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Bye 2019, hi 2020 wedding – Ritz Laguna

It seems every 2 years or so I get a NY eve wedding and the years I want to be in NZ or elsewhere I don’t even get an inquiry, so works out aok from my end.  Andrew and Erika were a blast to work with, they asked for direction/got it and did their own thing and followed direction perfectly to where we had the best vendor team on to work their wedding and spend that evening with.  They were a joy and pleasure to work with and be a part of their wedding celebration, we all loved them and were honored.

TMMPRO for the dancefloor/custom gobo/balcony benches/lighting, Square Root did the florals and had to improvise for the ceremony as the original plan for the front was not a good idea as it was a bit windy, but what they did by turning the pedestals sideways was brilliant, David I love you xoxox

The gentleman who handles majority of the wedding tastings and follows me without question on the In N out burger parade, ladies and gentlemen, I present Chuck xox

Joe Latter was on board for the night taking photos, some of these are his and some of mine/the bad ones, lol, are mine.  De Capo players/5 piece strings, provided beautiful ceremony/cocktail music, and my pal Peter/Vive Entertainment brought in the NY 2 times, East coast and West coast and kept people there/dancefloor full inbetween, kudos to him, I had my doubts, lol. OC Flower Wall for the champagne hedge we used at one end of the room for the 9pm NY champagne toast and after that for a selfie backdrop, Viralbooth OC for the surprise Photobooth that opened after dinner at the other end of the ballroom, Design Visage for hair/makeup (never a late bride for me unless the bride says she wants to be late, whaaaaaaaaaaat?? lol) Luxury Lifestyle Studio/video & drone, our rectangle mirror tables came from Chiavari Chair Rentals, and Luxe Linens provided the napkins.


As always thanks to our partners at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna, teamwork always makes the dreamwork.

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Ritz Carlton Laguna – Terrace Salon

Another Ritz Laguna November 2019 wedding and it was a beauty.  When they booked me the first thing Ashley showed me was an Instagram pic of a wedding with the hanging flowers over the dancefloor, that was where we started from an inspiration stand point and with Square Root’s expertise and beautiful work, we exceeded her expectations and both Ashley and her mom are still in happy mode about how wonderful it all turned out, 6 months later (I know this because mom sends me Instagram messages all the time, lol, loovvvvvvve her and the family)

Lots of cool elements that gave the guests lots to wow about and the poor wedding they go to next, it will seem boring in comparison.  We did two things unique in Terrace Salon, first time anyone had done the ceiling treatment over the dancefloor in there, yay for us, and we draped the whole room, has only been done a couple of times, but just like it does with any other room you drape, it was transformed into a beautiful romantic, soft, beautiful room.  With the draping you cant have nasty black speakers and dj equipment, their dj did not have any of the white speakers or facades my normal guys do so we added a dj façade through Square Root and hid the speakers behind the draping!!  Mom wanted a live artist, my fave @laurajanestudios was not accepting any new bookings when i first reached out, but mom also reached out and low and behold something cancelled and we got her, yay.  Above you see the start of the pic and then how it ended.

Purple was the grooms fave color but we had no purple elements in our design/feel, so he had to wait until after dinner then we turned the purple lights on and that is how it was until the end of the wedding, lol, somehow we always incorporate the groom!

Martini luge with the purple uplight in the ballroom, after the guests got to the top of the staircase to get to Terrace Salon, they were greeted with the Drunk In love wall (OC Flower Walls, I started using them quite a bit in 2019) with the champagne they would use for the toasts (I think there were 8 of us pouring quickly once we knew the guests were on their way, it was lovely expensive champagne and as a champagne drinker smelling that and it getting on my hands if i happened to ‘spill’ was horrible torture, lol, then the went around the corner and saw the mirrors with their table assignments and then they went into the beautiful ballroom which took everyone’s breath away

The Bluff lawn was looking pretty good for the ceremony!


