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Ritz Laguna Sunset Terrace/Plaza Wdg

Sophia is just a sweetheart, loved working with her!  She is a religious lady (2nd time for both of them and the groom let us plan everything, he just showed up, lol!!) and she had a vision for a cross at the altar area of the ceremony and she got one, i think you will agree it looked very beautiful and spiritual with the sunset in the background.

No initials or names/date on her dancefloor, she wanted the word ‘love’, i loved that!

thanks to Joe Latter for the photos, much better than my iPhone ones, lol, Design Visage for hair/makeup, Peter/Vive Entertainment for music in all areas, and my TMMPRO team for the lighting which included bistro lights on Plaza Balcony for cocktails and later in the evening when guests were out there/my curved couches we do on the balcony/dancefloor+decal and the Chiavari chairs.  And of course to our team mates at the Ritz Laguna, together we make dreams come true xoxoxox

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Ritz Carlton Laguna Destination Wedding


Oh how I loved Jen and Mark, and thanks to Facebook keep in touch and can see what is going on in their lives.  Such lovely families, and everyone who travelled out was there to celebrate for sure.  Did you know 80% of my couples do not live in CA and that has been for most of my career, so working by email/phone/internet is very easy for me and that takes a lot of stress off my couples.

Ceremony was on the Monarch Bay Sunset Terrace Lawn, cocktails were on Plaza Balcony and then into Plaza Room we went, with the use of the balcony all night too where we had placed some curved benches & pillows from Chiavari Chair Rentals.

They wanted a headtable for Mark’s children, their parents and siblings which equalled 14, more than a guest round could seat, so we made an oval table where we placed people all the way around except right infront of the B&G, then we had 4 guest rounds, and guess what, for any of you that know Plaza know how amazing this is, we had a 5 piece band in there too, a party band.  Yes, when you work with the right vendors they make it work, and as Jen and Mark will tell you, Full Spectrum Band were a huge hit and people still talk about their band.  Jen actually messaged me a few months ago as she had forgotton their name and had a friend getting married somewhere in the USA that wanted her band!!!  Thanks Joe Latter for the photos, i got none for some reason myself, Bishop Brian for the wonderful Catholic style service as always, Design Visage for hair/makeup, EBD for all the florals, lighting/dancefloor/draping/chiavaris in Plaza by TMMPRO (the draping transforms that room BTW, softens and makes it very romantic, people always do a ‘ oooohhh’ when they come in), linens/napkins by Luxe Linens and for ceremony/cocktail music we had a lovely man Daniello who plays Spanish/Italian/French songs by guitar and sings also, very romantic/European.  And as always, can’t do a thing without the co-operation/support of a pals at the Ritz Laguna!!

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Another intimate Ritz Laguna wedding

Tina and Steve picked the Monday of Thanksgiving week to have their intimate wedding so the families could also be together for Thanksgiving and make a vacation of it here in S CA.  Smart cookies.  Originally they had booked the Private Dining Room to have dinner after the ceremony, then as we got talking they realized they may want to dance/spend timing moving around and not stuck at a table, so we moved to the Plaza Room and balcony.

Tina loves blue and the ocean, so no flowers, it was about seafoam chiffon flowing in the wind like ocean waves coming onto the shore, and along the center of the table were containers that had candles/starfish/coral etc in them and we enhanced with blue uplights.

We added bistro lights and benches to the balcony of Plaza Room where the bar would stay and people spent the whole evening going in and out, hearing the waves crashing on the beach, feeling that wonderful fresh air.  As it gets darker that time of year, we did a mid afternoon ceremony and we were all done by 10pm, wow, home by 11pm to watch WWHL on a Monday after a wedding, i could do that every day of the week!!   Love it when i can keep my vendor peeps busy on a week day/night – thanks to Tony Florez photo, Paul Uhlar/officiating with that lovely voice of his, Design Visage for prettying the ladies up, Karens Flowers (no insta or website) and Jeff/Moondance Mobile music for the music/djing/mceeing as we needed it throughout the event, and TMMPRO for the rental chairs/lighting/benches, and of course to the ladies & gentlemen at the Ritz-Carlton for always helping us make intimate weddings feel just as important/special as big events.

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Beautiful couple and beautiful Ritz wedding

Working with Erika and David over the past year was just a joy.  Very busy couple with kids going here and there and travelling and busy with work, so sometimes wedding planning halted and then we would get going again.  That is the beauty of how I work, I could pull your wedding together in a week, but for most brides that would freak them out, so anytime longer than that means you can halt anytime you want/need to  and there is no panic/pressure from me!!!

