photo 23 photo 24 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 6 photo 7 photo 8 photo 9 photo

Till next time


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Ritz-Carlton Laguna

Such a lovely couple, so enjoyed working with them.  A quiet Sunday just before 2014 came in sight and the weather

was gorgeous for them.  Good things always come to good people.  As there was nothing else happening on the property that day, we did the ceremony on one side of property and then the guests got a nice tour as they were escorted to the other side of property for cocktails and dinner/dancing.  Not very often you can do that. So their guests got the best of both worlds, ceremony backdrop of the Pacific Ocean to Catalina Island and to the south and north, cocktails overlooking Ritz Cove and Salt Creek Beach/Monarch Beach, then into the ballroom for dinner and dancing.  Thanks to Albert Tabibian for the photos.




Till tomorrow


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Grand ballroom Grand – Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel

Ok, it is time to post Kendi’s fabulous Ritz-Carlton wedding celebration.  This is my last post for 2013 (yes, seems late, but thankful for being a busy wedding planner).

Kendi and I brainstormed a vision and she let me guide/lead her, to where we created a celebration that Kendi and her groom can be proud of, and the friends/family who attended will not forget and probably compare other weddings to.

Greatest vendor team: Tony Florez photography (thanks for the pics), Square Root Floral Design, Fusion Décor, The Emotion Picture Studio, my fave band/Full Spectrum, Design Visage for beautifying everyone, White Flite for our 100 dove release, Carving Ice for our life size tiger sculpture, and of course my friends/team at the Ritz-Carlton upstairs and downstairs, love love you all and your continued strive to make each celebration more successful than the client could dream of.

So of course, we had a hanging cake:

L07A3473 copy

We did not want a  boring photobooth, so I created a photo cabana, the guests loved it.  Kendi provided the chaise

L07A3487 copy

We did rounds as well as two large X tables, 1 on each side, always effective

L07A3508 copy

L07A3509 copy

L07A3544 copy

The ceremony was beautiful and that backdrop is very hard to beat

L07A2899 copy

L07A2906 copy

But of course you must have  life size tiger daaaaahlings

L07A3466 copy

L07A3469 copy

L07A3471 copy

Love my brides, love my job.  Bet you can see why!!

Till next time


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Hyatt HB/same room 2 days

I am fortunate to have been on the preferred vendor list at the Hyatt Huntington Beach since it opened, think that is about 12 years now, and that means I have had the honor of being involved with many weddings in the Vista Ballroom, all different based on my lovely bride’s budgets/style/vision/vendor selections.  Below are two weddings I did in the Vista ballroom, two nights in a row, this is where you get to see the same room and how different it can look.  Thus my job is never boring…………



The ceremony below goes with the reception picture above.  Pretty ceremony and then a dramatic look in the reception room.  Thanks to Frank Salas for those two photos, and to Jeremy Chou for the top picture.  Both photographers are great to work with.  Fusion Décor provided the white and black dancefloors, chivaris, linens.  The team at Hyatt HB as always, love working with them all.


Till next time


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Balboa Bay Resort lovely celebration

Really enjoyed this bride and her mom. Bride was very busy with schooling on the east coast and mom was bi-coastal ending up in the final months here full time. Just lovely lovely ladies, you can tell by the style of the decor/look how they were, as I do feel all ‘looks’ are always a reflection of a bride or couples style/personalities, which they should be, each wedding should not look like it is one of mine!!

They got married in a church over on Balboa Island and at one point we considered duffy boats to get everyone across the harbor and back, it didn’t end up happening, but I think would have been fun and a cool experience for the guests ………….next time!!

We matched the vendor team to the style/look/personality they had/wanted, and it was fabulous. Thanks to for always being soooo easy to work with and for the pics below. Design Visage for making everyone look fabulous as always, all the way until the end of the event (which is important). Keith Laverty for the floral design and for loving these ladies as I did. Essence for providing the pianist that I have worked with many times in the past and did a great job for dinner music. Dj/Mr Bill (a find from one of my brides years ago and so many of my brides pick him now). Fusion Decor for the chaircovers (looks so rich and elegant/warm/inviting after seeing chivaris so often), table linens, furniture for the balcony, and the white dancefloor (which always pulls a look together/finishes it off). Lake Forest limos for getting everyone from A to B then to C, all without effort and trouble. The team at Balboa Bay Club as it was known then, but now Resort, fabulous job and a beautiful cake designed by the passionate Susanne at Sweet Art. A really lovely celebration.





Till next time
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