The size of the florals was amazing, huge, and in-between the hanging orchids over the dancefloor were hanging strands of twinkle lights, quite magical

Take a look at the cake above and below, yes it had two sides!! that was the bride’s idea because guests could walk all around it so it didn’t really have a front, turned out great!

Their sweetheart table and backdrop was the center of the action and we draped so you could not see the service doors, think I may start making that a ‘normal’ in this room .

This was a wedding where teamwork really came into play, David/Square Root was an awesome trouble shooter on the day when the logistics of doing something in a room that had not been done before started having wee challenges, that my friends is where our relationships come to play out for sure, and i have strong ones with all the vendors i refer/use for that very reason.  The Trotts officiated and did the same day marriage license/so convenient for my couples, especially as most of them are coming from out of state, cere/cocktail music was a string trio by Naples Strings/always fabulous, dinner/dancing music was by Elevated Pulse and we had Mike that night, we also had a violinist during dinner which was lovely, through them also.  TMMPRO did the dancefloor/decal/draping/lighting/cake & sweetheart tables, we also added bistro lights to the outer balcony area as we had the bars down there with a backdrop of two huge trees, which had somehow become important for the groom to have trees at the wedding, lol, hey  our job is to make things happen and we do, we just make sure we place things where they make the most sense and don’t detract from the other beauty that may have been created, lol.  Square Root did the amazing floral for cere and ballroom obviously, they provided/found the huge trees for our bar backdrop and they did the hedge wall & initials behind the sweetheart table and of course the ceiling treatment, awesome job team.  Viralbooth OC surprised the guests after dinner with a photo booth on the balcony (we love having that balcony so people can run in/out and never feel like they left/missed out on anything, you can see/hear everything.  Thanks to Adrian Jon for the pics and being so easy to work with pre/during and post wedding.  We of course did a late night snack and as much as they would have liked to do the In N Out run I am known for (as they are from Canada and live also in AZ and all the guests flew in) they couldn’t do it as they own quite a few McDonalds, so it just wasn’t politically correct, lol.

When the stars align and you have a gorgeous couple so in love, bride’s parents/mom especially that is just too fun, and dad was too, but mom was more, lol, and can create a wedding of someone’s dreams and have the perfect team on board, you go home and sleep really well after xoxox

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Ritz Carlton Laguna-Terrace Salon wdg

Well it was many years in the making but I got to help Tara make her wedding and wedding dreams come true.  They had looked at and started the process before but things happened and the brakes were put on, then Tara came to see me and we got things going.  I knew Square Root Floral Designs were the perfect match for her and you can see by these pics by her photographer she brought down from Canada/Karolina Turek, she was fun, at one point i saw her lying on the dancefloor on her side taking a pic of who knows what, but that is why she is the photographer and I am not, lol!!  Square Root also handled the bridal party table/chargers/linens/napkins+mirrors&seating, yay

Ceremony was held on Monarch Bay Sunset Lawn and then cocktails were on the lawn next to it, then after sunset we escorted everyone up to Terrace Salon.

Love having Wendy/Orange County Harpist doing weddings with us, adds romance in my mind, and at the end of the ceremony the B&G both held a white dove/White Flite and released them, now that’s romantic too, right??!!

Thanks to TMMPRO for my beloved round white dancefloor+custom decal, B&G sofa, lighting/chivaris/cake table, Hoo Films/video, Design Visage-hair/makeup, and the bride had seen and loved the Trip Band so they provided cocktail/dinner/dancing music.  Thanks as always to the ladies and gentlemen at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna xoxox

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Ritz Laguna Destination wedding

You know i love an intimate wedding celebration, right??!!  Well i do, you may spend to have 30 guests as 70, but boy those guests get such a wonderful wedding celebration when it comes to venue and food experience, they will always refer back to your wedding!!  I suggested to Machelle that we do the ceremony seating in one row curved to the front which would make everyone feel wanted/inclusive, worked out great didn’t it!!


They sat at a guest table with guests, so we put them by the fireplace and spread everyone out amongst four tables, we could have done a royal table for all, but they preferred to do the groupings and it looked great.