Erika had inspiration pics that she pretty much stuck to through the process and they were very much a reflection of her, soft, lovely and in love with love

All the tables had these lovely floorlength linen overlays and we did not use the Ritz baseplates (2 to choose from) this year my brides are loving these new chargers I get through one of my vendors.

The furniture setting on the balcony was actually copied from a wedding they had gone to, but we added florals to the wrought iron and Erika provided the rug which means when she sees it at home it will remind her of her wedding, love that

In 16 years of doing weddings in the Plaza Room no one ever brought up the idea of draping the whole room, but over the years I had brides who wanted to cover paintings in there so we had been creative with draping particular areas, placing trees and placing something on the mantle to cover the fireplace picture, but draping the whole room, hmmmmm. So when Erika said lets do it, I was excited to see the outcome, and it was


beautiful, and now all my brides are doing it.  It totally transforms the room and makes it soft and romantic and elegant, intimate and I think it makes the room feel a bit bigger.


We had an awesome candy table setup in the foyer during dinner and guests made to go bags or grabbed some to eat later in the evening when they felt the need.


I love it when a bride lets me guide them to the perfect team for them for their vision/style and budget, and when I say budget, anytime you look at the pics from my couples weddings, whatever you think they may have spent, in reality they probably spent less because I know the right people out there.  Our awesome vendor team on this wedding was: Frank Salas for the pics above and some were mine, Design Visage for the beautifying of all the ladies, Elegant by Design/florals, Chiavari chair rentals, TMMPRO, The Sugar Philosophers, Peter/Vive Ent, Naples Strings, White Flite Dove Release, and my fave Rabbi, Rabbi Ian!! And of course the wonderful ladies and gentlemen at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel xooxoxo

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Ritz-Carlton Laguna intimate celebration

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So I get a lot of calls saying, we are just doing a small wedding!. Not sure if they think that means the same decisions are not needed to be made or thought put into it, as larger weddings.  WRONG. The same decisions are needed and from a planner standpoint its the same work, just ‘moving’ less people around.

We do intimate weddings all the time and its becoming more the norm that couples wanting a Pacific ocean backdrop here in beautiful sunny S CA are cutting their guest lists down to be able to do their celebration at one of the top 4 hotels we have here in the OC, they may spend the same as a wedding elsewhere for 100 people, but for those lucky guests that are invited to one of these weddings, they get a more foodie or special celebration they are attending, plus with the smaller guest list you tend to invite guests that are coming no matter what day of the week you are getting married, they make a family vacation out of it, and that means for you with that flexibility great things, it could be a lower food/beverage minimum that you could now work with, it could be a bigger room that you would not have been able to get/use/afford for a Fri/Sat/Sun night event.

This wedding started with Angela’s mom calling and chatting with me because Angela was busy (as is also the norm, busy brides with work/life/families) and off we went, and bonus (because it was close to xmas and a weeknight the vendors that could, were more flexible with rates/offerings), it was a Thursday wedding.

I am seeing couples wanting to do unique seating with the smaller weddings, one row of chairs with a gap, one row no gap, spiral around the couple, circle around the couple, above you see another version.  And to make this even more intimate, our bride’s dad was the officiant, and he did a great job.

You also see that when its intimate  you can spend money on items you may not have had the budget for with a larger group, and you can get creative with the table setup in the dining/dancing room also.

d20c0896 d20c0903  sh5c0336 sh5c0344

After we did the budget and I understood priorities and vision/style, I was able to guide them to a great group of vendors to consider/select from, and these were the ones I was lucky enough to work with that night: Frank Salas/photo (thanks for the pics above), CA Bride for the over the top round florals, huge I mean huge!! Peter/Vive Ent my dj for many many years, Design Visage for always making the ladies look fabulous, TMMPRO for our seamless glossy dancefloor with decal/lighting and chivaris, and to our friends at the Ritz-Carlton who we have had the pleasure of working with for the past 15 years and really consider the banquet/setup team our family we are lucky enough to see often!! xoxoxox

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Ritz/Laguna, Sunset Terrace & Plaza Room

0107  0110

Just so hard to beat, this beautiful backdrop to a ceremony, with a 5 star/5 diamond hotel attached and a wonderful intimate room/balcony to have your lunch or dinner and dancing celebration.

0123 0124

A lot of my couples take advantage of the private beach cart/driver for a fee to head down to the beach and get some pics down there.

0125 0129

Great shots by Joe Latter above, I have to say Joe you are the first I know of to do the shot above with the B&G in the window, kudos to you.

