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Ritz-Carlton Laguna Celebration

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So loved this couple and their families.  Katelin wanted a more gardeny feel for her wedding and I believe we nailed it.  They were just fun, so I showed them a fun program that my neighbours son had created for his wedding and I thought would be perfect for them, Katelin took it and ran with it, turned out great, so personal and fun. I’m not a program fan because I see when it looks normal/boring most guests don’t take it, they don’t care, but when it has interesting fun facts on it, those that didn’t pick one up come back for it, and the guests learn something they enjoy now knowing.

Great vendor team on board from beginning to end for them, McCune Photography/thanks for the pics and always being easy to work with, Flowers by Cina/you know I love ya, Peter/Vive Entertainment-dj-always the best, Shane Productions/video-muah, Rentals by Monico Décor, and of course my pals at the Ritz-Carlton Dana Point who make me look great and are a joy to work with.

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Don’t you love the keys that held the placecards!!  Our colors in the ballroom where silver and black and white, looked so great, and we had round/long and square tables, I love mixing it up, and of course my fave the round dancefloor.

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Ritz-Carlton Laguna, all outdoors

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Such a sweet couple, and my groom Luther was really my main help in pulling this wedding together for them.  He only wanted the best for our bride and wanted it to be perfect/special.  So so love him.

Our brides first wish, was a totally outdoor event, and their celebration was during the day, this could have gone so badly.  But as I always say, good things happen for good people and of course the weather was perfect on their day.  In order to get what they wanted they had to be flexible around dates the hotel could make it work, so we ended up with a Sunday late October.  We did the ceremony on the Gazebo Lawn which has such a beautiful backdrop then we escorted the guests from that side of the hotel to the completely other side of the hotel, where the cocktail hour was held cliff side, then the dining was on the Pacific Lawn.  We did use the Pacific Promenade ballroom foyer for the dancing/cake and we had a photobooth in there, as the restrooms are in there and people would be going in there anyway, plus if it did turn out to be a really hot day, people would appreciate the coolness of the marbled floored foyer.

Of course Luther and I pulled a great vendor team together. Paul Uhlar/officiant, Shane Productions/video, Al/Alvarron Ent-dj, and Elegant by Design/Karla-florist.  Thanks to Dina Marie Photography for some of the pics above, and of course to the always fabuous Rit-Carlton ladies and gentlemen who do their jobs so well.




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Ritz-Carlton Laguna wedding celebration

Had a great time with this bride and groom.  They live/work in Manhattan New York and were very excited to have a December celebration here in S CA where the weather was going to be a lot warmer than there.

The beauty of planning a wedding at a time of year when there are not a lot of events/weddings, you can do location combinations that in the summer months you just can not do.  So the guests did get to see the whole property from one side to another, but I didn’t hear anyone complaining, and who could, when you go from one awesome view at the Gazebo Lawn for the ceremony, to cocktails on Dana Lawn, then the dinner/dance in the Pacific Promenade that feels like you are at an exclusive location/all alone/private.

Thanks to Albert Talibibian for the photos below, what a lovely man to work with on this day, and of course to the fabulous Ritz-Carlton team for always making it a pleasure to come to work with you at your home.








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Pacific Promenade wedding, Ritz-Carlton Laguna

It’s always fun to have to lay out a room differently than normal, makes you stop and have to think, love it.

For this couple they had a dj for the dinner and later in the evening, but for two hours they had a rock band/Steel Panther (what a lot of fun they were, rocking the house) from Vegas entertain the crowd and they needed a huge stage. In a not quite square ballroom you have to make a decision to either make that stage the focus and spread the tables out around it, or what we did, we put the stage at one end, then all the dining/guest tables with the royal headtable furthest away from the stage. It worked out perfectly, and this band was absolutely awesome, a lot of fun.






What made this wedding even more unique (than the rock band) was that the bride and groom were not involved in one aspect of the wedding. Their rep who was male and not gay or married so feeling way out of his league, he and I planned everything, from the color concept to the decor etc. We had a great time and I do think by the end of it he was actually having fun!!!

So if wanting to have a dramatic/wow effect, don’t be scared to do a dark base, just like we did here, meaning black linens, chivaris/cushions, leaving the napkins and centerpieces to provide the pop. My weddings this year seemed to be this kind of feel or totally the opposite, love it, thus my job is never boring.

Special thanks Karla/Elegant by Design for the florals & always thinking out of the box for me. Also to Frank Salas, one of my fave photogs for the pics above. Also, Brie and the team from the Ritz, as always, fab u lous working with you all as always.

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