We had an awesome vendor team on board for them, Barnet Photography (my pics are the bad ones above lol), video/Luxury Lifestyle Studio, Flawless Faces for hair/makeup, Peter/Vive Entertainment for all the music, and my good friends at Square Root for the floral and rentals.  Paul Uhlar did the ceremony with his wonderful calming voice and all the right words with the little bit of humor he does towards the end perfectly that breaks all the ice before the formal introduction.  And of course, our fab everyone at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna where we have been honored to do weddings for the past 19 years!!

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Ritz-Carlton Laguna Celebration

McCunePhotography_01 McCunePhotography-140

So loved this couple and their families.  Katelin wanted a more gardeny feel for her wedding and I believe we nailed it.  They were just fun, so I showed them a fun program that my neighbours son had created for his wedding and I thought would be perfect for them, Katelin took it and ran with it, turned out great, so personal and fun. I’m not a program fan because I see when it looks normal/boring most guests don’t take it, they don’t care, but when it has interesting fun facts on it, those that didn’t pick one up come back for it, and the guests learn something they enjoy now knowing.

Great vendor team on board from beginning to end for them, McCune Photography/thanks for the pics and always being easy to work with, Flowers by Cina/you know I love ya, Peter/Vive Entertainment-dj-always the best, Shane Productions/video-muah, Rentals by Monico Décor, and of course my pals at the Ritz-Carlton Dana Point who make me look great and are a joy to work with.

McCunePhotography-172 McCunePhotography-176  McCunePhotography-197  McCunePhotography-213 McCunePhotography-222 McCunePhotography-439

Don’t you love the keys that held the placecards!!  Our colors in the ballroom where silver and black and white, looked so great, and we had round/long and square tables, I love mixing it up, and of course my fave the round dancefloor.

McCunePhotography-440 McCunePhotography-549 McCunePhotography-553 McCunePhotography-554   McCunePhotography-562 McCunePhotography-563

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Plaza Room-intimate special celebration

I am so lucky, I have a couple of weddings a year in the Plaza Room at the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel, where the guest count is under 35 guests and we get to play with the room layout.

When I can have everyone at one table,  it’s fabulous.  The guests love it and feel special, and the staff and I just want to sit down and join them because the energy and buzz is so high.

With a smaller group your budget can be used in a variety of ways that a larger group may not be able to stretch to.  we also had two seating areas of white furniture  in the room as well as my favorite photo booth- the epod.  All adding to the experience of the guests.  If you are able to be flexible with nights of the week to do your event (and if everyone is coming in from elsewhere you tend to be able to be or it is a small local group) then your F&B minimums you need to spend on the banquet space is less than a premium night, so all around your budget and experience for all goes further.

Here are some pics taken by Allison Cotton from  Bleu Cotton Photography (  So lovely she is and she really captured this couple and their hopes/vision for their celebration.  The shot thru the door from the balcony looking into the room is one I have seen her do on many occasions and I call that her icon shot.

I will miss my Heather and Stefan, we worked a year on this wedding and it even took a turn of direction a couple of months before the big day, all no panic, and on the day, they definately had a fun celebration going, and the change of direction was the totally right thing to do.

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Sunset Terrace, Ritz-Carlton, Laguna

I had the pleasure of working with a lovely couple on their wedding last weekend at the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel.  They have a great story, knew each other before they married other people, the groom actually attended the bride’s first wedding.  Now after losing their partners, found each other and a whole new beginning.  It was a lovely intimate affair of 40 guests.

The ceremony had a backdrop of the Pacific Ocean that looked so smooth and silver it was unbelieveable, and to think elsewhere in the country they are cold and covered with snow (no matter what time of year, you can count on  S CA for a great wedding celebration)!!  In the Plaza Room the guests sat around one dining room style table, we  had the fireplace on (for atmosphere, not because we needed it sillies!!), a pianist played the grand piano during dinner, and we even had dancing to his playing after.  He actually played YMCA as a joke for the groom – a song he kept requesting believing it could not be played on the piano!!  A great wedding to start the year with.