0136 0146

A lot of couples want just one more practice of their first dance, so of course we sneak them in.


Tammy wanted an intimate/gardeny feel and only low centerpieces, great job Karla/Elegant by Design the flowers were lovely.  We also went white chiavaris (which could be my favourite) and white dancefloor to offset the creamy/ivory hotel table linens.  The room really had a lovely feel.  We pulled together a great cohesive vendor team to ensure their day went well and they were looking forward to working with everyone. Elysium Video, OCASV lighting, Noemi/Posh Beauty, Jeff Holmes/Moondance Mobile Music- kept that dancefloor full, Monico Décor/rentals, and of course without them none of this is possible, the awesome ladies and gentlemen at the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna.

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Ritz-Carlton Laguna Elopement

VJ_0163 VJ_0192

Vivian and I started to plan her intimate wedding at the Ritz, it was going to be for 35ish people and it was going to be fabulous.  Then things happened and they decided to elope, date changed but we kept the same location as she just loved the Sunset Terrace and wanted to get married there.  Just because it was now just the two of them didn’t mean changing everything, Design Visage/Lauren came and beautified my bride, we kept the harpist for the cere, they both released doves after the ceremony and Katie Clark photographer and I stayed on board.  Believe it or not for the first time in 15 years, I went down to the beach with them for their beach pics after the ceremony (normally my assistant goes, but I did not need an assistant and I had the time) and Katie got great pics down there.  Once they were back at the hotel, Katie took them for romantics, and their room service lunch order came to the room, but instead of leaving it as the room service attendant would have, I called on my friends in banquets and they brought me a small round and 2 chivaris and I had Square Root do a floral for the table for me, they also did her bouquet which was just lovely.  They then got to sit and enjoy lunch, late checkout then head home and get ready for their awesome Italian 3 week honeymoon they were leaving on the next day that one of my travel contacts organized for them, and when they were back Vivian said it was spectacular.  Ahhhhhhh.  This may just be the most peaceful special wedding I have ever done.

VJ_0428 VJ_0439 VJ_0442 VJ_0446 VJ_0459

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Sunset Terrace/Plaza Room, Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel

I so enjoyed Suzanne and Eric, both very busy with their lives/jobs in Dallas, and her three lovely children.

When they contacted me they weren’t sure where they wanted to get married, just knew they wanted it here and that the ocean was important, and that they would probably have 60 of their most favourite people in the world with them.  So we got clever, we gave them the experience of two five star/five diamond resorts for this multi day celebration.

Everyone stayed at the St Regis, did the wedding celebration at the Ritz Carlton, and then the after wedding brunch for nearly everyone back at the St Regis.  How lucky are we to be able to run between two such fabulous resorts with no inconvenience at all.

Suzanne had a vision and some inspiration pictures to start us off with, I personally wasn’t feeling the look, but she loved it and that is all the matters (we got things started by emailing photos back & forth and interviewing two of my florists by phone then she chose who she wanted to work with),  and as I have learned over the years, where we start with vision/thoughts etc can be very different to where we end up.  The journey/process is all part of the fun of the planning, so just let things reveal/unfold as you go along. 

The look was in place, and we were at the tasting (this was their only trip here, first time we met and we had all vendors in place by this trip), ready to go and see the floral sample/do that meeting and then confirm the linen/chair order after, when we got to the cake design.  Suzanne just wasn’t seeing anything that jumped out at her, so I pulled out my ipad in case some of the cake pictures I had gave us some direction (I only have a few on there, and they tend to be the more different/unique look ones).  Sure enough something so different to anything we had planned for was jumping at her and she loved it, a gray cake with black swirl designs on it on a silver stand.  She loved it.  That was the cake.  And thus, 6 weeks before the wedding a whole new vision was created, using the cake as our inspiration our whole linen/floral look changed, and boy how fabulous it looked.  We were all so happy, and all agreed that by not being stuck on something and letting things happen, we ended up with the perfect look for them, which we all just loved, and so did the guests.  When we started the journey I can pretty much guarantee that that cake picture would not have had the impact it did and we would not have ended up where we did.

Love my job, never boring and always a beautiful end result, and always for such lovely couples. Aaaaah.

Thanks to Karen French for the photos below:


Very hard to beat that backdrop!!

This is where the guests go to cocktails and through out the night can keep coming out and hearing those waves and looking down at them.  The pelicans-it seems that at every ceremony we have a couple of fly bys, all the guests ooh and aah a bit.

Such an elegant lovely look and feel.

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