But the  main point of my blog today is actually to show you how fabulous a site the Sunset Terrace is.  For those that may remember or know it from a few months ago, there was a large tree in the middle of it, and that really dictated how we needed to set the ceremony site.  Well we were all sad when the tree died and had to go away, but  I can now say that, as much as I loved the tree, I love the site even more now.  Look at those pictures and tell me that backdrop is not stunning.  The backdrop previously due to the tree and the angle you needed to do the ceremony on, was about 75% land and 25% ocean, and now it is 100% ocean.  Aside from the reputation and service you know you will get at the Ritz, isn’t the ocean a huge part of any decision to have a wedding celebration there, so this now helps solidify your decision as a 150%, heck yes.  Maximum in the room that goes with this site is 74 (with a sweetheart table), so that is the max you can do here at the ceremony site.

I am very excited for the couples that now get this new view/backdrop for their wedding at the Sunset Terrace, it is awesome.  I challenge anyone to give me another location for an intimate event that has this backdrop, along with a beautiful dining room feel room for the dinner/dancing that has a fireplace and chandelier, and the 5 star hotel/accommodation/service along with it.  I can’t  think of any hotel or location along the French Riviera, and that would be the only other location I can think that could compare to this backdrop.

Thanks to Katie Clark for the photos (yes those are white doves we released at the end of the ceremony – wee hint, always do 100, it gives the guests and you time to get over the initial surprise and then enjoy.  They were a surprise to the bride from the groom, and she loved them).

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Bit of this, Bit of that

I am using this blog as an excuse to get you the great shot below.  Things happen for a reason.  Had a lovely couple book me 6 months ago for a Dec wedding.  They were both Japanese, the groom lived in San Diego and the bride was coming over in August to check on things then go back to Japan, and stay here after the wedding.  Well in November he got transferred back to Japan!!  Wow, talk about a turn in events.  Now they are both living over there but having a wedding here, and because everyone had tickets and plans to be here, went ahead with it.  Who knew Sat would be the rainiest Sat we have had in years (well it felt that way).  We changed our minds on the ceremony being in/out a few times in the two hours leading up to the cere time.  We were ready to go out and then the rain hit again, so last minute we came up with the beautiful fountain in the Courtyard being their backdrop and they would get married under the overhang and the guests would stand under there also, a really intimate setting.  After the wedding they got the pics on the cliff with the ocean below and a great variety of indoor shots at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton, Laguna, as they have so many lovely lcoations.  Then at the very end, last minute decision was made to still go down to the beach, sunset (what sun?) was in 5 mins, but the bride still wanted to go down, and the shot below was one of the outcomes of that trip.  Wow.  Without the weather we had that day, they would not have had so many great backdrops or the shot that ended the day below.

They had a great celebration with a little bit of everything happening in the luncheon/dancing time, lots of emotional moments, and some crazy dancing (they told me no-one would want to dance!!!!) that we felt bad having to end it.  I hear that if it rains on your wedding day, that is a sign of financial and wedded success, I truly hope and feel this is the case for this lovely lovely couple.  I called them my cutest couple for 09.

If you are in the Lake Forest area close to my office, a really neat wine restaurant you must visit is called Crush. Cnr of Lake Forest/Lambert streets.  Great atmosphere, food, and if you like wine you are in heaven.  I have been a few times, and went again last week with my friend Caren,  it reminded me that I should go more often.

Went with my husband to see Up in the Air with George Cloony, what a great movie.  Didn’t want it to end.  Don’t know what I expected, maybe a comedy, but it wasn’t anything I could have imagined, had those ‘oh dear’ moments, some laughs and some awkward moments when you all gasped.  It was a real life movie, and one that ended up releasing at a time that it all seemed so ‘in the times’, doubt that was the intent when it was filmed.

Ok, that’s it for this one.  It was really to get this great shot out by my good friend Frank Salas/Master of Photography!!!!!

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